Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store


We pay our attention to original design of individuality group creator and select.
Please see NEW item coming out of discerning manufacturing.

(participation creator during period there is replacing.)

Wednesday, March 15 → 21st Tuesday

<virtual trip (virtual trip)> bag Brand of bag which designer who is active based in Fukuoka, incense valley Takashi deal with. It is order bag to build up with visitor by original method from design to the manufacturing method.
From 19,332 yen including bag tax
Virtual trip

<TENUSIS (tenushisu)> apparel, miscellaneous goods Designer's brand that was formed in Musashino Art University textile specialty six people who were a graduate. It keeps print item which makes full use of technique of silkscreen, and is made.
7,900 yen that includes T-shirt tax

<hoop (hoop)> bag, pouch Handmade brand which pursued sense of fun in tool in hula-hoop.
It is only thing which is easy to wear pattern that idea to come out of daily life is fantastic, and is avant-garde, and is universal.

Wednesday, March 15 → 26th Sunday

<YAGA (noctuid)> accessories Brand from Osaka characterized by bold design pop in retro which featured the theme of "OLD&NEW." We suggest large-sized accessories becoming the leading role of coordinates.
Each earrings tax-included 5,940 yen

Wednesday, March 15 → 28th Tuesday

<living laboratory> bag, pouch Bag and pouch that we are particular about local Shiga, and nature and scenery of Shiga are designed by motif. Using canvas woven in Shiga, variation of size and design is attractive, too.
Each bag tax-included 10,260 yen
Living laboratory

<LM (elm)> embroidery accessories Accessories brand which features three-dimensional embroidery and pop design. From variety-rich design, please find favorite only for oneself. It puts on in the some body, and it is recommended to express original story.

Wednesday, March 22 → 28th Tuesday

<sound track (sound track)> stole Brand which suggests product such as sound track flowing in perfection (integrity) coloring everyday instant, the background. We make person whom design expressing hand print using analog technique, free spirituality looks at come near.
16,200 yen that includes stole tax
Sound track

<Remige (remiju)> accessories "remige" which means flight feather necessary for chicken to fly. We suggest to concept that we use thing which nature produced with dynamic metal engraving work.
24,840 yen that includes ring tax
Pierced earrings (nothing) tax-included 4,860 yen

<by mo (by mho)> apparel It is ladies' apparel brand from Osaka that is active in concept with "designed clothes, clothes which become fun when we wear".

<COMPUTE (kompute)> accessories Embroidery accessories that coloring that is slightly large, and is biBitto gets a lot of looks. It features design which is avant-garde that there is quality of some Osaka.

<CANAL Accessory (canal accessories)> accessories Accessories brand which Mai Muranaka designs. As it is delicate design, stack pickles and plural errands are recommended, too. Reasonable price is attractive.