Special event by Daimaru X Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra member ●Afternoon of Saturday, May 20 2:00 ... (approximately 20 minutes) ●Northwest entrance special space on the third floor

Special event "supermarket performance 2017" of "Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra" member and Daimaru Umeda of every time favorable reception. We hear this time and play familiar program. Please enjoy with friend and family.
We do not serve as Yu Iwamoto
Mayumi Morimoto
Kiyonori Kanazawa

It is for digest, and you can see performance of the Archive past.

Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

1972 organization. It is unique group by the small best reaching foundation 43 years in this year. Let alone classical music, we play until soundtrack, tango pop music widely. In addition, we do collaboration with various genres including Noh comedy, Japanese puppet theater, rakugo, comic dialogue positively and convey splendor of music. "Quality is high, and, as for motto, stage is fun!"

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