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Information for art event

●Re-start Paris Kojiro Akagi exhibition
◆Wednesday, September 19 → 25th Tuesday

In the visit to France 18th year, we held private exhibition in Japan for the first time in 1981.
Thereafter it was unknown for me, but the body was able to be discounted my wife whom he/she always helped in side in March in this year how many times you repeated private exhibitions in Japan. We go to private exhibition venue again alone for the first time, but are looking forward to being able to see with all of you. When we describe Paris and draw surroundings, and we spend time, and straight road is left, it is determination some other time.
Kojiro Akagi
SNBA (association of nation art) honor vice-chairperson, Small Asahi Ribbon Award, Dark-blue Ribbon Medal two times,
French Chevalier title, overseas person who has rendered distinguished services Minister of Foreign Affairs commendation (silver cup)

"Port of passhi" oil painting 40F

"Building of art nouveau" diclay print 36*48.8cm

●Insects exhibition Takuji Saito of paper, Kensuke Saito
◆Wednesday, September 26 → Tuesday, October 2

It is the world of insects born from paper.
We drink liquor of sap happily together and do fishing and.
We expressed living that was yukai of various insects which there was from small arinko to big beetle with paper. In addition, there are a lot of insects just like genuine article which seems to begin to work when we nudge.
We were particular in various insects including girafanokogirikuwagata and ugandenshisuotsunohanamuguri in detail.
Takuji Saito, Kensuke Saito

"We will surely have a good day tomorrow"
Technique: Article made out of paper
Tax-included 37,800 yen

●Kazutoshi Kusakabe foreign film exhibition
◆Wednesday, October 3 → 9th Tuesday

When "we escape from the noise of main street and walk quiet alley one, we stand still in front of building of decent decoration that developed suddenly. By appearance of woman who appears while letting shoes sound sound there before long, color plays harmony, and, as it were, scenery becomes theater."
We described scenery of for many years historical town including Paris and Venice.
Deep color of old door and wall which faded and bright color of awning of flower and street corner of window play harmony and constitute my work world.
And the world bred here is the world where we hid story characteristics in like one scene of good old masterpiece literature.

According to "the green"
1,944,000 yen that includes oil painting P30 tax

●Joint exhibition of Takehiro Toriyama, Miki Inoue Japanese painting - flower party, chicken Land ...
◆Wednesday, October 10 → 16th Tuesday

... flower party, chicken Land ...
It fades we open flower in the inside when we go and is scattered and we chase figure of a bird and feel the four seasons for figure, voice.
We entrusted the position naturally and repeated sketches and left each thought to canvas.
Carry to venue to listen to birdsong if look at smile of flower.
Autumn of 2018 Miki Inoue, Takehiro Toriyama

Takehiro Toriyama "rest"
345,600 yen that includes F1 tax

"Paste we spill camellia"
345,600 yen that includes F4 tax

●Traditional beautiful ... of 2s Tetsusaburo Nishito Hakata doll exhibition - fair skin
◆Wednesday, October 17 → 23rd Tuesday

Hakata doll full of elegant expression on smooth skin.
2s Tetsusaburo Nishito who built original style to record modern sense on the traditional skill.
Hanging scroll and tapestry of various subjects including gorgeous hina doll, Kabuki and ability that work, gold leaf of party "cherry blossom viewing of Daigo" of cherry blossom viewing that Hideyoshi Toyotomi held in the Daigo-ji Temple Sampo-in mountain behind foot of Kyoto in the most later years, dignity of silver foil specifications drift. Ornament of the sexagenary cycle "fifth Dog" of the next year, apprentice to a priest who expressed plumpness such as fresh fruit, approximately 100 points including beautiful woman thing filled with glitters gather.
You repeat colors, and please enjoy a time when feeling that is rich in the world of dolls of gentle face which repeated thought opens.

"Cherry blossom viewing of Daigo" (daigonohanami)
33cm in height tax-included 1,890,000 yen

●The world of painting and calligraphic work and book of Yoko Morishige pleasure
... words are valid. Heart is connected. ...
◆Wednesday, October 24 → 30th Tuesday

Painting and calligraphic work of pleasure does with movement and mind of everyday casual heart for words and we attach images such as tender animals and express.
The world of unique healing spreads out by drawing on tree and earthenware other than Japanese paper, and heart of various places looking at comes loose with nature.
We exhibit a lot of books at the same time. These become work which you can enjoy as interior.
You are heartwarming, and please have a look at the world of Yoko Morishige where smile spills.

"Overflowing Fuji"
30cm in height X 40cm in width
Tax-included 86,400 yen

●Beautiful Wajima lacquer art special dish exhibition of gorgeousness
◆Wednesday, October 31 → Tuesday, November 6

Lacquer work that was cultivated in long tradition, and was made art, lacquer inlaid with gold technique.
It is put for first-class lacquer tree, and dignity and personality deserving to be drift in money polished up, silver color if we call special dish.
In addition, we put works full of individuality of popular writer together and introduce.

"Horai pine, bamboo, and plum lacquer work toso device"
28.5 X 47 X 26cm in height
Tax-included 3,564,000 yen