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  • ■The use of information is
    Sentence, illustration, logo, photograph, video, all other information placed in this homepage are protected in Copyright Act without particular fate.
    These information can read freely, but they reprint in us without permission unless it was recognized in Copyright Act including "private use" or "quotation" and prohibit that we use reproduction, modification, translation, sale, loan, the public transmission.
    When information of this homepage is had the use (including extract, abstract) of without our prior consent, you violate Copyright Act, Trademarks Act, and please be careful as you may hit right of likeness, breach of privacy.
    In addition, please be careful when copyright holder exists any place other than us as consent of the copyright holder is necessary.
  • ■The handling of offer information from all of you
    Suggestion, information (personal information is excluded.that were provided by us
    About the handling of personal information, please see privacy policy.)
    We handle other offerings as general information without confidentiality. The provider concerned should be thing which had you agree that we use offer information freely beforehand.
  • ■Immunity from responsibility
    We drop in information publication to this homepage with extreme caution, but, about these information, do not guarantee usefulness, accuracy, safety of contents.
    We do not take responsibility about use, the use of these information, any damage to still occur by impossibility of use, the use and, also, do not take responsibility for all for the damage (we include the damage that occurred in computer and network system, and the indirect damage does not matter to the damage directly.) or the restoration expense that occurred by the use of this homepage.
    In addition, we change information on homepage without notice and delete or stop operation of this homepage or may cancel. We do not take responsibility about any damage to occur by interruption of change, deletion of publication information or operation of this homepage or cancellation.
  • ■Governing law and competent court
    About these Terms of Use and matter about this homepage, we assume Japanese federal law governing law.
    In the exclusive jurisdiction court of dispute to occur in conjunction with these Terms of Use and this homepage or suit, is destined particular elsewhere; do with Tokyo District Court of Japan as far as there is not.
  • ■About link site
    We do not take responsibility for any damage that occurred in conjunction with contents of outside site (called "link site" as follows) linking from this homepage and the use. It is not thing which what we link to from this homepage guarantees products and service of the link site concerned, and even thing that information in link site was guaranteed again by us is not admitted thing.
  • ■About link to this homepage
    Link to this homepage says that it is free to do principle regardless of profit, non-profit. But we correspond to any of the following, or please refrain from setting of link with the fear.
    Link from homepage including contents which slander us and our products, service or other companies (person), other groups, and slander, and aim at trust loss.
    Link from act to violate copyright of us or other companies (person), other groups, intellectual property rights, property, privacy such as trademarks or right of likeness or other rights or homepage that we might violate.
    Link (the whole browser screen is completely replaced by this homepage by all means, or new browser window opens, and this homepage, please set link in displayed form) from homepage that this homepage is developed in frame, and it becomes uncertain to be our contents, and may give misunderstanding to third party.
    Link from homepage where sabotage might do act to violate law, the regulations, laws and ordinances including regulation or public order and morals other than each item mentioned above, administration of this homepage service.

    It is not admitted that we use logo and registered trademarks such as marks which we hold without permission and link. I decline to link in form letting you mistake information source.
    When we do not correspond to either mentioned above either, we may ask for change of setting method of link or deletion of link. In addition, please note that you change URL of this homepage without notice or you may delete.
    About compensation, complaint in conjunction with link to this homepage, please note that we take no responsibility.

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    (smartphone site)
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    ※We inspect browser using the standard deployment browser.
    In the case of use, we may not work by browser downloaded in you normally.
    ※In some pages, the latest version is necessary.
  • ■Security Policy
    On this homepage, we may use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) for personal information protection of customer.
    SSL is security capability for the purpose of protecting important information such as personal information exchanged on the Internet from intercept by third party and we encrypt personal information of customer who had you input on this homepage and transmit and receive.
    ※By SSL coding communication of this homepage, the key to encrypting key head uses 128bit or more things.
  • ■About JavaScript
    We use JavaScript to use more usefully on this homepage. When JavaScript is invalidated by browser setting of use, it does not function definitely or we may not be displayed definitely, but would appreciate your understanding.
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    By, in you, operating browser setting, can refuse receiving of cookies (Cookie). In that case, we may not affect reading of this homepage, but some functions may not be available. Please refer to each soft manufacturer for setting method of browser.

December 1, 2017