• The basement Japanese confectionery section <Oimatu>
    **kan using umeshu which we made with plum of Kitano-Tenman-gu Shrine.
    Flavor and refreshing sweetness of mellow plum spread in mouth.
    umeshukan (one) tax-included 1,296 yen

  • The basement Japanese confectionery section <Narumi rice cake main store>
    It is Daifuku of new product which domestic ume flesh entered.
    We can reach puberty in natural dye.
    Plum Daifuku (one) tax-included 172 yen
    [sale period: on Saturday, June 1 on → 30th on Sunday]

  • Basement terbulldog Plus <serufiyu Karuizawa>
    Concentration drink using the south high plum and manuka honey from Wakayama.
    It is sweet-sour and is no good on hot day. You break with water and carbonated water and you mix with tea and do in flavor tea and can enjoy various how to drink.
    Fruit Cody Al plum (one) tax-included 788 yen

  • Basement terbulldog Plus <D&M curve KYOTO>
    It is umeshu using domestic citron fruit juice made carefully.
    Citron original refreshing flavor and acidity harmonize with taste of umeshu.
    Bittersweet flavor spreads in mouth!
    Kitagawa head family fuzz citron umeshu (720 ml) tax-included 1,512 yen

  • The basement foods boiled in soy section <Kyoto foods boiled in soy Nomura>
    It is onigiri and foods boiled in soy to be able to enjoy as seasoning of dishes such as fried rice to pasta for swing.
    It is Kyoto specialties "contest food section receiving a prize of the fourth Kyoto" hosted by cooperative product.
    1,404 yen that includes plum grain kombu tax

  • The basement pickle section <the Doi will ba pickles main office>
    As there is not kind, it is easy to eat with honey of 11% of salt.
    It is convenient for salt supply of the summertime to carry!
    1,080 yen that includes seedless honey airing plum tax

  • Basement cafe <sum cafe IORI>
    We can feel plum in the frank inside well. Agar and adzuki bean enter under the ice. 1,026 yen that includes plum ice tax

  • 8 names of each note food street <Tazumura>
    Vinegared rice rolled in dried laver-style pork cutlet with ume flesh, perilla, fillet wrapped in dried sea weed. Flavor of ume flesh and perilla spreads through mouthful and can have meat plainly. Plum shisonori winding fins and tax-included 1,550 yen

On the next time, we introduce under the theme of "the Gion festival". We introduce products for a limited time! Don't miss it★

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