Present 2018SUMMER of Daimaru summerPresent 2018SUMMER of Daimaru summer

  • Present of Daimaru summer
  • Present of Daimaru summer
  • Present of Daimaru summer
  • Present of Daimaru summer
  • Present of Daimaru summer
News of postage revision

Summer special treatment gift

Recommended special feature gift

Gifts which are full of variety only in department store assemble in full force and introduce a part from that.

Present of Japan dancing heartPresent of Japan dancing heart

  • In fact, it is sushi. We are surprised at real figure of carp unintentionally!
  • Appearance is watermelon? Even if eat, is watermelon taste slightly
  • Lovely icing cookies on ice!
  • Have while hearing favorite jazz.
  • Fashion dessert which fully tastes colorful fruit.

Selected summer good flavor that we selected buyer, and popular store, long-established store on behalf of gooseberry gift delicious carefully selected Japan prepared.

  • Beautiful Japanese and Western collaboration. Deluxe dessert with full of fruit.
  • Curry that tradition breathes with taste of Tokachi beef.
  • Summer gift which has you cool canele born in France.
  • Send delicious taste to small box of jelly in summer.
  • Summer scene to repeat to goldfish which drifts in the way that it is vain.

Besides, we offer a lot of carefully selected gifts.Besides, we offer a lot of carefully selected gifts.

We ordered perfect gem of Japan delicacy travelogue various parts of Japan.

  • We finished to roast beef of simple seasoning to be able to fully taste taste of red meat.
  • <fish Italy> which continued protecting the hand baking manufacturing method using bincho charcoal since its formation.
  • We let one tree make good results only through 1 ball and condense taste. In glasshouse that raised transmissivity of sunlight, we brought up to mellow flesh.

Information for catalogue gift

The other side can choose thing you like. Information for recommended catalogue gift.

Gourmet catalogue delicious request flight which is full of delicious things

We offer good flavor that brand meat of each places of the whole country and seasonal fruit, taste of well-known store where craftsmanship shines, buyer of Daimaru, Matsuzakaya including sweets of popular shop choose and pulled a lot. It is catalogue gift which is specialized in gourmet whom the other side sends thing you like to on day you like.

Course that can choose one point of product you like
Course that can choose one point of product you like
7,560 yen that includes 5,400 yen B course tax including 3,780 yen A course tax including N course tax
One point of product you like or plural selectable courses
32,400 yen that includes 21,600 yen F course tax including 16,200 yen E course tax including 10,800 yen D course tax including C course tax
Delicious request flight


Order on the Internet

Request service A course present by lot delicious for 100 people

It is present for 100 people from customer of order by request flight delicious in Daimaru Matsuzakaya online shopping by lot in <good flavor request service >A course!

※Shipment of prize plans the middle of November, 2018.
※We exchange announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize.

For more information:Online shopping is this
Summer present catalogue request is thisPresent that Daimaru, Matsuzakaya is delicious

As for this without passing over!

Home use-limited special selection

※We accept some products on the Internet until Saturday, September 29.

To the best selection online shopping
Foods selection for the beauty and health that Daimaru, Matsuzakaya recommends. To BeautyPlus online shoppingTo beauty plus online shopping

※By product, there is area that we cannot send partly including remote island.