With excellent room Usage
We will suggest the most suitable coordinates that konjieruju (fashion adviser) adjusted to image of customer.
Ladies' fashion charge
Ayumi Yamaguchi

It is, for example, ... in such a request
We attend at social affair of company of the master in couples. What kind of coordinates will be most suitable?
We will suggest coordinates that personality of couple is indicated while asking about area of party venue, the man and woman ratio of attendant.
Jacket of admiration brand which we obtained by transfer from mother. Though is good thing, is hard to match with own clothes; and ...
We coordinate with your clothes and do suggestion that wind can dress well this year.
We meet close group in the days of student again by class reunion. It was after a long absence and would go for trip together.
It is sporty and will suggest mix-and-match in travel destination to feminine, Balance with friend including natural ... while considering.
Daughter gets married! Dinner party first between relatives. We talk in banquet, and what kind of way should we dress in?
We do suggestion of coordinates while visiting favorite color or design to worried customer whether we should make the clothing to where in the first experience.
Price: (Free of charge)
Reception desk: Until three days before day when you wish to make a reservation
The use time 2 hours 30 minutes
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