Invitation to Daimaru TOMONOKAI enrollment during offer of new member. A lot of delightful nice scores. Procedure is easy, too. Application method: When anyone likes the enrollment. ●Anyone can enroll at any time anytime. ●Application takes membership fee (the first financial reserve) and seal to (Daimaru TOMONOKAI) after bringing for one month of desired course.

We offer privilege as follows to customer who had you enroll in Daimaru TOMONOKAI.
We let "term shopping card" and "shopping bonus ticket" for one month make when we have accumulated fund for 12 months.
All come by use in Tenjin, Fukuoka store. In other Daimaru cannot use.
Midsummer gift, gift of the year-end present are special prices and can choose.
We will invite to special special event for all of you of member.
We will present the enrollment small present to all of the enrollment.
We give "special treatment guidebook" of special treatment facility toward the hope.
Each Kyushu prefecture, Yamaguchi and each ground first rank tourist hotel, recreation facility, movie, driving school are available at TOMONOKAI member special treatment rate.

It is bonus course to add shopping ticket for one month.
●There are 20,000 yen, course of 30,000 yen, too. 
The enrollment month receives "term shopping card" one year later and handing over of "shopping bonus ticket", and it is at month.
(but term month may be delayed when the receipt of money is delayed.)

Please use direct debit of bank, Japan Post Bank which is convenient for the receipt of money.
Japan Post Bank, Bank of Fukuoka, Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd., FUKUOKA CHUO BANK, Shinwa Bank, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Chikuho Bank, Eighteenth Bank, JA bank Fukuoka
Please choose among the above-mentioned inside.
●In the case of application, please bring notice mark of the financial institution mentioned above, bankbook.
 ※In the case of the continuation enrollment, we accept the enrollment for cash after visit about the first savings in TOMONOKAI window.   Membership fees from the second to the twelfth are the same as before, and they become direct debit from financial institution.

●We appoint every month on 20th on transfer day.
 (in the case of holiday of financial institution, the day changes on next business day.)

●By the day before of transfer day, we would appreciate your preparing after checking deposit balance. In addition, we change in a mass in the next month when transfer is not accomplished.

●On account of the procedure, please note that the receipt of money at store except financial reserve of the application first cannot accept bank account transfer about customer of the use.

●When accumulated fund is canceled on the way, you can prove that it is member's card, seal, the person every month during from 1 to 10, and please file for (driver's license, health insurance card) after bringing in procedure for fund transfer at Tenjin, Fukuoka shop TOMONOKAI window.

I manage personal information such as the name, address, phone number of member having you enroll severely in our meeting, but may send notices more various than The Hakata Daimaru as part of member service. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Downloading of proxy
The person of member come to procedure directly. In addition, please use proxy by all means only when it is difficult.
★Downloading of proxy is this

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Application to main building 8F TOMONOKAI counter