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Both comfort and silhouette are good! Linen shirt

Both comfort and silhouette are good! Linen shirt

Hat which is popular in select shop which was born in NY

We attract the world by natural, simple design <Athena New York>. Even if big ribbon which is brand icon and feminine hat of light feel of texture are covered at any position, we look good. Wide saliva blocks strong sunlight well. From casual such as denim to dress, easy coordinates is attractive, too. Furthermore, as can carry by folding; in trip and resort.

<Athena New York/ ashinanyuyoku>
24,840 yen that includes hat tax
The fourth-floor / UNITED ARROWS

Basket having adult

<URBAN RESEARCH> Basket bags which we made with "ARA log" with scarcity value than kara, rattan are available. Because it is impression that it is natural hue, and is refined, we look good even if adult has. Inner bag of fabric is removable and we do role of lid and blindfold, and there is effect, too and is practical. Stylish person takes in seasonal item!

11,800 yen - 15,800 yen that include basket bag tax
The the third-floor / ladies' wear section

Sympathy called MARGARET HOWELL

Material forever good-quality in nature. Pin and reasonable design which trimmed waste. It is brand with many people who cannot help loving from sympathy to MARGARET HOWELL. Linen logo bag and desk lamp to be able to call her icon from such <MARGARET HOWELL> appear in Daimaru Tokyo! That herself uses desk lamp habitually for a long time; the model. Do you not do lifestyle among really favorite things soon?

7,560 yen that includes linen bag tax
30,240 yen that includes desk lamp tax
The the fourth-floor / ladies' wear section

Quiet boom moss ball and mini-bonsai

"BONSAI" which catches high evaluation as "live art" abroad. How is such a mini-size if we enjoy easily at home? Bonsai small-sized around is good to interior. Encounter that it is destiny as for it as for pin in there not being thing same as one. Bonsai which condensed charm of nature is one featuring change every season.

3,024 yen ... which includes mini-moss ball bonsai tax

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Handling product varies according to season.
※Price varies according to plant and specifications.
※Specifically, visit to person in charge.
The ninth-floor / People's Republic of China

Do you relax smartly in neither house nor whereabouts?

New item housedress and ankle-length bottom that did navy and gray to key KOLOR from <KID BLUE> suggesting lifestyle that it is fresh, and heart always feels at ease are appearances. Slight going out of neighborhood is ukiuki appearance or seems to be kicked if we match with favorite sneakers and sandals. We put on dress of natural A-line at seasonal turning point and play an active part as thing.

15,120 yen that includes housedress tax
Adjustable size (bust 80-90, height 155-165)
11,880 yen that includes ankle-length bottom tax
Adjustable size (WEST 64-70)
Other reference products
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

Sound sleep from pajamas

That, as for the person who does not readily get fatigue, really necessary sleep is not enough. It is first to fix environment to take high quality sleep as well as time. At first do you not change from pajamas which are apt to become disregarded? <Uchino> As no pajamas are gauze materials, it is surprisingly light and features the softness wrapping up like marshmallow softly at all. In collaborative investigation with Shinshu University, we acquire patent! In addition to "breathability" necessary for comfortable sleep "water absorptive moisture absorption", we have nice "heat" in cold season.

<UCHINO> For each 19,440 yen that includes 16,200 yen including marshmallow gauze pajamas plain fabric tax, stripe tax
The the ninth-floor / pajamas section

Light cut-and-sew which we want to wear when wind is fragrant

Up-and-coming design, stand-up collar show neck neatly this spring. Cut-and-sew of <agnes b.> clogged up with charm to be able to enjoy in season that was long as it was half-length sleeve. In refined silhouette only by French brand and good comfort, repeater understands that there is many. As it is easy to put together in any bottom, it is one piece that we want to take to trip.

<agnes b.>
7,020 yen that includes stand-up collar cut-and-sew tax
Material: 100% cotton, color: White, black, blue, size: S, M, L
The the sixth-floor / ladies' wear section

Various broachs which add bloom to the clothing

At moment when we opened lapping, brimming smile seems to spill. <Mikimoto> We collected such broachs which we wanted to give in kara Mother's Day. We are in trouble to choose that design and prices are various by charm. It is charm of broach that impression changes at position to bring. The clothing becomes more attractive a lot gorgeously.

22,680 yen that includes 22,680 yen including upper section left tax, upper section right tax
30,240 yen that includes 39,960 yen including upper section left tax, upper section right tax
The / jewels and ornaments section on the tenth floor

Artistic caliber who looks good carrying anything

Basket-formed container is very interesting. Because material is made of soft metal called tin, stretch out; and music getariga freedom. You can arrange into favorite form for art sense, and application makes winebottle holder and fruit basket, cake bowl, too, and you soften idea when you do to flower base, and please manage. As tin seems to be hard to be oxidized with expensive metal next to gold and silver, we can use habitually for a long time in kitchen.

<ability product>
7,560 yen that includes KAGO- honeycomb tax
The the ninth-floor / tableware kitchenware section

In Mother's Day? For oneself? Or do you make osoro?

Pick up olives print 2WAY apron of <Kurihara Harumi> by all means if looking for gift in Mother's Day! By long type that changed breastplate part, feminine silhouette of A-line is attractive. Furthermore, Bucks tile is refreshing, too. Cloth has a three-dimensional impression on the surface, and manageability is outstanding by polyester, too. Do you not give oneself thing which I come to want in Mother's Day either?

<Kurihara Harumi>
6,912 yen that includes olives print 2WAY apron tax
The the ninth-floor / tableware kitchenware section

New crop of FEILER missing resort

Is Japan as pronoun of German traditional chenille, but of extreme popularity <FEILER>. New limited print reached Daimaru Tokyo to enjoy the latest print while there were many waiting people. Combination of pineapple and cool horizontal stripes which new item called "pineapple vacation" is colorful, and is pretty. By resort feeling fully opening, it is right good from now on for summer. It is most suitable for gift to important person.

<FEILER> Pineapple vacation
9,720 yen that includes 3,240 yen including wash towel tax, hand towel tax
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

Let pattern of pretty bouquet be throbbing

When we want to have towel made newly in spring. Therefore how is highland bouquet towel series of <KID BLUE>? Using towel cloth of good quality material, we added accent to hem of bath towel by piping. As towel headband is just OK to wet hair, it is very useful. <KID BLUE> Textile that naradehano is gorgeous is recommended to present to important one let alone Mother's Day.

1,404 yen that includes 3,132 yen including towel set towel headband tax, 5,940 yen including bath towel tax, hand towel tax
Color: Red, blue
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

Tableware by natural a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo

Thing that thing which I come to want is pleased with as gift myself intuitively. Plate and sconce of this <riveretto> are one of such special dishes, too. It is realization with natural tableware which begins to sharpen, and was unprecedented by processing which is delicate to material in natural a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo. Feel of a material warm only by nature material and beautiful line are good to summer dining table. Furthermore, it supports home dishwasher.

Each plate (one piece of /22cm .24cm) tax-included 4,104 yen, it is each tax-included 7,776 yen (pair /22cm .24cm)
Mug cup L (nothing) tax-included 3,888 yen, (pair) tax-included 7,344 yen
Cutlery M (4pc set) tax-included 3,240 yen
※Pair product and KOLOR of cutlery M (4pc set) are combinations of brown white.
The the ninth-floor / tableware kitchenware section

Money that expression turns into

It was novel, and, from <agete> which always suggested akuse with new discovery, bracelet which it was easy to use made the debut. As it becomes sliding, length is changed freely and is not disturbed during handwork if we tighten with wrist tightly. In addition, it is point of surprise to put slide charm together freely. As your charm and pierced earrings charms are put together, Nuance is infinite. Is osoro fun in mother daughters, too?

<agete/ agete>
6,480 yen ... which includes slide charm tax
12,960 yen that includes chain tax
The the third-floor / lye c'estca ri section

Feel of double gauze not to be able to part with

<KID BLUE> New item of double gauze nightclothes series of kara popularity arrived. As it is double gauze material using kurabion thread to wide thread on the skin side, feel is particular. Design which seems to be pleased with in present in Mother's Day is ◎. In addition, original slippers of debuting are cute with dot &STRIEP of dungarees X insole♪

Long sleeves pajamas (17 kurabionchiekku) tax-included 17,280 yen
4,212 yen that includes slippers tax
Size: M, L
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

Reading glasses of thinness 2mm to carry fashion casually"

We win "prize for manufacturing design" in 2013,
It is these reading glasses paper glass that 25,000 sold. Compact which we pick up thinness with only 2mm in book like bookmark, and light weight wins. Though it is neat design, figure which we are about to be and hung for feeling which is one of stress is fixed smartly. Because it is made in Sabae-shi, Fukui that is world glasses production center, the quality is with origami, too. It has in obi and breast pocket, breast wallet of kimono, and it is doki now to carry in the best.

<Ogura glasses> Each paper glass tax-included 16,200 yen
The the tenth-floor / glasses section

Earrings which do not hurt to be able to enjoy by pierced earrings sense

Is it pierced earrings? Catch earrings of <misty> which seems to take to for. We match casual by simple hoop type, and a feeling of size that it is easy to put on enhances the ear casually. And though you are hard to fall even if superior one interests, you bring, and do not have a pain. As design charm which we can customize sold separately is substantial, we enjoy various expressions in conformity to spring wear and?

18,360 yen including earrings = catch earrings tax such as pierced earrings,
10,800 yen that includes charm tax
The the third-floor / accessories section

Liquid cosmetics which gave shock in cosmetics world

Liquid cosmetics of unregulated drug that Linkle shot medical Ceram of <POLA> which gave shock in cosmetics world on the New Year improves first Japanese wrinkle. That we spend time of 15 years and are answer that we arrived at. <POLA> We combine unregulated drug active ingredient improving original wrinkle. New aging is curtain raising of caring.
※Aging care is care appropriate for age.

20 g of Linkle shot medical Ceram (unregulated drug) liquid cosmetics tax-included 16,200 yen
The the second-floor / cosmetics section

Plate diligent in color of dining table in the spring and summer

Serve pretty good side dish and cake; and - - -. Boom of bean plate finally spreads through Europe across the sea. Quality that the best of craftsman and individuality of production center are condensed as for the small dish getting on palm and want to collect just carelessly. We gathered bean plates which anything based on white and refreshing blue, green Japanese, Western, and Chinese style seemed to look good with from spring to summer.

972 yen that includes 864 yen including bellflower bean plate tax (from leaning to the left) <deux C>, 756 yen including <isora> palette plate tax, 712 yen including <deux C> line design corner plate tax, 648 yen including <Kurihara Harumi> Turkey blue head corner small dish tax, 648 yen including <burubejipasseru> small dish tax, <Kurihara Harumi> Leef plate (s) tax-included 648 yen, 1,134 yen including <miyama> fine vertical pair of stripes plate tax, <deux C> line design chrysanthemum-shaped plate tax
The ninth-floor / <Kurihara Harumi> Kurihara Harumi, it is <miyama> China, <deux C> deux C <burubejipasseru> <isora>

Comfort multifunctional as for clean & Shin pull

It can nod from housewife that white series of <Noda enamel> in business for 83 years likes dish to be extreme popularity. Comfort that refrigerator produces warm milky enamel, and there are open fire and oven, hot water roasting immediately. We have cooking, preservation from preliminary arrangements, and not only snappiness but also the washing is minimal. Because it is stylish by simple design, it is OK even if we just start on table. As there is seal lid by separate sale, long ... ku is usable.

<Noda enamel> White series
rekutanguru deep model S/M/L (with seal lid) tax-included S/1, 350 yen, M/1, 836 yen, L/2, 106 yen
rekutanguru *kata S/M/L (with seal lid) tax-included S/1, 350 yen, M/2, 106 yen, L/2, 376 yen
The the ninth-floor / tableware kitchenware section

Light sound heart straight calmly

<kyujo phosphorus> It arrived "not to go down" which was simple, and was modern that we was familiar with kara, interior. The top turns like self-righting dharma doll by design which modelled cat or dog, flower, and warm, kind light tone sounds. He/she carries ease to heart with daily memories that should give glory to flower and photograph together when we do not go down quietly.

<kyujo phosphorus>
8,640 yen that includes mawarin tax
※For each 9,720 yen that includes dog, cat, owl tax
/ living sales floor on the ninth floor

Forgive on the handling end of publication product or sellout.
Please note that color, feel of texture may be different from photograph in the real thing.