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Daimaru reached the founding 300th anniversary with SINCE1717 grace state of the 300th anniversary of 300th Daimaru founding.

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  • Pickup
  • Fashion
  • Living
  • Art, kimono, jewels and ornaments
  • Gourmet
  • Campaign, etc.

<AMUSE Bothe> recruitment of Instagram Ambassador corpses!

Period : Wednesday, September 6, 2017 → 19th Tuesday [offer period]

We love cosmetics! We want to spread pleasure! Various places flock that has such hot thought!

Item which is higher than inside and outside the country 90 brand including longed-for luxury cosmetics and much-talked-about real organic cosmetics is matching,
Beauty cosmetics shop <AMUSE Bothe> which we can choose with self-style casually reaches the opening first anniversary in this October!
Therefore it recruits ambassadors spreading <AMUSE Bothe> together.

We offer various privileges including shopping ticket present, sample present toward Ambassador.
Do you not spread charm of <AMUSE Bothe> through Instagram?

■The offer number of people
・Ten (WEB selection)

■Ambassador activity period
・From October, 2017 to February, 2018

・Woman until 20 years old - 45 years old
・Person who has account of Instagram
・That you come to <AMUSE Bothe> more than once a month, and the above-mentioned contribution can continue from account of Instagram of oneself twice a month for five months

・Shopping ticket present of 3,000 yen to be available among <AMUSE Bothe> every month!
・We issue member's card especially. We present assorted samples bag when we have you show at the time of the purchase in <AMUSE Bothe>!
・Does your opinion change future AMUSE Bothe into beauty discussion meeting invitation?

・The end of September: After WEB selection, we decide Ambassador
・Saturday, September 23: We contact only person decided by ambassador over telephone.
・Saturday, September 29 .30 days Sunday: Ambassador corps briefing session
・Sunday, October 1: Ambassador corps activity start

■Application period
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 → 19th Tuesday

Application form from this>>>

List of topics

  • Pickup
  • Fashion
  • Living
  • Art, kimono, jewels and ornaments
  • Gourmet
  • Campaign, etc.

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