Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store


Antiqued jewelry watch which we finished in classical impression with mesh belt and champagne gold.
Bracelet of pearl which is stone amulet for an easy delivery of June and in total coordinates at hand gorgeously.

Watch (SV (brown gold plating diamond))
 Tax-included 75,600 yen
Bracelet (K10, fresh water pearl) tax-included 24,840 yen

<ete> Gélee (gelee) series

Collection which treated genuine stone such as jelly which we did lively.

18-karat gold YG
Ring, each pierced earrings tax-included 70,200 yen
162,000 yen (the left) including necklace tax, tax-included 140,400 yen (the right)


Jewelry of Leef motif which is modern to drift.
Silhouette like gold-collar and woman matches wide coordinates. We offer clip earrings of design same as pierced earrings only in Japan.

29,970 yen that includes GRAPE pendant tax
19,932 yen that includes GRAPE pierced earrings tax