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We are loving madly to library leather

We are loving madly to library leather

"The second pan" not to be able to part with if we use

Are dishes not different in the product riyasusaya result with size of pan, too? It is 14cm size of <bamikyura> to be quite popular as "the second pan" and is popular well now in Daimaru Tokyo. Of course it is in good health even if sealing characteristics raised to the maximum become small as for casting enamel hotpot which Japanese craftsman made. As it is easy to use for the making of pretty good vice-greens and cake, and variation in color is abundant, we are pretty even if we just provide on table and are gorgeous.

Open pot round 14cm (pearl green, pearl white, pearl pink) tax-included 11,880 yen
(stone) tax-included 12,960 yen
The ninth-floor / kitchenware

Difference that is clear in taste and the freshness, nutrient!

Smoothie and juice completely took root in common sense from high effect to beauty and health. Meanwhile, <kubinsu> vacuum burenza of release is topic now last year. We make vacuum state with pressure of 250 hPa and interrupt materials and contact of air. We could just make use of ingredients original color and nutrient, and it seemed to be demonstrated that there was much content such as vitamin or enzyme in findings. It is sure that it becomes health investment without regret, thing.

64,584 yen that includes vacuum burenza tax
The ninth-floor / kitchenware

Size: 216*240*443mm
6.2 kg in weight, up to 1,300 ml in capacity (blend up to 1200ml/ crush up to 500 ml)
Rating electricity 100V, 50-60Hz, power consumption 1500W

Earrings such as pierced earrings shaking gently

When is easy to put together casually formally, hoop-shaped earrings popular all through the ages. Above all, it is hoop earrings of <SHIPS> to be attention in Daimaru Tokyo. Moderate size shows face with swish and can aim at small face effect. In addition, place to be able to enjoy without choosing coordination as it is delicate design is considerably eptitude. As part to sandwich can coordinate, it is attractive to be hard to come to have a pain even if we attach for a long time. We shake gently and take in very charming earrings in coordination by all means in the spring and summer and?

3,456 yen that includes twist hoop clip tax
The fourth-floor / SHIPS

We usually raise style by winding of scarf!

Popular petit scarf which is deep-rooted for these past several years. Scarf only arranges winding in various ways, and we change expression completely and charm, and is really various. Even if we hang down simple compaction bidemo and enjoy drape, it is wonderful. In this spring, please try winding of scarf in front of mirror this and that. Because impression changes suddenly by laying upon, usual coordination is different and should be seen. It is ant to ask the stole section staff on the first floor of Daimaru Tokyo.

5,400 yen that includes scarf tax
The first-floor / woman clothing

Phantasmagoric obi buckle

Type such as paper-cutting which we made use of technique and sense of jewelry production and customized in texture such as mallet eyes on the surface. To type of cloisonne that color such as drop is pretty. It is a shame that we use the charm only for the kimono scene. We have abundant obi buckles which rising writer deals with in Daimaru Tokyo. As there are metal fittings behind, we attach leather strap and touch necklace and rubber, and arrangement including heaakuse is possible. As you offer obi buckle of various designs, please collect. How to use seems to spread depending on idea remarkably.

7,130 yen that includes obi buckle T.O.D KI.RI.E tax
7,560 yen that includes obi buckle kimoto tax
The tenth-floor / around

Curling irons which we developed only in thought of woman

It is new idea again in the hot hot beauty household appliances industry. <Samantha Thavasa> But, we made Koizumi and collaboration and took out first Japanese anion warm air curl iron. We make use of idea of approximately 2,000 woman employees occupying 97% of Samantha Thavasa and develop. That, let alone comfort at the time of use, we were particular about woman glance until the feel and luster of finished curl, design of the body in detail. It is topic when we can make hairstyle at the same level as salon fun.

<Samantha Thavasa/ Samantha Thavasa>
18,144 yen that includes nano airy curl iron tax
The first-floor / Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice

Power supply: AC100-120V/200-240V 50/60Hz common use
Power consumption: 100-120V: 0.1W - 270W, 200-240V: 0.1W - 430W
The pipe maximum temperature: Approximately 180 degrees Celsius (in the case of ambient temperature 30 degrees Celsius)

Domestic sunscreen TOP3 which is sold in Daimaru Tokyo

That ultraviolet ray is gradually strengthened from March, and measures are necessary until September. Therefore, in sunscreen which was indispensable to UV measures, we gathered country brand TOP3 sold in Daimaru Tokyo. <SK-II> Ingredient pitera of the one and only of SK-II is combined with natural ingredient, and this protects skin from environmental damage such as infrared ray as well as ultraviolet ray effectively. <ACSEINE> It is that this adheres to skin well and forms uniform veil on the surface without gap and there are few skin burdens and can take care of by body UV that realized domestic highest-level SPF50+, PA++++ comfortably though it is a little ultraviolet scattering agent. SHISEIDO This is functional enhancement more in "perfect UV protection N" which won the best cosmetics prize with Buddha marie claire. High ultraviolet ray defense effect is the same, and function to defend against drying and atmospheric dust, dust is added.

(From Left)
ATMOSPHERE air Lee light UV emulsion SPF30, PA+++ 30 g tax-included 8,100 yen
Super sun shield blight fitting SPF50+, PA++++ 40 g tax-included 3,240 yen
Clear stick UV protector SPF50+, PA++++ <stop being burnt on stick-formed day> 15 g tax-included 3,024 yen
The second-floor / cosmetics

Flavor of just oneself concerning 12 constellations

When all things consist of four major elements of fire, the ground, wind, water from ancient Greece, reason, 12 constellations of West astrology are classified in these four elements based on natural philosophy. That lists of Haba to prescribe herb for knew Western astrology and deep ties of mind and body, and they chose plant from movement of star once. It is fragrance of <tree of life> we pay our attention to such a constellation and relationship of plant, and to have been born. Do you not find flavor that is good to guidance, oneself from born day?

4 element Hi, Ti, Fu, Mz
Each roll-on fragrance tax-included 2,376 yen
Tree of the ninth-floor / life

Though it is fashion that is cute though we wear, and feeling is good, it is comfortable to walk in

It is season when it is comfortable though we walk a lot on good calm day of climate in spring. As far as comfort shoes that we wear and are oriented to feeling in consideration of health of foot are reliable in such a case. How you would like your this to person to want thing that both more designs and KOLOR are stylish? Upper sews with one piece of stretch knit with contractility, and flexible out sole which adds and natural movement of foot, and moves is adopted and can walk comfortably at all. As variation in color is abundant, coordination becomes fun in spring of trip and cherry blossom viewing, too.

34,560 yen that includes two point zero ground stitch light tax
The third-floor / woman shoes

Revival of model that we gave to the Imperial Family

<MASUNAGA> The start-to-finish production system is succeeded to in now when Masunaga five Court Security Office which got foundation of glasses industry in Sabae passed more than founding 100 years, and this is brand which continues being trusted for a long time. Being correct if, anyway, loved reason is good to Japanese face. Appearance is simple, but it is complicated, and making is minute. There are few nose gaps and is topic when we cannot part because we use for a long time every day when we have in our hand once. Please check fashion and the wonderful fusion of functionality by yourself.

<Ogura glasses>
From the top)
41,040 yen including MASUNAGA tax, tax-included 39,960 yen, tax-included 32,400 yen
The tenth-floor / Ogura glasses

It is silhouette beautiful woman in being comfort perfect score

It is zip-up parka of <DRESSTERIOR> to be recommended in spring when change of temperature is more intense. Texture of totally hand-knitted cloth with "hanging knitting machine" that one of the popular reasons is precious. In addition, lib of the cuffs makes tight impression tightly and covers figure quickly. Foods with the moderate volume direct now with a feeling of omission-like fashion without being too casual. As it is worn lightly, it is very useful when there is one.

Each sweat shirt parka S,M,L tax-included 17,280 yen
The fourth-floor / marushiemerushieriadoresuteria

We enjoy flower more freely

Spring to strongly create gaiety to the storefront of Hanaya. It is flower base of <pre-Joule> such as test tube that is popular when we can display pretty flowers at home casually. As we are connected with hook, we take off and change form, and provide movement, and presence colors happily cutely everywhere in the entrance or living, the kitchen though it is simple. It seems to be pleased with slight gift use very much.

There is an extra charge for 1,944 yen, charge for geisha's service including link tube base tax
The second-floor / pre-Joule

Everyday dishes are instagenic

It is geo-series of <Wedgwood> to be popular since release of last year though it is classic white tableware. In design which emboss design of honeycomb print is taken in refined shape, and is contemporary. When is congenial to not only yo but also menu of the sum, and is easy to combine with your tableware; topic. Point that only serves attractive one quickly above all, and is attractive. It is most suitable for gift let alone home business.

<Wedgwood> Geo-series
Plate 28cm tax-included 3,240 yen
Plate 24cm tax-included 2,700 yen
Ball 23cm tax-included 3,240 yen
Long tray 32*15.5cm tax-included 4,320 yen
Small square plate 14.5cm tax-included 1,620 yen
The ninth-floor / WEDGWOOD

We create gaiety only by there being one

We want to color everyday interior like spring. Then how about spring new work of <FEILER>? Modern design which theme of new series named "MOSAIQUE Flora" was to "heart space that felt at ease", and was studded with design that was stylish to base in calm gray. A feeling of air drifting from easy color sends comfort healing busy daily life. Because we create gaiety just to have 1 item made newly, it is mysterious.

<FEILER> MOSAIQUE Flora series
Slippers (heel existence) tax-included 8,640 yen
16,200 yen that includes bath mat tax
2,376 yen that includes handkerchief tax
10,260 yen that includes hand towel tax
12,960 yen that includes sports towel tax
The ninth-floor / FEILER

miina perhonen X tradition furoshiki

We were established in 1995 by designer Akira Minakawa <miina perhonen>. Textile such as texture and print, embroidery is designed by original. Recently we are used for interior miscellaneous goods and fashion item and gain popularity from many stylish women. <miina perhonen> performed shop and collaboration specialized in furoshiki. To Japanese traditional furoshiki that popular textile such as butterflies is convenient! With as it is made of polyester of water-repellent coating, great deed-like how to use leisure sheet or tablecloth thinking, too. Please look for how to use furoshiki only for oneself for free idea.

4,320 yen that includes miina perhonen aqua drop furoshiki tax
The tenth-floor / kimono accessories

We promise outstanding performance in hay fever season

Of hay fever season, hard nose I run out of being impatient with pocket tissue! We put tissue box in the bag and want to carry. <MOGU> Tissue case solves the trouble of this. Though the comfortable subject matter of Powder beads is mild and is compact, more than 100 tissues enter and can carry smartly. Furthermore, is easy to carry if the contents decrease as become small; in indication of quantity. It is usable everywhere in in what have hanging string usefully.

1,944 yen that includes tissue case tax
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

From yellow accessory that spring taking in advance brings good luck.

We gathered yellow petty people like spring from <beautiful womanness by SAZABY>. Yellow gives hope and joy like the bright sun and is said to be color to bring about pleasant feelings. We seem to have meaning called change and innovation for celebrity as color to be connected by divination for selecting an ideal place to luck with money up. Person with yellow is actually impression positive well. Because it is shop with "we carry the life of Carrying Your Life/ you" as concept, sign of spring petty person patronizing you should be surely found.

<beautiful womanness by SAZABY>
32,400 yen that includes background tax
4,968 yen that includes pouch tax
22,680 yen that includes breast wallet tax
5,184 yen that includes bag in bag tax
The third-floor / beautiful womanness by SAZABY

Fortune appeared in the natural phenomena rises with seasonal power stone of new departure

Does each thought not make tta seal including at turning point? It is seal using power stone a lot of water buffalo corner, * is employed speaking of seal, but to be attention recently. White phantom quartz that gold rutilated quartz shining in gold and annual ring design to hark back to vision of mountain are beautiful, rapizurazuri which is one of Shippo of Buddhism. With much-talked-about power stone by all means fortune appeared in the natural phenomena up.

(From Left) 980,000 yen that includes Golden rutilated quartz tax
480,000 yen that includes white phantom quartz tax
158,000 yen that includes rapizurazuri tax
The eleventh-floor / fusuiaratameunchushin

Smart new beauty custom to be enacted every day

How is new beauty custom begun casually that only upgrades shower of home? The orthodox school that this shower head is used at hotels including hair salon. It washes away clearly to the depths of pore and wrinkle by producing super minute micronanobubble in moisture in patent technology and leads to regular skin and lustrous hair. In addition, even quantity of little water can let you water spray well in original technique and can expect saving water effect, too. Do you not take in shower head of killing two birds with one stone right now?

<Takashi Tanaka metal mill>
14,904 yen that includes borinaninfashiruba tax
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Ideal of towel wants to last highly

<UCHINO> Do you know that super marshmallow towel is called "miraculous towel" of this in the public? That imagination is lightweight so as not to arrive, and the airy softness such as marshmallow is habit-forming from the volume. Furthermore, it is topic if drying is quick in washing in surprising water absorptivity. It having two patents technology to have been able to realize ideal ability. It is the New Year when we want to have towel made newly, value ant to pick up once, and to check.

Super marshmallow
Bath towel (approximately 70*140cm) tax-included 6,480 yen
Small bath towel (approximately 50*100cm) tax-included 3,780 yen
Face towel (approximately 34*85cm) tax-included 2,160 yen
The the ninth-floor / towel section

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