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We are enchanted by print when we looked up unintentionally

We are enchanted by print when we looked up unintentionally

Summer coordinates that comfort is good for

Of popularity in concept basic worn as for both mother and the daughter <Granma mom daughter>. Linen shirt of comfort that what we want to pay attention to above all this summer is light. To silhouette which tuck entered behind and did softly. We cover silhouette smartly if we match with wide pants and we get thinner more, and WEST ribbon is seen and grants effect. With dark blue cloth bag and white sneakers, coordination like summer can create more.

<Granma mom daughter>
Shirt (main item) tax-included 17,280 yen
Color: BLUE
Material: linen 100%
5,400 yen that includes cut-and-sew tax
19,440 yen that includes pants tax
9,720 yen MOON STAR/ MoonStar and collaboration product which include shoes tax
7,020 yen that includes bag tax
The sixth-floor / Granma mom daughter

Easy feel to protect summer neck to cool air

Long chief whom we want to recommend to at time that is easy to be sweaty. As we do by light car gently, it is not hot, and ultraviolet ray measures are perfect, too. As it is more shortish than stole, what it is easy to match with shirt and cut-and-sew is attractive. As for the arrangement including unicolor errand and two pieces of stacks in various ways. We more easily come by styling if with rubber. It is washable and is usable comfortably every day.

<sewing> , <Blooming Nakanishi>
1,620 yen - 2,700 yen that include long pocket chief tax
The first-floor / woman clothing

Necklace of last year popular citrus sold out

Daimaru Tokyo <plane people> had necklaces of popular citrus this year. For accent of wearing that voluminous feel is season like when gorgeous that wrapped Wood beads in good-quality silk. Short length comes up this time, too! Recommended arrangement method of the staff can reach imbalance a little. Elegant made is multi-and plays an active part from casual.

Plain People
5,184 yen that includes citrus necklace tax
The fourth-floor / plane people

Ideal hair care that adult demanded

Waist and tension do not grieve at hair, and hairstyle is not decided. It is a certain material which there is becoming topic with friend. Of winning the cosmetic prize best being topic when can approach such a thinning <John Masters Organics>. With conditioner to combine high plant of repair power with shampoo to lead to ideal scalp environment in organic ingredient, and to give waist and unity, do you not begin ideal care from today?

<John Masters Organics>
S & M sukyarupushampu (spearmint & prospect Usu eat) tax-included 2,808 yen
L&A intensive conditioner (lavender & avocado) tax-included 4,104 yen
The the second-floor / cosmetics section

Sunglasses which were developed for woman

ChocoSun of new sunglasses <charmant> developed for woman. There is not nose pad, and what, anyway, it is light and is easy to hang in epoch-making organization to support in both sides of the head part is attractive. We can easily adjust at the ear and are comfortable so as to seem to forget to hang. As it is sunglasses to wear to be isolated on the nose, we do not have to worry about trace gatsukukotoyahobbetano makeup deterioration on nose. We adopt type to cut both ultraviolet ray and blue lights to lenses. Please to active summer attendant.

Choco Sun (the choko sun) tax-included 14,580 yen
The tenth-floor / Ogura glasses

Sandals that fashion comes true while taking the ease

Espadrille created in Spain and the border Basque Provinces of France is basic item of summer. Both comfort and fashion introduce provided sandals from <Castaner> and <Gaimo> of well-established brand. The amount of heel which both are easy to walk around with handicraft of expert craftsman, and beautiful leg effect is high in is exquisiteness. We can manage to wear like sneakers as there are cushion characteristics. Design which crossed in the former is simple and is stylish. It is sandals which it is easy to match with both skirt and pants.

21,600 yen that includes espadrille tax
17,280 yen that includes espadrille tax
The third-floor / woman shoes

New UV aesthetic absolutism to enjoy the summer sun

Aging of skin is said to be cause having one ultraviolet ray. Therefore we just picked up UV of popularity. Not only UV measures but also thing with pre-makeup and skin care function comes up this summer. Type that after all nice one becomes the makeup groundwork before it and busy going out. In texture which we grow well and are easy to soak, high thing is popular among skin care effects.

10,800 yen that includes super UV protection / protection D cream tax
50 g of SPF50+/PA++++
8,100 yen that includes ATMOSPHERE air Lee light UV emulsion tax
30 g of SPF30/PA+++
4,104 yen that includes skin protector tax
30 g of SPF50+/PA++++
The the second-floor / cosmetics section

Bag of rare one point to be able to make only in the rainy season

We gather grape vine for approximately 30 years when we kept on enduring winter of Yonezawa where snow is deep years old at time in the rainy season. Because vine includes water and cannot tear off that we choose rainy season daringly when not soft. Luster increases so as to use, and bag which can enjoy secular variation plays an active part for three generations. We use cloth which we dyed by vine of mountain grape for inner package, and feelings are various in detail.

<sum gyararii>
Mt. Michinoku grape vine basket
The right: Tax-included 181,440 yen, left: Tax-included 205,200 yen
The the tenth-floor / kimono section

Winning the good design prize! Work of art which arrived from forest

Woodwork which was built up by the unique manufacturing method to utilize beech of Aomori proud of the best stockpile in Japan effectively. Washable place is point with coating that not only is light, and is hard to be broken, and is hard to be warped, but also was superior in water resistance, alcohol system synthetic detergent, too. Edamame bowl is work which was born in concept in "putting green soybeans cool".

5,400 yen that includes 4,320 yen including edamame bowl tax, round tray tax
The the ninth-floor / kitchenware section

Tradition industrial art object which calls cool air wind with water

We are called "water paper fan", and it is got close by the narration which people watching cormorant fishing of Gifu, the Nagara River fan paper fan which we attached to surface of a river, and took cool air. Design full of translucency that picture noh farce programmer of Gifu lantern garnishes Mino having spare time Japanese paper with pattern and we paint with natural varnish and finished is feature. As was exhibited at international exposition once; is perfect gem to the people in the know. From cool taste, it is popular as interior recently.

<Ieda paper processing>
Each water paper fan (Gifu butterfly) tax-included 8,996 yen
The the tenth-floor / kimono section

Modern design which the traditional manufacturing method granted

In founding 1899 well-established glass company <Hirota glass> based in Sumida-ku. We send articles which valued originality of glass material while continuing following handmade product. This "Taisho wave abusive glass series" adopts smoking out technique of prosperous milk white glass in Meiji and the Taisho era. Using glass with special raw materials called animal bone ashes, we let you develop opal color in sudden temperature difference and bring about unique pattern.

<Hirota glass>
Each Taisho wave abusive glass tax-included 5,400 yen, other reference products
The the ninth-floor / kitchenware section

Rush evolves stylishly

Satoshi Umeno playing an active part as designer at home and abroad produces. It is series that we expressed in graphic under the theme of "onomatopoeia" in order to give "rush" new value. Characteristic of rush is the same, and novel color and design with sense of rhythm born from sound overturning image of the sum attach accent to daily life with kind flavor such as the forest of rush.

Each OTO seat cushion tax-included 3,240 yen
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

Snow cone of soft and fluffy texture of impression

Snow cone machine brand that Ikenaga ironsmith of cast iron processing maker deals with <swan> following from 1950. Nostalgic design to attach the cool and nostalgia to to live of the Showa era is attractive. We can operate <Black Swan> of limitation without straining than conventional products and succeed in lightweighting. In spite of being home snow cone machine of mini-size, it is owner of performance as we display shoulders if for business use. In soft and fluffy texture that we are equivalent to rose ice of freezer, but professional makes if we use ice of exclusive cup.

62,640 yen that includes snow cone machine tax
The the ninth-floor / kitchenware section

Hat which is popular in select shop which was born in NY

We attract the world by natural, simple design <Athena New York>. Even if big ribbon which is brand icon and feminine hat of light feel of texture are covered at any position, we look good. Wide saliva blocks strong sunlight well. From casual such as denim to dress, easy coordinates is attractive, too. Furthermore, as can carry by folding; in trip and resort.

<Athena New York/ ashinanyuyoku>
24,840 yen that includes hat tax
The fourth-floor / UNITED ARROWS

Various broachs which add bloom to the clothing

At moment when we opened lapping, brimming smile seems to spill. <Mikimoto> We collected such broachs which we wanted to give in kara Mother's Day. We are in trouble to choose that design and prices are various by charm. It is charm of broach that impression changes at position to bring. The clothing becomes more attractive a lot gorgeously.

22,680 yen that includes 22,680 yen including upper section left tax, upper section right tax
30,240 yen that includes 39,960 yen including upper section left tax, upper section right tax
The / jewels and ornaments section on the tenth floor

Light cut-and-sew which we want to wear when wind is fragrant

Up-and-coming design, stand-up collar show neck neatly this spring. Cut-and-sew of <agnes b.> clogged up with charm to be able to enjoy in season that was long as it was half-length sleeve. In refined silhouette only by French brand and good comfort, repeater understands that there is many. As it is easy to put together in any bottom, it is one piece that we want to take to trip.

<agnes b.>
7,020 yen that includes stand-up collar cut-and-sew tax
Material: 100% cotton, color: White, black, blue, size: S, M, L
The the sixth-floor / ladies' wear section

New crop of FEILER missing resort

Is Japan as pronoun of German traditional chenille, but of extreme popularity <FEILER>. New limited print reached Daimaru Tokyo to enjoy the latest print while there were many waiting people. Combination of pineapple and cool horizontal stripes which new item called "pineapple vacation" is colorful, and is pretty. By resort feeling fully opening, it is right good from now on for summer. It is most suitable for gift to important person.

<FEILER> Pineapple vacation
9,720 yen that includes 3,240 yen including wash towel tax, hand towel tax
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

Liquid cosmetics which gave shock in cosmetics world

Liquid cosmetics of unregulated drug that Linkle shot medical Ceram of <POLA> which gave shock in cosmetics world on the New Year improves first Japanese wrinkle. That we spend time of 15 years and are answer that we arrived at. <POLA> We combine unregulated drug active ingredient improving original wrinkle. New aging is curtain raising of caring.
※Aging care is care appropriate for age.

20 g of Linkle shot medical Ceram (unregulated drug) liquid cosmetics tax-included 16,200 yen
The the second-floor / cosmetics section

Quiet boom moss ball and mini-bonsai

"BONSAI" which catches high evaluation as "live art" abroad. How is such a mini-size if we enjoy easily at home? Bonsai small-sized around is good to interior. Encounter that it is destiny as for it as for pin in there not being thing same as one. Bonsai which condensed charm of nature is one featuring change every season.

3,024 yen ... which includes mini-moss ball bonsai tax

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Handling product varies according to season.
※Price varies according to plant and specifications.
※Specifically, visit to person in charge.
The ninth-floor / People's Republic of China

Light sound heart straight calmly

<kyujo phosphorus> It arrived "not to go down" which was simple, and was modern that we was familiar with kara, interior. The top turns like self-righting dharma doll by design which modelled cat or dog, flower, and warm, kind light tone sounds. He/she carries ease to heart with daily memories that should give glory to flower and photograph together when we do not go down quietly.

<kyujo phosphorus>
8,640 yen that includes mawarin tax
※For each 9,720 yen that includes dog, cat, owl tax
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

Forgive on the handling end of publication product or sellout.
Please note that color, feel of texture may be different from photograph in the real thing.