During period, take clothing of unnecessary to booth in venue.
I leave and, because of article 1 item, hand "shopping support ticket" (for 1,000 yen) which every 10,800 yen including 1 receipt tax can use one piece for in the case of shopping in Daimaru Sapporo one piece.

※To five points of total per person
※Sales floor excluding the use has part of shopping support ticket.
※I would like washing to be able to perform recycling effectively before having.
※We cannot return article which I took once.
※Collection in our booth should be clothing chisel.
※We leave, and there is item excluding.

We cannot collect clothing miscellaneous goods such as socks, belt, gloves, muffler stole, hat, kimono, underwear.

Saturday, October 20, 21st Sunday
Every day from 11:00 to 17:00
North Sea kitaeru (Hokkaido Prefectural synthesis physical education center) 11-1-1, Toyohira-5-jo, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido>


Shopping support ticket can use one piece every 10,800 yen purchase including 1 receipt tax.
Food, restaurant, cafe, some choices brand, sales floor are excluded.
For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.
In addition, it should be the use to 15 pieces about one purchase.

Please post ticket which you do not use for shopping on "the ticket post" of setting in collection place during period.
We contribute 100 yen to two places of following stricken area support activities because of one piece of ticket through the Japanese Red Cross Society from Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store.

※The amount of contribution should be total upper limit 1 million yen.