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Daimaru reached the founding 300th anniversary with SINCE1717 grace state of the 300th anniversary of 300th Daimaru founding.

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(2017.9.12UP) which obtains trendy feeling and dignity of adult with "U.K.-like suit" this autumn

Men's Fashion Improvement Plan Tokyo Station Edition

After all basics of business-style are suits.
Trend of this year is like the classical U.K.
From popular brand, new item being aware of British style comes up one after another.
Simple and sturdy image should surely act on business with faithfulness like country of gentleman profitably.
We introduce Daimaru Tokyo best recommended new suit which we want to check this autumn!

British suit which was particular about material & detail

The latest suit of gotairiku is the first place to let you right feel British tradition (the photograph left).
Cloth of DORMEUIL company handling British high quality cloth in spite of being French maker is window pen of charcoal gray and navy.
In atmosphere that vest of other selling becomes double in utility clothes, and is classical and chic.
It is point to just become slim silhouette while having depth.

Shinsaku of TOMORROWLAND recommends if conscious of more trendy feeling (the photograph right).
Wool, silk, cloth by bramble company affiliated with cloth-based Italy Zegna company of cashmere blend have lightness and sense of quality.
Jacket of inverse triangle that squeezed WEST part a little emphasizes stylish manliness to overcome.
In reliable image that there is not of feeling that was fidgety if we matched with tie of crest print and regimen Tal such as photograph.

(the photograph left)
gotairiku "suit" tax-included 96,120 yen, "vest" tax-included 30,240 yen, "shirt" tax-included 15,120 yen, "tie" tax-included 10,800 yen, "pocket handkerchief" tax-included 3,240 yen, "shoes" reference product
We are selling with the eighth-floor gotairiku ≫
(right photograph)
TOMORROWLAND "suit" tax-included 106,920 yen, "shirt" tax-included 15,120 yen, "tie" tax-included 12,960 yen, "pocket handkerchief" tax-included 5,400 yen, "shoes" reference product
We are selling with the eighth-floor TOMORROWLAND ≫

We pay attention to lapel, vest, tuck!

The latest suit of popular brand pays attention to each detail letting you feel Englishness.
As for three pieces of Paul Stuart, there is personality to vest of pikudoraperu and double-breasted coat specifications of jacket (the photograph left). 
To silhouette that pants are sharp until they open while assuming two-tuck.
It is the first place that dark blue not to spoil confidence blended with detail which held down trend exquisitely.

Showing individuality by unique color development the latest suit (the photograph right) of D'URBAN.
Article is good, and material of Italy guabero company becomes calm impression while letting you feel texture such as denim.
Furthermore, it is full of pikudoraperu, double vest, two-tuck and trendy feelings.
It is the first place that we seem to be able to dress well in wide generations!

(the photograph left)
Paul Stuart "three pieces suit" tax-included 183,600 yen, "shirt" tax-included 20,520 yen, "tie" tax-included 19,440 yen, "pocket handkerchief" tax-included 7,020 yen, "shoes" reference product
We are selling with the seventh-floor Paul Stuart ≫
(right photograph)
D'URBAN "suit" tax-included 124,200 yen, "vest" tax-included 24,840 yen, "shirt" tax-included 20,520 yen, "tie" tax-included 14,040 yen, "pocket handkerchief" tax-included 6,480 yen
We are selling with the seventh-floor D'URBAN ≫

We create "presence of mind of adult" in three-piece

Product for businessmen is full of J.PRESS opening in Daimaru Tokyo the seventh floor on Wednesday, September 27.
Suit of dark blue that seems to play an active part in the harder workplace and important business talk of the here first matches what kind of figure; is basic; become made (the photograph left).
Impression that there is good glossiness of article, and cloth which paper press processed New Zealand woolen pepimmerino dough into is elegant, and is flexible.
It is vest of other selling and suit which we want to dress well in three-piece for wind in the U.K. in total.

The first place that British maker, suit of universal Language using cloth of moon are most suitable when they want to direct able man.
Is adult strongly-like in what match with vest while interlacing quality of being trendy U.K. including change pocket and one tuck; is imaged.
It is feature that is easy to put for the soft touch than appearance not to be stiff as cloth is soft tweed.

(the photograph left)
J.PRESS "suit" tax-included 74,520 yen, "vest" tax-included 24,840 yen, "shirt" tax-included 12,960 yen, "tie" tax-included 14,040 yen
We are going to sell in J.PRESS from the seventh-floor September 27 ≫
(right photograph)
Universal Language "jacket" tax-included 31,320 yen, "slacks" tax-included 14,904 yen, "vest" tax-included 11,880 yen, "shirt" tax-included 11,880 yen, "tie" tax-included 7,344 yen, "pocket handkerchief" tax-included 6,264 yen, "shoes" tax-included 30,240 yen
We are selling with the eighth-floor universal Language ≫

Church's "shoes" tax-included 109,620 yen
We are selling with the seventh-floor men's shoes ≫

SCOTCH GRAIN "shoes" tax-included 30,240 yen
We are selling with the seventh-floor men's shoes ≫

Ultimate business shoes which manual labor of craftsman produces

Shoes brand that Church's which U.K. no the is Bu-ston yes, and was founded in 1873 represents the U.K.
It is brought after process of 250 by the manufacturing method using traditional sewing thread called Goodyear welt for approximately eight weeks by hand of craftsmen.
Above all, straight tip is ultimate business shoes matching any suit style commencing with trendy British style (the photograph left).

Shoes brand SCOTCH GRAIN from Tokyo, Sumida-ku adopts the traditional Goodyear manufacturing method, too.
We continue with we put together to expensive leather of quality that we collected from tannaim of the world and Japanese last, making.
Of course, as for the straight tip of shine or rain series, as for what is hard to be tired, it is feature that is strong in water because we use water-repellent high leather (the photograph right).

HÉRITIER/ erieie "suspenders" tax-included 5,940 yen
We are selling with the seventh-floor men's clothing miscellaneous goods ≫
14,040 yen, 16,200 yen (from the left) tax-included Harvie&Hudson "shirt"
We are selling in the the seventh-floor shirt section ≫

Suspenders & regimental tie of gentleman purveyance for the government

Suspenders that it is required item of British traditional fashion to want to match with autumn suit.
In atmosphere that can evade image that is man-like if British well-established brand, British stripe of Harvie&Hudson merge with shirt which worked, and is stylish (the photograph left).

It is regimental tie to be convenient even if we have several. It is sign that seems to make an outstanding performance in this autumn when U.K.-like is in trend.
Let alone basic KOLOR such as navy and dark red, we recommend green and brown system if we prepare (the photograph right).

Required item of businessman, bag & umbrella

Bag which was conscious of united feeling in grand suit-style by all means. Size that bag of GANZO which we built up without Japanese leatherworker permitting all compromise can hold documents of A4 size easily.
We are full of solid feelings, and, as special dish not to feel inferior to even if we send to where, we are loved by many businessmen (the photograph left).

With stripe print that umbrella of figosutirosso is refined, affinity with suit is ◎., too
Because give is strong, water-repellent finishing, and use material which is easy to resist water, is stouthearted for salesman that there is much outside; should support.

I sent "we obtain trendy feeling and dignity of adult with U.K.-like suit this autumn" as things mentioned above.
Besides, in Daimaru Tokyo, new suits of popular men's brand are received one after another.
Please buy for hand in sales floor.

※We apologize for when we finish dealing with featured items, and when items are out-of-stock.


Order is fair and customizes suit of popular brand in discount! "The first place only for oneself" causes good luck for work this autumn

Experience of a male member of staff! The first custom-made shirts are this ≫

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