Does the year-end and New Year "homecoming souvenir" not choose popular sweets of reputation?
Though it is December, we line up, and it is had a trouble for face which family is pleased with by line…. Do you not give "New Year dishes of" homecoming souvenir that point changes idea into what "family is pleased" with this year and surrounds in whole family? If it is "New Year dish" which we can deliver nationwide to be able to propose in WEB, need to form a line for line at store is unnecessary for worry of baggage.

We choose "seasonal festival" pleased with

Point that is pleased with as souvenir to family "topicality" and "rarity." The Grand Sumo Tournament that what we could not overlook this year gave full thanks after an interval of achievement and 18 years of young sumo wrestler. Daimaru Tokyo pushing large seal "Tako no Urabe-ya supervision New Year dishes." For Daimaru, Matsuzakaya special plan, it is New Year dishes of plan that we cannot readily eat. Besides, we can deliver nationwide.

Tako no Urabe-ya to have miso soup and cutlet of clams at the place beginning to carry gene on the shoulder "to win plainly." We arranged originally and assorted clams and cutlet. Home where student ahead of entrance examination comes to, business person who works, and wants to make rapid progress are unmissable.

Tako no Urabe-ya supervision New Year dishes

Daimaru, Matsuzakaya special plan
Two steps of Japanese style tax-included 28,500 yen

Furthermore, we choose "souvenir" pleased with

Point pleased with as souvenir to family more "is deluxe". Taste of room where that sumo wrestler eats what we cannot overlook this year, "Tako no Urabe-ya supervision Chankonabe." Do you not enjoy luxury time to be able to enjoy authentic taste at home? We can deliver this nationwide, too.

Chankonabe speaking of Tako no Urabe-ya with beef sinew. Sumo wrestler's stew which "beef sinew" was contained in is taste to represent room. Soup that secret of taste dissolved dark-brown bean paste of Shinshu and secret garlic miso in broth of beef sinew. Soup which became decisive factor of taste was initiated into directly by sumo wrestler's stew turn. Not only beef sinew but also Kagoshima black pork and Nagoya cochin, tsumire of chicken did to set this time, and plentiful vegetables selected mainly on thing got close to in room. You can thoroughly enjoy taste of impression with udon of tightening more.

Tako no Urabe-ya supervision Chankonabe

Daimaru, Matsuzakaya special plan
11,500 yen that includes Chankonabe tax

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