Guidance using electronic money Rakuten Edy (Eddie)

Rakuten Edy is available in Daimaru Tenjin, Fukuoka store.
"Rakuten Edy" (Eddie) is electronic money of simple convenient prepaid model that we can pay just to be involved. You do CHARGE (the receipt of money) and you repeat and can use for Rakuten Edy again and again to classify money into own Wallets. If it is Rakuten Edy, shopping is very speedy. Payment touches store terminal with Edy card, wallet mobile phone lightly. As we can shop by cashless, there are not the exchanges of small change and change and is very smooth.

You can use Rakuten Edy (Eddie) in card that logo of Rakuten Edy is displayed and wallet mobile phone or Tenjin prima.

Mark of Rakuten Edy is displayed by card
If it is card, electronic money Rakuten Edy is available.

Rakuten Edy is available with cell-phone, smartphone.
Setting is necessary before the use.
※It may not be available depending on model.
For more details, please refer to manufacturer of contract.

Is advantageous; Rakuten Edy

On payment, please show Daimaru card together.
There are the points of Daimaru.
※We remove outside sales floor, product targeted for point

You can use together with payment on point, credit of cash and Daimaru.
※In the case of payment in Rakuten Edy, it is available by 1 yen unit, but please note that "change" does not appear.

Payment in Rakuten Edy of ANA mileage club card runs out of 1 mile every 200 yen.
For more details, please see ANA homepage.

Guide of ANA Edy service is this


We install the receipt of money (CHARGE) plane in each floor except east hall ELLE the sixth floor of GALA.

1 The receipt of money (CHARGE) plane, please use CHARGE machine installing in shop.
We can charge to 50,000 yen by 1,000 yen unit.
※Both card, cell-phone, smartphones with Edy function are available.
※Please use for balance inquiry of Rakuten Edy.

2 In the case of cell-phone, smartphone, CHARGE from credit company is possible.
As setting is necessary separately, please refer to each manufacturer in detail.

Rakuten Edy is available in all the buildings, but there is sales floor, product which is not available partly.

[sales floor, product which is not available]
・Cash vouchers such as Gift Certificates, Beer Vouchers
・Bus card, subway card taxi ticket
・The receipt of money such as TOMONOKAI, straight insurance against loss, black cat YAMATO courier service, collect on delivery delivery
・Ticketing of ticket agency
・The eighth floor of the main building travel salon
・Hotel Japan Airlines Fukuoka DREXEL salon under the ground on the first floor
・Papillon shop
In addition, please inquire for usage at Daimaru store at the following. Daimaru Tenjin, Fukuoka store main switchboard
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