Social Media Policy

We set "social media policy" as follows on managing official account of social media.

  • 1. Purpose of use of social media
    Such as all of you that social media are used in us and our products, service, event to handle plan communication through disseminating information.
  • 2. Approach posture that we deal with use of social media
    When we send information on social media, disclosed information completely recognizes that what we cannot remove and unspecified number of the general public are more browsable and observes office rules such as laws and ordinances including copyright or our compliance risk management action principle, ethics or personal information protection official regulations and acts for operation with responsibility.
  • 3. Mental attitude that we deal with use of social media
    We always keep remark, contribution to have good sense in mind with posture to listen to humbly for dispatch from user.
    When examined the contents in own responsibility enough before posting, and have posted mistake and inappropriate content by any chance, correction delete, and take measures appropriate immediately.
  • 4. Request to all of you using social media
    Information in social media sent to by member of our post is not necessarily our official announcement or dictum. Please see our homepage or news release about our official announcement or dictum.
    As it is thing at the time of dispatch, and information sent to by member of our post may be changed afterwards, please be careful.
    All the comment that we had confirms, but do not promise to necessarily reply.
    About our official account having been used or any damage that occurred to user and third party by not having been able to use for some reason, we do not take any responsibility.

December 1, 2016