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<HUYGENS (Huygens)> event for a limited time

Place :KiKiYOCOCHO event space
Brand<HUYGENS (Huygens)>

About <HUYGENS (Huygens)>

Huygens Is colorful in every day, daily life in particular. aromatikkukosume <Huygens> from Paris colors every everyday scene with bright flavor and creates time when it is rich and is dramatic.
Fragrance to create of perfumer Daan (Dan) is history, fashion, art, Nature and predominantly unique batting order.
As well as skin and hair, it is fragrance cosmetics which are aromatikku caring until heart.

[kit ① for a limited time]
■7,020 yen that includes aromatikkubodikeabokkusu/tax
[set contents]
・150 ml of aroma hair & body mists
・250 ml of bodywash
・10 ml of EX creams (scrub for face)
・HUYGENS original tote bag
・HUYGENS original gift box
[kit ② for a limited time]
■23,220 yen that includes aromatikkuhomukeabokkusu/tax
[set contents]
・Essential oil D fuser
・50 ml of essential oil
We present EX cream & face W mini by purchase tax-included 5,400 yen or more.
[the product details]
Huygens body lotion rosewood ■4,536 yen that includes Huygens body lotion rosewood (250 ml)/tax
Wrapped skin in moisture, and Balance was produced in texture such as light silk for moisture and fat; is healthy, and keep skin with elasticity.
You can enjoy as fragrance body care to get wide to whole body.
Huygens aroma face hair & body mist Verbena hybrida ■4,428 yen that includes Huygens aroma face hair & body mist Verbena hybrida (150 ml)/tax
Total mist that comfortable moisture wraps up whole body and leads to fresh and young condition.
It is unique, and flavor with three-dimensional impression is most suitable for refreshment of heart. It is recommended as moisture plus and hair fragrance to hair.
top > topics > <HUYGENS (Huygens)> event for a limited time

Mew about coin

Let's collect "mew coins"!

It is "mew mew one piece of present with coin" by purchase Japanese yen or more 5,628 grounders including 1 receipt tax in KiKiYOCOCHO without exception.

It is mew coin

We use "mew coin"!

"Mew if get coin", challenge noisy cricket of the center open space.
We can turn "mew noisy cricket per one piece of coin" once.

Noisy cricket

It is fun in CAPSEL!

We lick, and paper fortune which "sees KiKi, and speaks for heart of selfishness girl lottery" of the child supervision is fun hardships in CAPSEL. In addition, as for coupon and sample which are usable in KiKiYOCOCHO if lucky entering!

Experience hardships; child

Experience supervision/hardships; child
Comic artist, columnist. It was born in Tokyo and is raised in Saitama.
Musashino Art University junior college part design department graphics design specialty graduation. Recent work "skill in communication of adult" (Kobunsha new book) if "suppose ascetic practices" (Futaba Corporation) "soul live dojo studio" (Gakken).
Cooperation: PHP Institute Office

About kikiyokocho

"Can try, and is found, and can enjoy," bystreet for selfish girl.
Mix the beauty, meal, miscellaneous goods
Thing which tickles sensitivity of woman
New sense zone that we recruited
You compare curious thing, and try,
We want to find thing fitting own feelings.
Shop which granted such selfishness was prepared.
Pleasure that there was not is jam-packed so far.
In bystreet in department store,
Please meet your "" to like.

Floor map

It is mew ko kikiyokochofuroa
  • AFC laboratory
  • N43 carat
  • AMUSE Bothe
  • In Coco
  • M eye MC
  • H M S watch store
  • kyubitasu
  • Co-Tomono Marchais
  • Six pad
  • sumahosupitaru
  • Dyson hair
  • davinesu
  • dazushoppu
  • Parcel
  • Dr.Ci:Labo
  • Nail Bar
  • Beer seller Sapporo
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  • Maruyama gelato
  • Lion coffee
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