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Henri Charpentier
We performed topping of custard cream and sweet-sour strawberry, fresh cream to tart dough gorgeously.
Strawberry tart (diameter approximately 12cm) tax-included 2,160 yen
■The Western confectionery section
Moderate acidity seems to be habit-forming! Deluxe jelly which we used one ripe tomato for entirely red-hot.
Tomato jelly (nothing) tax-included 464 yen
■The Japanese confectionery section

<Kikutaya rice shop>
Brown rice which Yoneya created is granola of the leading role.
We handcraft one by one carefully.
Brown rice granola rouge potato
(160 g) Tax-included 1,080 yen
■The glossary section

<Saison Factory>
We use rice "Tsuyahime" from Yamagata by 100%. We finished in natural sweetness with the traditional handmade U.S. malted rice.
Power sweet alcoholic drink made from sake lees plane of fermentation
(280 g, non-alcohol) tax-included 1,620 yen
■The delicatessen section

  <Fortnum and Mason>
Both taste and flavor are delicious! It is ripe thick raspberry and herb tea using blackberry.
2,160 yen that includes herb tea (red berry, 2 g of *20 packs) [limited number 10] tax
■The side dish section

Pine enters and is of refreshing aftertaste. As I make after order, we can taste fresh one.
Cherry tomatoes pine regular
(170 ml) Tax-included 450 yen
■The Western confectionery section
6 times dilution type with collagen. It is recommended we mix with carbonated water and liquor, and to drink.
Beautiful ume vinegar plus
(200 ml) Tax-included 1,080 yen
■The delicatessen section