Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store

North hall the first floor special event space

<agnes b.> ROOK'and b.!! Campaign

■Wednesday, March 29 → Tuesday, April 4

Print item which featured the theme of "music"
Leather items come up!

<Katsuyuki Kodama> <burabyuraderuti> pop up is fair

■Wednesday, April 5 → 11th Tuesday
It is for a limited time, and expansion develops 2 brands that <Katsuyuki Kodama> characterized by mode-like design, refined KOLOR and design and good-quality manufacturing attract attention mainly on trendy rucksack as "bag of feelings by made in Japan" in now of popularity <burabyuraderuti>.

North Hall B1, Antenna Plus U

<Anello (anero)>

■Wednesday, March 29 → Tuesday, April 4

Brand that <anello (anero)> which was born in 2005 means "annual ring" in Italian. "There is slight point without being too much particular and aims at manufacturing not to be kept to the fashion, sex, age in concept in we have you feel if I want by intuition". We had many designs mainly on backpack to be able to put together in various scenes.
Reasonable price is recommended to gift.
※Photograph is image image.

<Dior> ADDICT lacquer stick
Makeup event

■Wednesday, April 5 → 11th Tuesday

Luster that begins to melt away by lick, color development to provoke. Reckoning feeling to let you make lips crazy about. ADDICT lacquer stick birth.

We finished to new sense fondant lipstick which granted bold luster and pop KOLOR for the finest coating feeling that melted away by lacquer fondant technology.
Please try abundant KOLOR range matching any style at store.