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In the first floor of Daimaru Sapporo special event space
<KiKiYOCOCHO> satellite shop period-limited holding

Place :The first floor of Daimaru Sapporo special event space
Shop<Cynthia garden> <davinesu> <Dyson hair>

The first floor of Daimaru Sapporo special event space
KiKiYOCOCHO satellite shop period-limited holding

In the first floor of Daimaru Sapporo special event space, satellite shop of the third-floor KiKiYOCOCHO (kikiyokocho) opens for a limited time!

Lifestyle shop <Cynthia garden> treating popular natural organic cosmetics and natural food in Tokyo, Omotesando as branch is for a limited time especially and opens a store for the first time this time in Hokkaido.

In addition, <Dyson hair> treating popular hair care brand <davinesu> and hair dryer in the third-floor KiKiYOCOCHO (kikiyokocho) suggests about summer hair care.

Does summer hair know that we are affected by strong sunlight before we notice? Hair of this time when events the outdoors in particular increase becomes easy to catch damage from ultraviolet ray.

We obtain glittering luster hair, and let's enjoy summer still more!

<Cynthia garden> [shop for a limited time]
Organic aroma spa & shop & cafe "SINCERE GARDEN- Cynthia garden -" of Tokyo, Omotesando. We suggest lifestyle that harmony for mind and body was able to take "LIFE STYLE MEDICINE- lifestyle medicine -" as keyword through natural organic cosmetics and natural food.
bejikitchin ■bejikitchin
Vegetable 100% that featured the theme of "meal berukoto = thing that we lived" for, additive-free food brand "bejikitchin."
We handle ricemalt fermented drink "refreshing amazake" or byutisunakkingushirizu with lactic acid bacteria.
NERO lira botanika ■NERO lira botanika
"NERO lira botanika" which Cynthia garden met top makeup Aristrist Kazuko Hayasaka, and was born. We fix mental and physical balance and are skin care brand which is powerful, and raises beauty of adult.
Mom butter ■Mom butter
We assume humidity retention ingredient, shea butter derived from nature main humidity retention ingredient and are particular about price that is continued using while being high quality. Of "one, mom butter in family" whole family is natural cosmetics snuggling up to living.
High quality and hair care brand <davinesu> from Italy in consideration for natural environments which opened in the third-floor KiKiYOCOCHO in April, 2018. <davinesu> loved in the above of the world in 70 countries is lineup in natural item easy for both natural environments and person. We have item doing everyday hair care at special time.
Variety kit ■Hey, 2,808 yen that includes oil (50 ml)/tax
"Hey oil" of No. 1 item popular in <davinesu>. It is hair oil giving flexibility and glistening luster without spoiling voluminous feel. We smooth off finger street and reduce tangle. We protect hair from heat and drying of dryer.
Event is for a limited time and releases this advantageous kit which can try "oil and recommended shampoo and conditioner in various ways hey" this time. Please use at this opportunity.
・5,616 yen that includes variety set/tax
<Dyson hair>
We treat hair dryer which opened in the third-floor KiKiYOCOCHO in April, 2018 <Dyson hair>. We blow-dry than the Dyson staff and advise.
Dyson Supersonic ■48,600 yen ... which includes Dyson Supersonic/tax
[privilege] We present the dryer stands to one that had you purchase "Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer", the first 50 people.
1) Do not depend on excessive heat; is fast-dry, and dry at a stretch from the root of hair to point of a brush.
2) We protect hair from excessive heat damage and keep luster of hair
top > topics > Holding-limited in the first floor of Daimaru Sapporo special event space during <KiKiYOCOCHO> satellite shop period

Mew about coin

Let's collect "mew coins"!

It is "mew mew one piece of present with coin" by purchase Japanese yen or more 5,628 grounders including 1 receipt tax in KiKiYOCOCHO without exception.

It is mew coin

We use "mew coin"!

"Mew if get coin", challenge noisy cricket of the center open space.
We can turn "mew noisy cricket per one piece of coin" once.

It is fun in CAPSEL!

Coupon of each kikiyokocho and the first-floor cosmetics shop enters.

About kikiyokocho

"Can try, and is found, and can enjoy," bystreet for selfish girl.
Mix the beauty, meal, miscellaneous goods
Thing which tickles sensitivity of woman
New sense zone that we recruited
You compare curious thing, and try,
We want to find thing fitting own feelings.
Shop which granted such selfishness was prepared.
Pleasure that there was not is jam-packed so far.
In bystreet in department store,
Please meet your "" to like.

Floor map

It is mew ko kikiyokochofuroa
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  • N43 carat
  • AMUSE Bothe
  • In Coco
  • M eye MC
  • H M S watch store
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  • Co-Tomono Marchais
  • Six pad
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