Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store

North hall the first floor special event space

<ZANELLATO (ZANELLATO)> shop for a limited time

■Wednesday, April 26 → Tuesday, May 2

Manufacturing by Crafts Manship of craftsman that maximum point was an expert. It is bag with feelings such as product made in Italy in material, all of highest qualities with the softness and the durability.
New material that Collection has the mood of Cuba in the summer in the spring of 2017 when we received inspiration from trip to Cuba is appearance. We introduce "SANTIAGO" (Santiago) where bright color that knit nylon X polyester X cotton mixed spinning material of "NINA" (Nina) model attracts eye.

89,640 yen that includes bag tax

<Dunhill> popup shop

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 9th Tuesday
We show soccer representative from Japan 2017 ofisharuteraringu. You can see visual of the best part by players who had beauty and strength, and Mr. soccer representative from Japan supervision hariruhojitchi comes for from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 on Friday (holiday) on May 5! Furthermore, for person who had this Collection in the hand, we offer complete invitation system event of one-night stand.
※Get up for Dunhill soccer representative from Japan official suit release event; and visit of special guest,
We planned Saturday, May 6 at first, but were changed on Friday (holiday) on May 5. We apologize heartily.

North Hall B1, Antenna Plus U


■Wednesday, April 26 → Tuesday, May 2

We wrapped mushy caramel in chocolate and picked up with crispy cookies.

[the Kansai's first appearance]
<N.Y.C.SAND> N.Y. caramel sand
(with eight) tax-included 1,080 yen

About sale of N.Y.C.SAND
In every day, we distribute "sale rearranging ticket" in tax in proportion to the number of people than half past 9 a.m. with the first floor under the ground.
It is given priority to person having sale rearranging ticket and, after opening of a store, sells to rearranging ticket numerical order.

※Sale rearranging ticket is ticket to show around sale order. ※We do not make a definite promise of sale.
In the case of absence, it becomes invalid when we invited.

※Please refrain from order over decoy holder and telephone, acceptance by C.O.D.
It should be acceptance chisel at store.
※You considerably offer number in every day, but, in the case of sellout, please forgive.

During period, we may change administration including limit of sale score.
Please note that you tell about update information in this page each time.

<YOKO KITAGAWA> accessories shop

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 9th Tuesday

Accessories brand that motif of design which worked of edge and shining pearl is good to adult. We can coordinate by the same design including pierced earrings and necklace.

(Left) 20,520 yen that includes bangle tax
[the right] 12,420 yen that includes pierced earrings tax nado

<exister> accessories shop

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) → 9th Tuesday

Collection using genuine stone which is recommended for adult woman who cannot be satisfied with common accessories. Pierced earrings of impression that is mode which makes use of design peculiar to genuine stone, and is made individualize fashion of person bringing.

14,580 yen - 17,280 yen that include pierced earrings tax
42,120 yen - 47,520 yen that include ring tax

<MILI> Accessories shop

■Wednesday, May 10 → 16th Tuesday

Popular handcraft, loveliness of gurudeko shiningly.
Gorgeous Collection by Mr. gurudeko lecturer asami.

Rings 4,320 yen (tax inc.)

We finish lovely bee motif in gurudeko.
Do you not make accessories only for oneself?
■The date and time: Wednesday, May 10 → 16th Tuesday
Every day 11:00 a.m. ..., 3:00 p.m. ... ※Each time around two hours
■Entrance fee: Tax-included 10,800 yen (it includes material cost)
■Capacity: Each every day time ten people
■Application: We call from 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 1 and accept
06-6271-1231 (main switchboard)


■Wednesday, May 10 → 16th Tuesday

Basket bag for adult whom discerning a piece of design that color variations are fun shines.
We do, and custom seems to be oneself with parts including 2WAY pins more.

17,280 yen that includes basket bag tax
3,132 yen ... which includes pins tax