Figure skater, Mao Asada who left all-Japan championship the fourth straight victory, world championship championship three times, bright achievement including Vancouver Olympics silver medal, and wrapped up the whole Japan for impression.
In April, 2017, we follow trace until 26-year-old decision with picture and photograph panel which the person selected since childhood. In addition, we display apparel or favorite skates becoming the first display this time and sell limited plan product to get only by book exhibition.

MAO theater

Grand trace which <fairy on ice> who attracted the world left! Show stopper of Mao Asada oneself gem which selected carefully and digest picture which took, and settled lowering interview for approximately 15 minutes.
Please enjoy in big screen of approximately 3 meters in width.

From return to retirement

After the Sochi Olympics, Mao Asada who leaves words of "half half", and began rest announces active play return in May, 2015. We attracted the audiences of the world by elegant skating and beautiful expression full of poetic sentiment while spending 2 seasons from it at place of competition, and leaving cup of China championship, result including the ninth world championship participation. It is all-Japan championship of December, 2016 to have become the active last game. We decorated crowning beauty with fascinating performance including triple axel that continued being pronoun.


Ice show "THE ICE" which Mao Asada played a key role, and has been held since the first of 2007 for 11 years. Idea of her own was included in contents of show, too and sent pleasure and joy of skating to the audience. As it were, as for "THE ICE 2017," "Mao is special". Skaters of friend showed slippery special tribute in music that Mao Asada used so far and blessed the finale of athlete of the one and only gorgeously.

The memorable excellent scene

Genius girl, Mao Asada who jumped over triple axel achieved splendid achievement of grand prix final championship in senior debut season, and she sparked Mao whirlwind in an instant in the whole country. We win championship by the world championship for the first time in 2008 and after that win the championship at the world championship in 2014 in 2010. We achieved championship by all-Japan championship in six times of championships including the fourth straight victory and grand prix series and seven all of grand prix final and established a lot unreached record.

The Olympics

Mao Asada participates in the stage, the Olympics of dream of all athletes twice. It is silver medal by great achievement to let two three triple axel in total succeed with one, Flea in short program in Vancouver OLYMPIC of 2010. We moved heart of people of the world by perfect performance to catch up with with Flea while starting late in short program in Sochi OLYMPIC of 2014. They call for impression, and 2 degrees OLYMPIC chopped in memory is highlight of the skating life.

As for Mao Asada and "photospot" that we can take a picture of at "the same pause" or the message board to the person,
We establish section where customer can participate in.

Mao Asada exhibition special shop

<Mao Asada exhibition venue-limited plan product> ■The seventh-floor hall
It is limited goods which are available only in exhibition hall.

①Each "Noritake" mug (one set) tax-included 3,240 yen <limited number 500 in total>,
 Tumbler (nothing) tax-included 1,620 yen <limited number 300>
②"Noritake" cup & saucer (one set) tax-included 54,000 yen <limited number 10>
③Clear file (blue) tax-included 501 yen
④1,296 yen (book) tax-included "the skating life of Mao Asada me"
As for 194,400 yen <limited number 2> including venue-limited "Okura Sue garden" Sue sum tax.

※As number includes limit, forgive on sellout.

Mao Asada produce brand
MaoMao goods

We have clear file, towel.

①1,080 yen that includes strap tax
②9,720 yen that includes skating bear tax