Daimaru Kyoto

  • The basement Japanese confectionery section <Tsuruya Yoshinobu>
    It is popular baked confectioneries across bean jam containing whole beans with sticky dough which we kneaded rice cake powder into. Package of illustration of pike of *ensaigentei is sale only for Kyoto District only in July.
    Do not come (with five); tax-included 864 yen
    ■Sale Period Sunday, July 1 → 31st Tuesday

  • The basement Japanese confectionery section <Tawaraya Yoshitomi>
    "Japanese halberd pike" "big boat pike" and cast made of grilled wheat gluten, color including dried amber were good and assorted.
    Original dry confectionery "Gion musical accompaniment" tax-included 972 yen
    ■Sale Period Sunday, July 1 → Until 24th about Tuesday

  • The basement foods boiled in soy section <Eiraku shop>
    Eiraku shop signboard product which cooked small shiitake of domestic raw wood cultivation slowly and carefully contains "one and mouth shiitake".
    Package of Gion festival period-limited Japanese halberd pike.
    Kyoto notsukudani giensaizeikomi 864 yen
    ■Sale Period Until the end of July during sale
    Available only while supplies last

  • The basement foods boiled in soy section <Kyoto kurama forest>
    We cooked fruit of dried young sardines and Japanese pepper plainly. We grind fruit of Japanese pepper to liquid preparation, and refreshing sharp taste of Japanese pepper lets flavor of dried young sardines become more attractive more as we are mixed.
    Flavor crepe (45 g) tax-included 540 yen
    ■Sale Period Friday, June 29 → Tuesday, July 31

  • Basement terbulldog Plus
    <D&M curve KYOTO>
    Quality sake brewed from the finest rice which continues being loved in *en. Chief brewer polishes up brewing suitable rice carefully and is deluxe liquor which we brought on while examining closely at low temperature only using core of rice.
    Matsui brewing Gion bayashi brewing sake from the finest rice (720 ml) tax-included 1,521 yen
    ■Sale Period Friday, June 29 → Tuesday, July 31

  • The basement long-established store complying greens section <Kyoto 𠮷 sign>
    Pike conger sushi of restaurant using pike conger which cook baked carefully. Deluxe one article appropriate for summer.
    Pike conger sushi (nothing) tax-included 2,160 yen
    ■Sale Period Wednesday, July 4 → 17th Tuesday

  • The basement sum complying greens, boiled rice, sushi section <Kaya sushi of Kyoto>
    It is one article that directed taste of Kyoto with rice from Tango more deliciously.
    hamo sushi (nothing) tax-included 1,500 yen
    ■Sale Period Friday, June 29 → Tuesday, July 31

  • 8 names of each note food street <pork cutlet Tazumura>
    Summer of Kyoto is pike conger.
    Pike conger or fried prawn which minced meat wins together suddenly, seasonal vegetables katsuodozo.
    1,620 yen that includes pike conger MIX and set meal tax
    ■Sale Period Until Friday, August 31 during sale

  • The eighth floor <family dining room>
    Summer Kyoto cannot miss combination of pike conger sky and ume flesh. Please enjoy one article of the cook supervision of former Kyoto long-established store restaurant.
    1,080 yen that includes pike conger tempura somen tax
    ■Sale Period Sunday, July 1 → The middle of August

  • Basement cafe <sum cafe IORI>
    We offer deluxe parfait which we put ice of Matcha, jelly of Matcha, pudding of Matcha on for a limited time of the Gion festival.
    1,350 yen that includes *en parfait tax
    ■Sale Period Sunday, July 1 → 31st Tuesday

  • Cafe <tea shop Adonis "pheasant's-eye"> on the second floor
    Matcha jelly using "white of the moon over a mountain" that went down in stone mill. Refreshing agar using rose and peach sencha. Adzuki bean and green tea ice cream with all wish of means to ward off evil. Please enjoy dessert which is full of three kinds of tea with Gion festival print glass bowl of Fukujuen original.
    [Daimaru Kyoto-limited article]
    972 yen that includes Gion festival petit dessert tax
    ■Sale Period Sunday, July 1 → 31st Tuesday

We filter throat and will introduce under the theme of "phosphorus to have cramped, refreshing texture" clearly next month.
We introduce from that basic article to product for a limited time only by this time!

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