Privacy policy of The Hakata Daimaru homepage

The Hakata Daimaru (called "us" as follows) tries for protection of privacy in deference to personal information offered on The Hakata Daimaru homepage (called "this homepage" as follows) by customer.
As you explain policy about the handling of personal information of customer below, after understanding, please use this homepage.

  • 1. Because customer reads this homepage, it is not necessary to have you offer personal information of customer, but, on the use or user's registration of various services, we show the purpose clearly and may ask about personal information of customer. In that case, please provide information as far as you are necessary.
  • 2. On the handling of personal information of customer, we employ administrator and perform appropriate management and act for prevention of outflow to the outside and will carry out safety measures of appropriate and rational level.
  • 3. We may entrust with administration of individual service including en quete and E-mail delivery service in this homepage outside to offer good service by customer. In this case we let duties trust point carry out appropriate management not to leak personal information.
  • 4. We may not disclose personal information of customer to third party except duties trust point without obtaining customer's consent. But we may disclose when it is based on laws and ordinances including case demanded from public institution based on laws and ordinances without obtaining customer's consent.
  • 5. About management, the handling of personal information on linked website where we can access through this homepage, we cannot take responsibility. After checking privacy policy of each site, please use.
  • 6. When personal information is offered, customer may send information such as news by E-mail, other methods from our group companies or duties trust point. When it is not hoped for these, disseminating information, customer, please contact us.
  • ※About cookies On this homepage, there is page using cookies (cookie). When it was accessed this homepage, for the purpose of improving convenience of customer of our site, customer sends small data from our server, and cookies are structure letting you write in at computer of customer and save. Information to identify individual is not included in data itself of cookies, but we change use setting of cookies by browser of use and can refuse acceptance. But, in that case, please note that some services of our site are not offered definitely.

December 1, 2017