Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store


Necklace which expressed state that color of stained glass had begun to dissolve in dark blue air which night wore with rich blue and green genuine stone. Coordinates that we matched item of the same color taste with give chic impression in activeness.

44,280 yen (the left) that includes necklace tax
(K10YG, smoky quartz X labradorite X blue topaz X daiopusaito)

19,440 yen (the right) that includes necklace tax
(K10YG, blue topaz)

<ete> Help put on, and buy; watch

Put face and charm together to belt you like; and original watch only for oneself.

24,840 yen - 25,920 yen that include face tax
4,230 yen - 7,560 yen that include belt tax
5,400 yen - 7,560 yen that include charm tax


Including watch which is most suitable for luxury night look, we send gorgeous Collection including pierced earrings giving off ring with luxury feeling and thymeless brightness in spite of being bracelet, minimal that delicate chain of crystal creates wrist beautifully.

63,504 yen including Crystalline Hours watch tax, tax-included 59,724 yen, tax-included 63,504 yen (from the left)
19,332 yen that includes Subtle bracelet tax 12,528 yen (the left) that includes Vittore ring tax 11,340 yen (the right) that includes Frisson ring tax 
11,664 yen that includes Solitaire pierced earrings tax