Daimaru Umeda

Food floor feast paradise


It is meal betakya in delicious fish
Look for fish bigeta! Fish From gochi Para to dining table.
It is delicious in fish closer.

Guaranty of nonperishable fish master!

Fish bigeta?

  • As for how to choose, how to eat fish,
    Please feel free to contact.

    "Which with boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable" "Cooking this fish how" "One which is delicious at the present time" takes nado, anything casually.

  • As for the troublesome lower handling of circle fish
    Leave it to me.

    We take scale and the internal organs and take down to three pieces and. We give lower processing to cooking free free in kitchen in shop.

Secret of delicious fish
Investigate from this person! From the sea to gochi Para.
Having a practised eye person of ability who is in backstage.