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Mini-wallet where it is excellent at storing power, and fashion comes true

Mini-wallet where it is excellent at storing power, and fashion comes true

Evolution of masking tape!

We are pretty and are fun ♪ It is masking tape to get absorbed like collecting seals of school days. Above all, we introduce much-talked-about epoch-making product. Coordinates are freedom in what we can put for seal sense pitapat as we can tear off, and by one piece is usable and tear off neatly and put together, too. Because it is the beginning of the year that wants to make a plan in various ways, it is pleasant to add stylish accent to notebook and calendar. We make an outstanding performance for memo and the decorations of card.

432 yen that includes masking roll sticker tax
The eighth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. Ask sales floor person in charge about print about the stock situation to change every season.

We start the beauty and health of foot seriously!

Advanced foot care by podoroji of <Foot Balance> which introduced in LIFE in September, and was great reaction. We introduce menu which can take care of the beauty and health of foot in response to great popularity seriously. In addition to tarasopakku and joint stretch, treatment menu of last support by taping, we produce original arch fitting insole which we put together in arch of sole of customer this time. Usual shoes are usable comfortably.

<Foot Balance>
16,200 yen ... which includes insole tax
Until from Saturday, January 13 to Wednesday, February 28 for a limited time
※Reservation required 03-3212-4500
The sixth-floor / Foot Balance

We understand the sale results more than 6,570,000 pieces! Popular warm underwear

We wear and are warm immediately. But we wear extra clothes and hate affecting outer. One <hot cot> which satisfies such a contradicting needs, and is quite popular. Material which blended organic cotton with fever cotton pursues comfort to feel that woman is comfortable. It is big charm that not only it is warm, but also is available from three kinds of designs and five colors. As for the value ant to buy at this time, back types V-neck, too. Cold protection measures are possible smartly without choosing outer. It is assent to be popular more than 6,570,000 pieces.

<hot cot>
990 yen that includes sleeve underwear tax for V-neck nine minutes
The first-floor / woman clothing

We handle, and there is not khaki in Daimaru Tokyo. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Ultimate feel & warmth that be wrapped up, and is serious

This winter when it is expected that there are many cold days. It is cold in the early morning, and it is thing wanting you to forgive only to wake up. It is good news for people who are poor at such a cold. Inner blanket of warm feel 20 of long-established store <Kyoto Nishikawa> uses acrylic + rayon material which is used for ladies' warm underwear luxuriously. As we comply with health by feel melting away, gap is not enacted in neck, around the shoulders. Good-quality sleep that was relaxed even if we used in conjunction with feather futon as it was very light. Please touch at store. We cannot part!

<Kyoto Nishikawa>
WARMFEEL20 underwear blanket (150 X 210) tax-included 37,800 yen
The the ninth-floor / bedclothing section

seruvoku which made a clean sweep of the best cosmetics of magazine

In this autumn/winter, we made a clean sweep of the best cosmetics of magazine <seruvoku>. Translucency and a feeling of luster are excellent and collect great support from model and hair make, stylist while being particular about ingredient derived from nature. Lip 09 of popularity is unique Nuance color development that luster and Balance of mat have good, and customers flood in day after day in Daimaru Tokyo since the opening time of November. Eye shadow of reputation offers each color when familiar to melt into new color 10-22 and eyelids of lip released in last autumn and looks forward to.

1.3,456 yen that includes digunifaidorippusu tax
2.3,456 yen that includes in fini Tolly KOLOR tax
3.2,160 yen that includes vorantariaizu tax
The second-floor / cosmetics

After all Peter Rabbit to like

After all we are pretty. We hear such a voice from all of you, and let's be suitable for <LeSportsac> new item collaboration of release in the middle of January. Style that, besides, four kinds are special of main print presents this by special collaboration in commemoration of the birth 150th anniversary of author Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit. Illustration of lovely touch matches popular LeSportsac as lightweight bag really well.

Print name: Peter Rabbit Garden (Peter Rabbit garden)
Style name: Small Genny
Tax-included 14,580 yen
Size: H20*W21*D6cm
The third-floor / LeSportsac

We show cute warm X

nupushi of <the north face> which is basic as winter warm boots. This traction light mock is usable every day in downtown and, in various series development, is recommended. It is popular by slip-on type that it is easy to wear. Foot is warm on day that is cold as we adopt humidity retention material prima loft. Unisex model is good to modern coordination.

<the north face>
11,880 yen that includes nupushitorakushonraitomokku tax
The tenth-floor / the north face

Swish and actual feeling

My bag which is said to be 80% of diffusion rate though there are various opinions. Troublesomeness when it comes back from shopping we actually use, and to think and folds. What dissolve such dissatisfaction pulls with "swish" and is "pat" eco bag <shupatto> to be able to fold. We pull with swish having both ends. It is storing completion if we wind up round and round afterward. There is 3 size, and variation in color is abundant, too. As large size is size to just enter cash register basket, it is very convenient.

Each tax-included S: 1,058 yen, M: 2,138 yen, L: 2,678 yen
The ninth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Bewitching metallic feeling

We introduce teapot <* Lin> of gorgeous Arita ware making appropriate for the New Year. Fantastic hue to change Nuance at angle to consider to be glitter such as pearl is wonderful with atmosphere non-every day. Because we are made with manual labor of craftsman, surface brush trace and one point of tex tea are different in a piece of expression. You pick up this bewitching beauty by all means at store, and please check. In the one to display as interior let alone tea♪

<* Lin>
Each Arita ware making teapot tax-included 8,640 yen
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

Luxury of the latest gold X black lip of Lunaria annua Collection

New item of Lunaria annua Collection is appearance from <MARCO BICEGO> of Vicenza dispatch that is famous for Italy jewelry bringing about original work with 18-karat gold gold good-quality in "Everyday Luxury" in concept. Black of mysterious black lip brings on unprecedented contrast this time. Figure which acquires higher-grade luxury brightness by daily life casually, and plays a role breezily is right essence of beauty of adult.

"Lunaria annua" (K18Y black lip)
625,000 yen that includes necklace tax
410, 00 yen that includes pierced earrings tax
390,000 yen that includes ring tax
The / jewels and ornaments section on the tenth floor

Benefit of comfortable carbonic acid

Carbonic acid system goods which is completely establishing reliable position to constant seller from the fashion of 1:00 period. Shampoo that is effective for scalp cleansing carbonate and bath powder with warm bath effect carbonate are right the Gospel for bathtime on cold day. In addition, ingredient penetrates to keratin by the first care after face-wash and pressures skin to work on liquid cosmetics which came out of bubble face wash and carbonic acid technology carbonate. We make an outstanding performance for support of beauty.

(From Left)
1,058 yen that includes head beauty treatment salon soda tax
5,400 yen that includes SOFINA iP beautiful live power mousse base liquid cosmetics tax
<Kesalan Patharan>
140 g of treatment wash (face wash) tax-included 3,024 yen
Sparkling bus (for seven times) tax-included 2,916 yen
Neutral bicarbonic acid bath powder (nine tablets) tax-included 972 yen
<est> <Kesalan Patharan> The second-floor / cosmetics
<puremiaju> <TBC> <Bath> The ninth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

We show cute good luck of the New Year

We are pretty, and there seems to be benefit ♪ Size that 55mm and 75mm are cute as for the beckoning cats. However, it is finished elite with this lucky gold leaf. When the left hand invites person in luck with money, the right hand is said to be hand which we raised. In 2018, do you choose child raising hand of which?

Good luck beckoning cat (the right hand) (the left hand)
(the small) tax-included 2,160 yen
(the inside) tax-included 3,240 yen
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

We color dining table shiningly

How about chopstick rest which is good to gorgeous dining table of Christmas and New Year holidays? From <ability product> which was famous for traditional casting, industrial arts chopstick rest of beautiful tin arrived. Tin has high antifungal properties, and is more popular than ancient times, material which is right good to chopstick rest. In addition, we made use of the softness and bent tail of sea bream and finished novel motif in beauty and work full of pleasure with craftsmanship of excellence when we let sumo wrestler stand. Do you not adopt small art on happy dining table in the future?

<ability product>
Sumo wrestler (with two) tax-included 3,996 yen
Chopstick rest (with two) of sea bream tax-included 3,024 yen
Gold leaf (with five) of month tax-included 8,208 yen
5,400 yen tax-included in month (with five)
The ninth-floor / Japanese dishes

In warmth of triple gauze and gentle feeling in bed

Sound sleep is important for skin and health. Therefore selection of nightclothes is important to adult woman. It is triple gauze pajama of long-established store <Arakawa> to want to recommend there. Range of air keeps warmth, and it is attractive to be familiar with skin softly so as to wash. As lining is cute plaid, it is wonderful even if we turn down sleeve. From the first place this as for the comfortable sleep of this winter.

<Arakawa pajamas>
Tax-included 11,880 yen
The ninth-floor / pajamas

Ideal tote which was not possible

The landing of this year in Japan! Topic spot of now Meguro-ku, <fredy LEC wash salon> from Berlin, Germany. We do not merely offer washing machine and dryer and install cafe when we want you to spend the waiting time pleasantly and attract attention when coin laundry is calm space where I do not think. Above all, as for fredy LEC LAUNDRY tote bag, function is excellent by simple design, too! We gradually gain popularity among fashion in this. As gusset is large-capacity widely, he/she seems to make an outstanding performance smartly while traveling in usual times. Furthermore, convenience is outstanding because drawspan is drawstring bag type. It is tote bag clogged up with the nice points much.

<Freddy Leck sein Wasch/ fredy LEC wash salon>
3,024 yen that includes 2way tote bag tax
The ninth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Warm + kawaiiha justice

<Camper> The winter latest booties are available from popular line "peu Cami" as icon of this in the autumn of 2017. Inside moco moco is warm and is sure that we cannot part with if we wear once, thing. Though it is warm specification, refreshing appearance is point. Besides, foot width is wide; is extremely easy. Furthermore, putting on and taking off is easy as Shoo lace is rubber. He/she seems to make an outstanding performance for trip and New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine without choosing outing because it is chic, natural texture.

PEU CAMI (pe u Cami) tax-included 24,840 yen
The third-floor / ladies' shoes

Ideal of towel wants to last highly

<UCHINO> Do you know that super marshmallow towel is called "miraculous towel" of this in the public? That imagination is lightweight so as not to arrive, and the airy softness such as marshmallow is habit-forming from the volume. Furthermore, it is topic if drying is quick in washing in surprising water absorptivity. It having two patents technology to have been able to realize ideal ability. It is the New Year when we want to have towel made newly, value ant to pick up once, and to check.

Super marshmallow
Bath towel (approximately 70*140cm) tax-included 6,480 yen
Small bath towel (approximately 50*100cm) tax-included 3,780 yen
Face towel (approximately 34*85cm) tax-included 2,160 yen
The the ninth-floor / towel section

Greed for collector seems to be excited

It is line that most of "♪ that this is pretty" people who saw for the first time mutter. As for such much-talked-about twelve signs of the zodiac crystal art object, it is designed Koji Yoshii of familiar well-known illustrator by character design of NTT DOCOMO. Lovely twelve signs of the zodiac character emits brightness of gorgeous Swarovski. So that as it is popular as individual gift, inu of the sexagenary cycle of the next year hastens by all means. In the 200 sets-limited special box.

For each 8,424 yen that includes twelve signs of the zodiac tax
ZODIAC (ZODIAC) special collectors box (200 sets of domestic limitation) tax-included 101,088 yen
The third-floor / accessories

Up-and-coming panda Collection!

Pickles (beautifulness beautifulness) of panda born in June grow up quickly and healthily, and prettiness is doubling, too. May there be many people who remembered Kankan and Ranran who came to Japan only after watching such news? Slightly bumbling do kitozunguritoshita baby figure is always cute, and there is no way. That pickles are finally opened to the public in December. We collected cute panda goods in Daimaru Tokyo.

Pouch (this side) tax-included 3,780 yen, (the depths) tax-included 3,888 yen
The third-floor / resuposakkusu
68,040 yen that includes parent and child tax of panda
The third-floor / Swarovski
6,372 yen that includes warm woolen yarn pants tax
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

That cute is natural and repels insects

It is about insect repellent that it becomes topic when it is season of change of dress. There seems to be much one to change to more reliable natural thing. Aroma block that it was possible for kusunokide to be recommended there. It has been got close as insect repellent and pain-killer from old days, and coming of entrusting features flavor of natural forest. Place that revives when we sharpen superior point with sandpaper if flavor becomes light and touch water. When it is healed by flavor having a gentle pretty Mumin?

<Mumin kusunoki aroma block>
Mumin & little Mii
Daddy Mumin & Mumin mom
Snufkin & sunifu
(one set of two bodies) various tax-included 1,728 yen
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Four pieces of stack socks which are popular among cold measures

It begins from autumn when we get cold, and heat and cold do measures in turn of step. Sudden rise popular as above all effective cold collecting four pieces of stack socks. Different subject matter trainer is miso, and we absorb moisture, and silk socks of the first piece five fingers emit sweat between finger in turn, and the second piece cotton socks absorb it. We give means of transportation warmly while keeping breathability by wearing again. In addition, the repeat series are as we die, and rubber is specification relaxedly when it is comfort forgetting layering.

4,320 yen that includes four pieces of stack socks tax
The first-floor / woman clothing

Heat that it is more than in expectation though it is thin silk material

<KID BLUE> Body warmer making an outstanding performance from this regardless of season comes up. Comfort that we knit and we sew and do not bring in side with model at all because we love that the gentle skin area and heat of good-quality silk are excellent, and is more special is realization. Of course it is all right under blouse not to slip off as it surrounds the stomach circumference kindly as it does not influence outer either. As we take off and are easy to arrive, it is convenient for temperature adjustment.

4,212 yen that includes silk body warmer tax
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

Forgive on the handling end of publication product or sellout.
Please note that color, feel of texture may be different from photograph in the real thing.
It may become price change for clearance sale from Tuesday, January 02, 2018. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.