We can try and are found and can enjoy
The third floor of Daimaru Sapporo floor
Wednesday, April 25 birth
25 SHOPs
"We can try and are found and can enjoy" and are bystreet for selfish girl.

We open on Wednesday, April 25

Daimaru Sapporo opens new sales floor which let we redecorate the third-floor floor after an interval of 15 years, and [miscellaneous goods] fuse by way of thinking of "the making of unprecedented sales floor" [the beauty] [meal], "KiKiYOCOCHO" (kikiyokocho) on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 while way of life and sense of values of woman diversify.

"We can try and are found and can enjoy" concept and are bystreet for selfish girl.

[the beauty] [meal] [miscellaneous goods] MIX is nine blockings that we did and edites this

"KiKiYOCOCHO" performs MIX of [the beauty] X [meal] X [miscellaneous goods], and "found space that we can enjoy to be able to try" opens with thing that "selfish girl" are various.
We did interest, interest of woman to nucleus made with sales floor without being seized with way of thinking of conventional department store.
Sapporo store that a feeling of bustle of bystreet docked with sense of quality of department store "is really selfish" in history, and editing zone of new sense is born.
Big challenge of the Daimaru Sapporo 15th year. Please expect for birth of "KiKiYOCOCHO".