<HENRY BEGUELIN> Special feature

Henry Beguelin which is popular in keiposhutoruka. We had two people of the staff who used habitually actually show the contents of bag this time. We released very much the charm!

A. keiposhutorukasutaffu U
U who was admiration brand in fans of begurin from old days. To good kigakoujite sales force. We show cute mark called "omino" simply! toiu reason was opportunity, but seemed to fit in into charm of begurin which there was not to handmade good point and other brands to the full so as to know if we knew.
"Lightness" as for what was attracted by bag. It is fixation to everyday commuter bag in being light, and being simple, and not hesitating about coordinates so as not to think with leather bag either. Use accessory case habitually without rectification 15 years; is already existence like fellow.

B. Lib Tokyo staff Y
Encounter with begurin is before half a year. Know begurin while work as the staff of Lib Tokyo, and continue longing when want to obtain sometime; farce Tobe Glyn is wallet. We fell in love with received blue at first sight and just added card case recently. Craftsman that we are alone by all processes is charmed by manufacturing of the one and only that expression of omino of story to be consistent and one point of one point brand icon is different in to make one thing.

<HENRY BEGUELIN> Xmas Limited Items
Christmas season-limited famiriominoshirizu releases this year from Thursday (holiday) on November 23.
Special product only by holiday season when family of small boy "omino" of brand icon gathers is unmissable.
※We extend sales floor area during period of - 28 Tuesday on 11/23 Thursday (holiday) and unfold.

Bag [it includes tax] 119,880 yen
Wallet [it includes tax] 66,960 yen


Leather bag brand from Finland where colorful color variations and cute silhouette get a lot of looks comes up for a limited time. When we give fashion item which worked of mind for Christmas gift of this year.

Wednesday, November 29 → Tuesday, December 26
Each [it includes tax] aurora jewelry Perth 3,456 yen

<sunny and Company>

Shoes using oil leather made in American New York aurora village. Moment when one's foot breeds in familiarity, attachment so as to wear. Size, color without the handling can be usually reserved during this period, too.

<sunny and Company>
★Aurora shoes fair★
Thursday, November 23 → 29th Wednesday

<Granma mom daughter>

Down collection using "THIN DOWN" of new material. Please realize lightness, thinness, warmth.
※(inc. tax) Face cover is presented more than 32,400 yen by the first 20 people of purchase

<Granma mom daughter>
★Down is fair★
Wednesday, November 22 → 28th Tuesday

Workshop made with kurisumasusuwaggu

Saturday, December 2

Time: From 10:30 to 12:00 from 13:00 to 16:00
The time required: Each time 30-60 minutes
Entrance fee: (inc. tax) 4,000 yen
Capacity: Day of eight people participation is possible ※It is given priority to reservation
Place : Lib Tokyo library space on the sixth floor
Contact TEL 03-6895-2123 (directly)

It is adult girl with skirt softly down coat +

<GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER/ Granma mom daughter> As no down coat is cloth for corduroy, even big silhouette such as down charms in on the small side by visual effect. In addition, by lining which we did well, it is high item of winterization very warmly. If match with skirt of mi-mollet length softly; more now to Balance.

<GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER/ Granma mom daughter>
A. Corduroy short down [it includes tax] 60,480 yen / B. Each [it includes tax] denim pleated skirt Chino pleated skirt 17,280 yen

Autumn/winter is "Hayama style" with a feeling of omission coordination

<Sunny&Co./ sunny and Company> ni flannel shirt comes up. Excellence item to wrap the upper body in silhouette and a feeling of exquisite length that are Voxy completely, and to be able to show slightly. It is easy to put together in any scene, and hearty bottom and affinity with tapered pants are outstanding, too. If add difference to coordinates; with a feeling of cast-off skin in aurora shoes in the fall and winter "Hayama-style"; in coordination.

<Sunny&Co./ sunny and Company>
A. B. Each [it includes tax] supimaoganikkubieranerushatsu 30,240 yen / C. Aurora shoes Middle English [it includes tax] 29,160 yen / D. Aurora shoes waist Indian [it includes tax] 28,080 yen

Gold beige petty person who shines in burgundy

The latest bag of HENRY BEGUELIN/ Henry Beguelin is lightweight so as not to think with leather. Foil of gold gives off refined presence and shines in trendy burgundy coordination. Besides, gold warm and beige wallet and interior accessory are lineups.

<kPoštolka/ keiposhutoruka>
A. HENRY BEGUELIN/ Henry Beguelin wallet OCEAN M [it includes tax] 63,720 yen / B. HENRY BEGUELIN/ Henry Beguelin bag REVIVAL M FOD [it includes tax] 138,240 yen / C. Jana VoňkováSNOVE PROSTORY SET 3 [it includes tax] 21,600 yen

Hat which is mode which coordination refines at a stretch in autumn

Hat full of originality is prepared while adopting trend <KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark>. Chief who is popular mode appears in material in the fall and winter in spring. In addition, popular hat unfolding after brand debut is perfect gem refining coordination at a stretch.

<KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark>
A. Each [it includes tax] adjuster cap 17,280 yen / B. crumpled hat [it includes tax] 19,440 yen

Caliber is praised, too! Banyan tree & fleshy plant

Banyan tree potted plant and fleshy plant group planting that we just only display, and room improves sense in nowadays. Caliber full of a feeling of vintage and a feeling of craft to shine in interior of trendy Brooklyn taste is stylish!

<LIFE+Lab by PLEJOUR/ life laboratory by pre-Joule>
A.Fleshy plant group planting [it includes tax] 2,700 yen of banyan tree [it includes tax] 3,240 yen / B. cork hall

Tacos which can choose ingredients and sauce freely are popular!

Tacos that favorite ingredients and sauce, cloth are put together in this cafe that spacious space that there is in beach side can relax freely are extreme popularity! Wine moku go wasetetsuroginohitotokio organic on holiday.

<salt water table>
It is 1,280 yen ingredients materials and for each three kinds of sauce (three pieces of cloth) with tacos plate salad French fry [it includes tax]

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