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2018/6/12 up date

Small village of the United States laid
Shoes which tell comfortable living

Do you know "aurora shoes?" Design with chubby roundness and person that wear, and it is to repeater with good feeling who is familiar with own foot so as to wear of the series is shoes to the people in the know.
As for unique pretty design and the secret that wear, and balances good feeling, leather; lick, and there is for way and way of molding. We prepare leather which we fully soaked with wax and oil for aurora shoes and, in what we touch by one pair to hot water and mold, realize water resistance and flexibility.
As for "the aurora shoes," it is handcrafted one point of one point according to the name in factory of aurora village in American NY state. Although orders flood in from all over the world, quantity to produce is restrictive a month. Because the reason maintains labor circumstances that craftsmen work with keep of quality comfortably. We may feel relaxed relaxedly simply because it is shoes which people knowing comfortable living make whenever we wear.

<aurora shoes>
A.Boots NORTH PACIFIC [it includes tax] 36,720 yen / B. slip-on MIDDLE ENGLISH [it includes tax] 29,160 yen / C. T-strap WEST INDIAN [it includes tax] 28,080 yen / D. strap NEW CHINESE [it includes tax] 28,080 yen / E. sandals NEW MEXICAN [it includes tax] 27,000 yen
/6 floor Lib Tokyo <Sunny&Co./ sunny and Company>

Petit pouch pretty around

We mean "snow" in Finnish <LUMI>. Fans are increasing rapidly with colorful coloration and usability like North Europe. In feeling that is happy even if color variations only look at this petit pouch with richness. Small change, accessories, medicine fully enter.

Wednesday, June 13 → Tuesday, July 10
Each [it includes tax] aurora jewelry Perth 4,104 yen

Cute bag full of senses of fun

2WAY tote which spreads smile that pretended ignorance, and produces new communication. It is tote of simple rope steering wheel in state that we closed down, but big smile jumps out when we open ... Pleasant bag which person who noticed feels like calling out to unintentionally.

Wednesday, June 13 → Tuesday, July 10
Canvas small size [it includes tax] 6,480 yen / canvas medium size [it includes tax] 9,720 yen

Stylish clothes which arrived from NY

NY brand which we put atelier in sunset park of Brooklyn and perform from design to production. Was designed by Dave and Mali of designer; though is simple, stylish graphic seems to be performed inspire of by Japan.

Wednesday, June 13 → Tuesday, July 10

Horizontal stripe cut-and-sew which is pretty even if we wear with one piece though it is simple and is casual. A bit big binder of difference condition and neckline of neck which is not shallow deeply either, and is just right is reason of popularity.

<GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER/ Granma mom daughter>
Horizontal stripe cut-and-sew [it includes tax] 5,940 yen

Value nomination of adult girl with popularity through one year; skirt. Of gathers feeling and mi-mollet length of relief are points softly. It seems to be this year that we adopt the Chino subject matter with skirt.

<GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER/ Granma mom daughter>
Chino skirt [it includes tax] 17,280 yen

One of the fashion that we want to certainly take in KOLOR item this year. As color variations have abundant linen shirts of <sunshine + cloud> which casual style of adult is good at, color that is good to you should be found. We use good quality linen raising summer casual style.

<Sunny&Co./ sunny and Company>
Short-sleeved linen shirt [it includes tax] 19,440 yen

Did you know when you could purchase aurora shoes to the people in the know in Lib Tokyo? Of design with charming roundness and preeminence to adjust to own foot so as to wear wear, and is in the repeater series for feeling.

<Sunny&Co./ sunny and Company>
Aurora shoes a. slip-on MIDDLE ENGLISH [it includes tax] 29,160 yen / b.T strap WEST INDIAN [it includes tax] 28,080 yen / c. strap NEW CHINESE [it includes tax] 28,080 yen

If choose person and hat which is not fogged, to <Camilla shark> entrusting you. In specifications to go out even to extremely simple T-shirt + denim-style at a stretch if we take in hat which let accent work in ribbon and pom-pom trainers.

<KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark>
It is 18,360 yen 18,360 yen / hat (with pom-pom) hat (black ribbon) [it includes tax] [it includes tax]

If sunlight becomes strong, turn of hat that saliva is finally wide. As for the item coming to the face circumference, tone improve skin with a choice of color bright as possible. Wide saliva hat of elegant impression as for the affinity with dress and skirt-style◎

<KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark>
It is 25,920 yen 20,520 yen / hat (purple) hat (white) [it includes tax] [it includes tax]

We turn up book to one hand with coffee which performed takeout from cafe to choose favorite interior Green as. It is charm of <Lib Tokyo> that can enjoy pleasure of such a waiting walk compactly.

All book [it includes tax] 2,592 yen / suwaggu [it includes tax] 3,780 yen / Henry Dean base yellow [it includes tax] 4,860 yen blue [it includes tax] 3,456 yen Lib Tokyo

In cafe featuring spacious space that there is in beach side, tacos that favorite ingredients and sauce, cloth are put together freely are extreme popularity! Including wine organic on holiday sit-down.

<salt water table>
It is 1,280 yen ingredients materials and for each three kinds of sauce (three pieces of cloth) with tacos plate salad French fry [it includes tax]