The Daimaru Tokyo staff uses habitually; "suppose"; item is this! There are many things which had feelings thoroughly every day simply because it is occupation that there are many opportunities to contact with many products! The staff near way of working pro-production office work system, business system advertisement repeats; "recommend", and item is recommended as business gift.

When we give, we want to be careful! Business etiquette
■In celebration of transfer, promotion, the retirement
[time to give]
Promotion, promotion: We give to hear news within one week if possible. It is less than two weeks at the latest
The retirement: Farewell party or the last work day day before or the day
※You should hand with a choice of place and time not to meet eyes of other employees when we give personally.
[item which is suitable other than this ranking]
Promotion, promotion: Stationery, bag, bottle and cup for work.
The retirement: Life support goods to be able to make use of in coming life, thing of hobby.
[item which is not suitable]
Item toward the superior: We step on cash and socks, underwear, shoes, slipper, and it is said that item spreading is rude. In the case of retirement at the age limit, present of business article reminding of work should avoid.
※In addition, comb suggesting Japanese green tea, death reflecting the image of funeral offering should avoid.

■To friend of greetings, the workplace to business partner
[point to choose]
Cake of it is easy to distribute a lot number to, individually wrapping is recommended. You should carry thing which does not do storable duration and thing to cut into pieces after grasping preference and the situation of the other side.
[timing to hand]
It is the best to hand whether it is before the person in charge sits down on chair right after we sat down. When exchanging business cards begins earlier, we get up on the chair once, and let's hand afterwards.
As outside bag is intended not to become dirty, it is manner to provide from paper bag. When you hold out, you should attach words, "it is only heart" "is just feeling". In addition, let's hand product with the middle as it becomes situation called present from superior when we have this side too much.
※Forgive on the handling end of publication product or sellout.