Daimaru Kobe


The seventh-floor art art gallery January

  • SALE beginning of the year picture bazaar

    Wednesday, January 2 → 8th Tuesday
    • Chinami Nakajima "Fiji and crane"

      194,400 yen that includes Chinami Nakajima "Fiji and crane" 53.0*41.5cm serigraphy tax

    We display and sell picture, print work of a lot of charm with special price led by modern great master, popularity writer at time to greet the New Year.

  • Saburo Kuki oil painting image exhibition

    Wednesday, January 9 → 15th Tuesday
    • "Camellia in ko*jinsei"

      It is "camellia F10 oil painting image in ko*jinsei"
      Tax-included 756,000 yen

    We express the beauty that arranged taste of the four seasons for tradition art, grilled dish proud of to the world of Japan with oil painting image by prominent ability. We introduce work appropriate for the New Year by now exhibition.

  • Modern great master writer excellent work exhibition

    Wednesday, January 16 → 22nd Tuesday
    • Ryohei Koiso "woman of Ohara"

      Ryohei Koiso "woman of Ohara" 65.2*50.1cm bamboo pen
      Tax-included 12,960,000 yen

    From thing late great master of modern times to popular writer playing an active part now, we gather selected Japanese painting, foreign films in cathedral and display and sell.

  • End of SALE period picture special sale

    Wednesday, January 23 → Tuesday, February 5
    • Setsuko Migishi "flower"

      1,512,000 yen that includes oil painting, oil Pastel tax to Setsuko Migishi "flower" 37.0*31.0cm

    Including Setsuko Migishi who is 20 years after the death, we have Tsuguji Fujita, work of domestic and foreign popularity writers including Bernard Buffet and sell display on the spot. In addition, we feature Andre Brasilier reaching birth 90 of this year from January 30. Please drop in at art art gallery on the seventh floor at this opportunity.