Daimaru Kyoto

  • The Japanese confectionery section <Tsuruya Yoshinobu>
    With chestnut of autumn flavor comes up to this bracken of texture plumply. It is this large autumn-limited bracken which we carve and loaded with chestnut which is full of flavors.
    This bracken chestnut (nothing) tax-included 291 yen
    ■Sale Period Until Monday, October 15 during sale

  • The Japanese confectionery section <two Jo Wakasa-ya>
    Chestnut which made sweet entered one entirely; eat, and is cake with full of answers.
    Fried chestnut (with four) tax-included 864 yen
    ■Sale Period Whole year sale

  • The Japanese confectionery section <the Shogoin Yatsuhashi home office>
    We wrapped up with white, tender raw Yatsuhashi that flavor of chestnut ano NIKKI was subtle.
    It is limited product in autumn.
    Saint shunka kuri (with ten) tax-included 540 yen
    ■Sale Period Until the beginning of December during sale

  • The foods boiled in soy section <Eiraku shop>
    We liken to amber of jewel and are agar cake which we are particular about beauty of figure form and sewed. You can enjoy surface crunchy texture that you saccharified and the inside softness. It is one article of recommendation in autumn when figure that chestnut is transparent slightly harks back to Mangetsu.
    Amber chestnut (with six) tax-included 907 yen
    ■Sale Period Whole year sale

  • The Western confectionery section <Mary Chocolate>
    Confidence product of Mary which we pickled large chestnut from Italy in molasses and let buran day be fragrant and finished gorgeously. It is popular marron glace which soft texture and refined sweetness, mellow flavor harmonized with with moisture.
    Marron glace (with five) tax-included 1,350 yen
    ■Sale Period Whole year sale

  • The Japanese confectionery section <Kogetsu>
    It is one article of autumn recommendation that fully used Atago persimmon from Ehime. Melty jelly which seems to totally eat ripe persimmon is cake which is good to present of early fall when heat remains.
    rakukakiya (nothing) tax-included 378 yen
    ■Sale Period From late August through early October

  • The Japanese confectionery section <Kyoto Atsuki>
    Persimmon includes a lot of vitamin C and is done with fruit which is good to body so that it is said, "doctor is necessary" for a long time. We use slice and fully-ripe persimmon pureed persimmon which we boiled indulgently abundantly and reproduce taste of ripe persimmon.
    Become ripe; persimmon (nothing) tax-included 302 yen
    ■Sale Period Wednesday, August 29 → Tuesday, October 30

  • The Japanese confectionery section <Sasaya Iori>
    Mellowness of sweet potato is wide garusuitopoteto to fill the mouth. Adzuki bean accentuates.
    suitopoteto (with six) tax-included 1,404 yen
    ■Sale Period From the end of August to about February

  • The Western confectionery section <sokuritsuoneimon>
    We fully shut in amanatto of sweet potato in cake. Sweetness only by potato overlaps with flavor of butter of cake, and it is in very refined taste. It is pound cake which is not available only now among one year.
    Pound cake (nothing) of bill tax-included 1,965 yen
    ■Sale Period Saturday, September 1 → 30th Sunday

We will introduce under the theme of autumn taste "mushrooms" next month.
We introduce products for a limited time only by this time!

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