Stationed-in-bike-race ticket issuance service (notice of parking lot)

Information for rate

  Parking Area Name Of the beginning mentioned above
After the free service
Parking rate every 30 minutes
Telephone Store Hours
1 ELLE GALA parking lot 230 yen 092-722-3614 8:00-24:00
2 Tenjin Chuo Park parking lot 200 yen 092-741-3930 7:00 – 23:00
(as for the parking until 22:30)
3 Tenjin underground shopping center parking lot 270 yen 092-781-4556 6:30 - 24:00
4 Minamitenjin parking
(August 1, 2020 - business resumption)
100 yen
092-741-5473 24 hours
22:00 ... 8:00
There becomes an extra charge by night
5 Parking 303 20 minutes 100 yen 092-741-1451 8:00 – 22:00
6 Nishitetsufutsukaichi east exit park-and-ride parking lot Parking daily service ticket 092-718-0625

Please show purchase receipt (5,000 yen or more) and stationed-in-bike-race ticket.

As purchase receipt of Gift Certificates, gift coupons, Stamps, stamp and JTB gift coupons becomes out of service object than February 1, 2020, please be careful.

※When there is not the presentation of purchase receipt (5,000 yen or more) of the day, it becomes normal parking rate.

Place of the presentation

Main Building East hall ELLE GALA
○The first floor of the main building synthesis information desk

○East hall ELLE GALA the second floor of the basement Service Counter

※We accept in origin of east hall ELLE GALA 5F bloom until from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00