Daimaru Umeda

Feast paradise Amazing Halloween

We put up collaboration tension with student

umedametcha Halloween

Wednesday, October 11 → 31st Tuesday
●The second floor of the first floor of the ground, ground food floor
Feast paradise

Institute of Daimaru Umeda X Kansei Gakuin University X Osaka culture clothes

Annual annual plan that student of Kansei Gakuin University learning marketing challenges product development! Student of Institute of Osaka culture clothes heaps up by clothes production or store decoration more this year.


Eek ☆ We exclaim in cheers, fear in prettiness!
Fun only for Daimaru Umeda♪

B1 west Japanese and Western cake

  • Monster of gyorori eyeball loves fruit

    <peshu rezan> Monster gelee
    Tax-included 540 yen

  • We open out and break surprise, common sense of Japanese confectionery?

    <Kyoto Saga angelica road hermitage> joseikakokyo 2017
    It is each tax-included 540 yen (the left: purple right: money of)
    ◎Every day for each ten limited sale

  • Oh, it is this dragged taste

    Cake House Shotani Graveyard of sweets BOX fear
    Tax-included 900 yen

  • Colorful cookies like bouquet

    <OSAKA love thing> Bar cookies (five set)
    Tax-included 3,240 yen


We are surprised to see and taste and are happy
We planned all with students
Daimaru Umeda-limited article!

B1 east side dish

  • Sushi transforms itself into ghost!

    <leaf zushi YAMATO of persimmon> Halloween playing with a ball hitting with the hand box
    Tax-included 1,080 yen

  • Eat up before you are eaten!

    <Kobe Kaikatei> Man-eating omurice
    Black Demi
    Tax-included 800 yen

  • Seafood is plentiful in vinegared sushi rice

    <Kaniya> One eyes monster chirashi-sushi
    Tax-included 1,080 yen

B1 bakery

  • Not soggy pumpkin which is unexploited light in grave

    <Paul Bocuse> 270 yen that includes grave tax of pumpkin

B2 eat-in

14F restaurant

  • Pretty ghost was in love with pumpkin?

    We have cramped <
    Udon of Halloween pumpkin
    Tax-included 1,280 yen

  • Eyeball stares, is & chilly dessert softly

    <cafe kafeguranshie
    Sweets maison>
    Cup chiffon cake
    650 yen that includes Halloween tax

It is varied in store!