The seventh-floor art art gallery June

  • Art Collection 2019

    Wednesday, May 29 → Tuesday, June 4
    • Chinami Nakajima "cold Botan"

      Chinami Nakajima "cold Botan"
      10 size Japanese painting
      Tax-included 8.64 million yen

    • Takanori Ogisu "komakkio"

      Takanori Ogisu "komakkio"
      24.3*32.5cm picture in watercolors
      Tax-included 2.592 million yen

    • Is rocky; "cherry tree sentence lamp"

      Is rocky; "cherry tree sentence lamp"
      34.0cm in height
      Tax-included 4.32 million yen

    • Rosanjin Kitaooji "officer of textiles Ougi bowl"

      Rosanjin Kitaooji "officer of textiles Ougi bowl"
      Diameter 22.2 X 6.8cm in height
      Tax-included 1.512 million yen

    We gather works from great master, owner of modern Japanese painting, foreign film to work of ceramic art, are nouveau glass crafts widely from modern times and introduce. We feature work of popular Japanese painter "Chinami Nakajima" by now exhibition.

  • With ten thousand Fukudo 𠮷 village comfort tea ceramics exhibition

    Wednesday, June 5 → 11th Tuesday
    • With ten thousand Fukudo-mura comfort tea ceramics exhibition

      It is before: Red comfort bowl 12.1*8cm
      Tax-included 162,000 yen

      Medium Black comfort bowl vermilion glaze 12.1*8cm
      Tax-included 237,600 yen

      The depths: Deep red comfortable bowl 12.1*8.5cm
      Tax-included 145,800 yen

    It gets opportunity to have you see work after a long absence in the ground of Kobe where tea ceremony including oblatory tea, the moon pot is prosperous and is tense very much. We want to make tea service set looking good on "stylish town" this time! We thought of this and made making earthenware. It is hand-molded earthenware looking like the most traditional grilled dish, but the freest molding is attractive grilled dish. I would like stylish free form to have you have a look by all means. With ten thousand Fukudo 𠮷 village comfort

  • Yasushi Narita foreign film exhibition

    Wednesday, June 12 → 18th Tuesday
    • "Mon sun Michel"

      "Mon sun Michel"
      M12 oil painting
      Tax-included 648,000 yen

    We paint beautiful scenery of various parts of Europe including France Belgium Germany and scenery that there is atmosphere of Oirase, Kyoto, local Akita in Japan in delicate stroke of the pen of realist. tenkan does many masterpieces full of a sense of reality by writer's original refined sensitivity and constitution power.

  • Keiichi Shimizu ceramics exhibition

    Wednesday, June 19 → 25th Tuesday
    • "Shirani wave water jar for the tea ceremony"

      "Shirani wave water jar for the tea ceremony"
      23.0 X 16.0 X 27.0cm in height
      Tax-included 162,000 yen

    We treat extremely natural material called soil in tradition to continue ceaselessly and are the first private exhibition in 2 years in Daimaru Kobe of writer to be doing making earthenware while thanking that we are doing manufacturing.

  • Draw the sun; and Hiroshi Mitani foreign film exhibition commemorative for 30 years

    Wednesday, June 26 → Tuesday, July 2
    • Hiroshi Mitani foreign film exhibition

      The top: "Flight sacred mountain Fuji"
      Heteromorphic 50 size (65.0*116.7cm) mixed media
      Tax-included 4.428 million yen

      Bottom: "kiramekiyokai"
      F8 mixed media
      Tax-included 1.0368 million yen

    We hold painter who held exhibition "country, Japan exhibition of 170m in total length huge picture of the four seasons" in Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art gallery in last December, private exhibition of Mr. Hiroshi Mitani. tenkan does about 40 points than "the sun series" to describe in now exhibition, and to be 30 years. We hope that we have you have a look at the world of energetic Mitani picture by all means.