Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store


Bracelet reflecting the image of color of nature which surrounded the Mediterranean Sea.
Using beads which are rare as for the genuine stone is delicate made.
Arrive and perform several stacks, and please enjoy coordinates.

Each bracelet tax-included 24,840 yen made in 10 gold YG
(from the top fresh water pearl labradorite rhodolite garnet tanzanite agate)

Each bracelet tax-included 12,960 yen
(from bottom the second fresh water pearl .1 turn lower lapis lazuli)

<ete> Turquoise

18-karat gold lemon gold, Collection that turquoise, combination of these pearls are refined.
As it is refreshing impression, it is good in coming season.

58,320 yen that includes ring tax
59,400 yen (the right) that includes pierced earrings tax
75,600 yen (the left) that includes pierced earrings tax
58,320 yen (the right) that includes necklace tax
54,000 yen Japanese yen (the left) that includes necklace tax

<4 degree Celsius>

Necklace of pretty impression that emerald shakes casually at the chest. It is said that emerald that a certain dignity hue is beautiful brings the happy future in stone amulet for an easy delivery of May. It is wrapped in lovely Haat in the back, and diamond shines. We can adjust to 37cm at 40cm in total length.

21,600 yen that includes necklace tax with emerald diamond made of 10 gold yellow gold


As for Collection full of dynamism, "Urban Romance" is theme fringe and shaking detail. It is casual & feminine style that got inspiration from Los Angeles.

19,332 yen that includes CRYSTALDUST choker tax
 (the right model wears as headband)

25,596 yen that includes CRYSTALDUST bangle tax
24,408 yen that includes GIPSY pierced earrings set tax
52,164 yen that includes GIPSY necklace tax