The seventh-floor Art Gallery September

Hymn, 100 famous mountains in Japan Manami Kogure Woodblock Prints exhibition to the natural beauty

Announcements will be made Sept 2nd (Wed) → 8th Tuesday
  • "Sound of a mountain stream Shiraito Falls"
    52.0*92.0cm silkscreen
    Tax-included 297,000 yen

Woodblock artist, Manami Kogure loved scenery of various parts of Japan including Seto Inland Sea, Oze and Kamikochi and told the precious natural beauty to people by delicate Woodblock Prints expression. Delicate stroke of the pen and expression of a feeling of bold composition full of dynamism and air to color gorgeously that they seem to hear sound of leaf gap impress many people, and even foreign countries around not only the country but also Europe get high evaluation.

Modern great master popularity writer excellent work exhibition

Wednesday, September 9 → 15th Tuesday
  • Junji Kawashima "red sea bream"
    10 size Japanese painting
    Tax-included 4,400,000 yen

We exhibit Japanese painting, foreign films from old master to work of popular writer, Woodblock Prints work in one place and will display and sell.

Blue-ribbon art selection

Wednesday, September 16 → 22nd Tuesday (holiday)

It is plan that selected work from modern great master writer to glass, Wajima lacquering technique of are nouveau widely. We do "writer feature related to Kobe" as special feature.

  • Teppei Sasakura "puerutobanusu"
    42.0*79.8cm silkscreen
    Tax-included 1,320,000 yen

  • Kayo Yamaguchi "Japan 雞"
    There is 8 size Japanese painting Tokyo Bijutsu Club appraisal
    Tax-included 2,640,000 yen

  • Is rocky; "tulip sentence byuraju vase"
    20.0cm in height production generation 1880
    Tax-included 3,300,000 yen

  • Sadaharu Tono "flaps" (white heron lacquer work)
    48.0*41.0cm lacquer art Picture Frames
    Tax-included 1,485,000 yen

Beauty exhibition of are nouveau glass

Wednesday, September 23 → 29th Tuesday
  • "It is rocky clematis sentence lamp"
    51.0cm coating glass, oxidation corrosion sculpture
    Tax-included 4,400,000 yen

Art "are nouveau" that was predominant in generation led by Europe and America at the end of 19th century. Emile Galle and dome brothers won the grand prix in Paris World Exposition of 1900 and got global evaluation. tenkan does vase, about 50 works including lamp by now exhibition.