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Instagram of Daimaru Umeda


Daimaru Umeda @my_daimaruumeda

It is Daimaru Umeda formula Instagram account.
We upload delightful delicious interesting photograph only by Umeda store!

It is "Halloween @umeda.mettya.halloween umeda" very much

We send seasonal information of feast paradise!

Ladies' shoes (formally) Cinderella Avenue @ daimaru_umeda_shose

It is check required in cute "plum the fourth-floor ladies' shoes Cinderella avenue formula Instagram that introduce mew".


It is the fifth-floor ufufu girls formula Instagram. Mainly on vaunted staff introduction, we send information to concern to say river.

The sixth floor of Daimaru Umeda Pikaichi queen @pikaichiqueen_umeda6

It is official account of the sixth-floor ladies' wear floor. JR Osaka Station direct connection is close to the station and keeps fashion of royal road. Do you not look for wonderful item that you become best?

★MIGAKI SISTERS!! ★@migaki.n.n.sisters

The eighth-floor men's shoes ★MIGAKI SISTERS!! ★It is official Instagram of (migakishisutazu).

Babies' kids' & mom @ babykidsmama

It is timely and sends pleasant event of the tenth-floor children's clothes floor or cute item♪