Daimaru Sapporo Store

Season of Halloween came over! HALLOWEEN PARTY 2018

Halloween-limited liver kava sweets come up!

Halloween party of cheeks town!


"kimokawaiku" arranged familiar cup cake.

It is cup cake <re-Loriod>
(nothing) each tax-included 405 yen

Pal feh which has a big impact which we put pink caramel mousse which we likened to "brains" on.

<patisserie mon Cher> pal feh brain
(nothing) tax-included 496 yen

yubioriarunisaigenshimashita. yubidakedo, phone noria my death.

<panotoradishoneru> Halloween finger (sweet finger)
(nothing) tax-included 194 yen

We express finger of human being with tsukune. Please have after arranging five, and tasting fear.

We thrust finger of spell <middle irregularity>
(nothing) tax-included 194 yen

We put cheese on dough of parippari and baked. Halloween-limited nopetanko Bakery "fugue."

<Donq> Ghost pumpkin cheese
(nothing) tax-included 237 yen
Halloween-limited menu which is instagenic in pop shiningly is various!

Halloween party of kikiyokocho!


It is Halloween-limited Crape with pumpkin cream as brulee.

It is pumpkin brulee <parcel>
(nothing) tax-included 780 yen

Accent of GERRY plump in karafurufurosuti reflecting the image of Halloween. It is drink to be able to enjoy even if we eat even if we see.

<lion coffee> harouinjieriberifurosuti
(M)Tax-included 560 yen
(L)Tax-included 600 yen

I hand pumpkin croquette by packing of Halloween specifications by purchase.

<N43 ° carat> pumpkin croquette & Halloween packing
(nothing) tax-included 150 yen

<Maruyama gelato> Halloween cookies for free topping

To gelato which had you order, cookies topping gives a service!
※Available only while supplies last

Halloween party in kikiyokocho
Look for WHERE'S WALLY? Daimaru X Wally!
Wally and friend tachigaawarareru♪

Look for Wally & cherry tree panda! Illustration panel display


Find Wally and cherry tree panda, yozakura panda which there is in a large number of people. Furthermore, we download exclusive application (it comes to support iphone chisel) in venue, and Wally & friends appear from the right, left, up and down of screen when we shade with smartphone!

Chance to get can magneT!

Look for acting Wally!

Is there the staff who played the part of Wally in various places in hall? Please call out with "TRICKorTREAT" if you find. We get wonderful Wally can magneT by the first arrival.
※Present is available in limited quantities. Available while supplies last!

“ TRICKorTREAT! We will get by password of "♪

Wally original package! "Colon" present!


Please call out to salesperson of the the fourth-floor baby, child clothes section with "TRICKorTREAT!" lively. To 600 people the first in every day of Daimaru, Matsuzakaya original package design present "colon (cake)" <glyco>!
※Present is available in limited quantities. Available while supplies last!
※Limited to one prize per person.

One piece of picture is completed when we collect stamps!

Look for Wally! Stamp rally


Illustration of Wally develops when we push all to exclusive stand according to turn looking for four stamps in each site in the hall! "Look for Wally & cherry tree panda to one that had you show finished illustration at Stella place entrance side special event space counter on the second floor, every day first arrival 150 people! We present clear file with picture book sheet♪

Participation for free! !

We will make Halloween aspect

We will make Halloween aspect

You have you choose favorite pattern among three kinds of aspects, and please describe using pen and colored paper.
We will make only mask in the world!
※You may have to wait at the time of congestion.