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Daimaru reached the founding 300th anniversary with SINCE1717 grace state of the 300th anniversary of 300th Daimaru founding.

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  • Pickup
  • Gourmet
  • Ladies' & beauty
  • Men's & sports
  • Family
  • Living
  • Art, kimono, jewels and ornaments
  • Campaign, etc.

Specialized course big sale of summer man

Period : Wednesday, May 24 → 30th Tuesday 10:00 a.m. → At 8:00 p.m., the last day is closing place at 6:00 p.m.: The 15th-floor event hall

To men who are particular about both the cool and coolness.

Let alone shirt and shoes for Cool Biz, two 2 pantsuits which is advantageous in summer tax-included 41,000 yen is appearance including suit of every time second place tax-included 29,800 yen of popularity. Jacket which there is refreshing feel of hemp material to survive jacket & pants which are most suitable for Cool Biz, hot summer is enriched. Furthermore, <Ken collection of adult> that casual wear is prepared for total holds clearance sale.

Certain material and sewing, two suits of Daimaru who knows if we compare. Use of <solo technical center ®> stretch material is lineup.
(the left) a lot of suits two tax-included 29,800 yen
2 pantsuits which is advantageous in summer. Use of <solo technical center ®> stretch material. Two 2 pantsuits tax-included 41,000 yen
(the right) refined suit which prepared by domestic sewing using cloth for product made in U.K. and product made in Italy. From one suit tax-included 41,040 yen
※With two tax-included 52,000 yen ranks, use of super 100'S cloth 2 pantsuit exhibits, too.

[combination of different prices OK of two suits]

For example ... Two suit one combinations of one suit of two suits tax-included 29,800 yen +2 tax-included 41,000 yen tax-included 35,400 yen

※Product which is targeted for two sales with one cannot sell. We thank you for your understanding.
※Each thing without mention of price is image.

Summer constant seller, knit Thailand are advantageous, too!
Each tie tax-included 3,240 yen

We exhibit shirt of <kamichisshima> with special price!
Long sleeves, each short-sleeve shirt (100% cotton) various tax-included 1,080 yen
2,160 yen that includes long sleeves, short sleeves, form a lot of processing shirts tax becoming stable
Neckband variation of white shirt is lineup in diversity more.

Keep casual wear of adult for total.
<Ken Collection> clearance sale
15,120 yen that includes jacket tax
7,020 yen that includes half sleeve polo shirt tax
9,720 yen that includes pants tax

Topps who plays an active part in nice casual style even if there are several pieces.
Short sleeves, casual shirt, each a lot of polo shirts tax-included 5,400 yen

[simultaneous holding] Summer Easy order feature
To you who find over 1 rank to Elegance coolly. As for the tailored suit, the second place is advantageous!
Two use of domestic clothing material suits tax-included 58,320 yen
[is tailored]
※There is no fitting in shaku 3.0-3.2m required, all and is single and it is tailored and is price.

Air port of shoes bottom prevents heat.
14,040 yen that includes functional business shoes tax

List of topics

  • Pickup
  • Gourmet
  • Ladies' & beauty
  • Men's & sports
  • Family
  • Living
  • Art, kimono, jewels and ornaments
  • Campaign, etc.

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