JUNE 2018


It is silky without sweat heat! "COEUR inner" who survives hot summer

The chest and back which are easy to be sweaty are easy to be worried about stickiness and heat. Comfortable index strongly goes up when we change underwear for refreshing material and design in this summer when heat in particular is severe.


[the mono talk] We can rely in summer! "Cool work clothes" of chilly comfort & KOLOR

This summer when forecast of intense heat is given. In work scene that exposure degree is not nominated for even if hot, wear that comfort and appearance including function material and ice KOLOR such as contact feeling of cold look cool is reliable.


MAY 2018


[work thing] It is comfortable in the summer! Work clothes of functional ◎ including washable wrinkle-proof

Rainy season - summer public performance that is high in both temperature and humidity. Clean wearing is important to keep good impression in work scene.


[natsuironatsugara] In a bit big & multi-stripe to nowadays cool feeling beautiful woman

Is worried about item of color and print to shine in summer sunlight; these days. Above all, we can wear feeling with cool impression properly, and, as for the vertically long effect, as for the stripe that we can expect, ON, OFF is feeling of outstanding performance together.


APRIL 2018


Close GW! Both trip and work are ◎; "see easy & clearly"; dress

Long-awaited GW is close! During resort and movement, dress of easy comfort is convenient. Item which has "vanity realized clearly" while taking the ease which let rectangle design and yoku emeno drape which make lengthwise silhouette while covering lower part of the body in this season work is appearance one after another. In fact, it is at a glance attention to item with mix-and-match power including set up (the photograph left) of tops and skirt and shirt dress (the photograph right) which becomes to put in spite of being dress!


We are careful about ultraviolet ray of May! What are three points that selection of parasol cannot exclude?

For ultraviolet ray measures soon parasol……When we choose, person thinking about this checks three points! The first more than "99.9% of UV protection rates." We cut approximately 100% of ultraviolet ray and tanned though it shined! We prevent disappointing result called this. "There is *ko*netsukoka" in the second. As sensible temperature falls, it is comfortable coolly in hot summer. The third "is usable because of rain". We OK fair or rainy weather combined use with one at time in the rainy season. We seize three points and send parasol which raised a feeling of convenience and fashion more!


[HINT publication] To me who am new with "person habit skirt" this spring!

Reverse itself from pants boom until last year, this spring skirt to the leading role. As we create gaiety to "skirt which there is person habit" in which was elaborate in print in particular and detail with one piece suddenly, injection effect is great! We only put simple tops together and are point that is glad that coordinates are easily decided.


MARCH 2018


"Properly: femininity 2 feeling 8" of office blouse is equation newly!

There are full of blouses which included frill, feminine element including puff sleeve this spring. We want to take in in office-style by all means. But casual become too much gorgeous, and want to avoid loosening in office. If take in for work; using "properly: femininity 2 feeling 8" as an indication. Fit body moderately; while becoming calm, and keeping proper impression including blouse (photograph) of material, is complete reform in work-style by femininity of person spoon!


[mono talk publication] Trust of subordinate gets, too! "Correct answer work style" of adult generation

Suit and jacket which control impression in business. Viewpoint with subordinate and younger student can become tool of trust up. Then what is correct answer work style of adult generation? Design with a feeling of material X omission good-quality as for the key. For the clothing to let room and flexibility feel that adult dresses design which a feeling of is apt to appear on no-collar and holiday when it is apt to become sweet when shiny good quality material gives dignity in adult generation, and young generation wears well. Obtain work-style to let you feel trust and admiration.




In in spring gorgeous print item of encounter
To "person left in impression!"

There are full of print items this spring than average year. Technique is spring friend who can rely where print item which can wear activeness without needing has many event and encounters including welcome and farewell party. As for the person who thought that it was hard as for the so far printed thing as stripe and floral design, tile print, variation including vintage style were abundant this year try. In print item drawing own charm impression at improving!


Seasonal bottom and golden Balance! Spring coat of short & middle length

When think that spring of 3Can4On is still cold, and is off guard, temperature goes up suddenly; "let's wear what"; to is apt to be upset. Therefore from time chilly preparations for spring outer! Jacket and blouson of short - middle length that it is easy to check sequentially in popular long & volume bottom are appearances one after another this spring. Climate including coat (photograph) which is hard to draw air in spite of being light looks is attention for function to be able to spend variable spring comfortably!