We send the seasonal news in e-mail magazine! -- during offer of Daimaru Tenjin, Fukuoka store e-mail magazine member

Advantageous information that does not come when we become e-mail magazine member…


It is timely and will tell about event information such as point up day or regular customer special soiree by email commencing with latest information of Daimaru.


We give e-mail magazine members only present and coupon service, information for event.

Registration (D email service) of portable e-mail magazine

You read right bar code, and please send email of the sky. URL for turnback registration I send.
※We are not displayed normally by PC when we access. We would like from carrying, smartphone.
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Registration (dejimaru ☆ e-mail magazine) of PC e-mail magazine

We will send week e-mail magazine to tell about latest information of Daimaru once a week and temporariness e-mail magazine of special guidance to e-mail address of PC. Registration from this
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