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summer festival

Summer festival 1day special

Place :It is benthos pace a little the third floor of Daimaru Sapporo Kiki side
Event ": just Ichiro Music Live guest DJ"
"Make to fit yukata" and "advice of hair arrangement"
"Palmistry for girl"
"Yukata de visit service"
"7/22-limited food court privilege" 

"Summer festival in kikiyokocho"
Summer festival 1day special

We hold special event only for 1st in kikiyokocho on Sunday, July 22! !
"There is guy and invites Ichiro" to DJ, and makeup event and palmistry tickling women's heart can experience. In addition, we offer fun plan of limitation on that day.
Make memory of this summer in kikiyokocho!

Music Live
DJ and just Ichiro (electric guitar comics)

DJ and just Ichiro

"There is guy, and, on Sunday, July 22, Ichiro" comes to guest DJ as summer festival 1day special.
Let's swell in MUSIC LIVE of limit on that day!

DJ and just Ichiro
1997 electric guitar comics organization. It is origin of COMBI name that musicomania, Susumu Imadachi of companion liked comics Mr. yatsuiichirou. In music industry best among comedy world in musicomania as for a lot of friends of face is wide (?) It is said to be entertainer.
Fez makes its debut in "COUNT DOWN JAPAN" DJ booth by the advice of Keiichi Sogabe who is friend including DJ in 2005. Summer "ROCK IN JAPAN," it is appeared on winter "COUNT DOWN JAPAN" regularly afterward as guest DJ. Even SNS or COMMUNITY "go to Fez every year to see DJ yatsuio!" There are many voices with "best ACT", too. Parallel to activity as electric guitar comics, we run about in the whole country as DJ of music event.
DJ and just Ichiro time table
Date ※Line up; line from 15:30 entrance from 15:45
※Line up; line from 18:00 entrance from 18:15
Place :The third floor of Daimaru Sapporo kikiyokochofudokoto
NoteWe distribute rearranging ticket to 10:00-10:30 on the kikiyokocho <lion coffee> side on the third floor on Sunday on 22nd.

It depends on student of beauty technical school in la belle poque
"Make to fit yukata" and "advice of hair arrangement"

Student of la belle poque beauty technical school We do "make to fit yukata" by student of beauty technical school and "advice of hair arrangement" in la belle poque of Sapporo.
Make to use how this time is tag up in depakosu handling in <AMUSE Bothe> of KiKiYOCOCHO (kikiyokocho)!
It is egg aiming at professional, but is students making an effort hard every day. Please drop in at this opportunity.

"Make to fit yukata" and "advice of hair arrangement"
RateFree of charge
TimeFrom 14:00 to 17:00

It depends on PALM Momoko
Palmistry for girl

Palmistry We perform palmistry mainly on "romance luck" or "work luck" of subject of concern of girl.
Do you not tell at this opportunity? We may can discover oneself new?

PALM Momoko
We learn lines in palm studies by self-education and we are active from 2016 and start. Representative whom lines in palm judgment blog "composes on way." We comment on lines in palm studies clearly while meeting consultation of client. We are doing lines in palm judgment while baking takoyaki on takoyaki bar otakosandeha, every Sunday, Monday.
Palmistry for girl
RateTax-included 1,000 yen/ten minutes
TimeFrom 11:00 to 17:00
※We accept reservation at store from 11:00 of the day.

Sunday, July 22 limitation
We come to the store with yukata and give a service

Visit service powers up with yukata carrying out only in the weekend more on Sunday, July 22!
We will enjoy "slightly good thing" at the full blast!

[Sunday, July 22 limitation] come to the store with yukata, and give a service
Daily limitation <reF>
ReF original furoshiki is presented tax-included 10,000 yen or more after visit with yukata by customer of purchase.

Daily limitation <Bruno>
BRUNO mini-Japanese fan is presented tax-included 5,400 yen or more after visit with yukata by the first ten people of purchase.

Daily limitation <davinesu>
Mini-size of authentic oil is presented after visit with yukata by customer who had you purchase.

<AMUSE Bothe>
Daily limitation <AMUSE Bothe>
It is advised <product> hair arrangement by visit with yukata.

Daily limitation <mezondofururu>
It is usually product 10% OFF by visit with yukata ※There is copy exclusion

Daily limitation <Dyson>
Dyson original goods are presented after visit with yukata by the first five people of purchase.

<Nail Bar>
Daily limitation <Nail Bar>
It is offer for 3,780 yen tax-included by "SHELLAC one color coating" of 4,320 yen usually again tax-included for 1,080 yen tax-included by "manicure one color coating" of 1,620 yen usually tax-included with yukata for customer of visit. Furthermore, art gives a service for service or lam for six stone art.

※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

Sunday, July 22 limitation
Foods menu privilege

Menus which are advantageous from foods shop only in 1st of Sunday, July 22 are varied!
It is stomach goshiraeoshichao in discount before DJ event!

[Sunday, July 22 limitation] foods menu privilege contents
500 yen tax-included strawberry vanilla ice cream (tax-included 800 yen), banana chocolate ice (tax-included 700 yen) as for both daily limits.

Beer seller Sapporo
<beer seller Sapporo>
We offer 220 ml of popular craft beer for tax-included 500 yen. ※Craft beer can be chosen from three kinds.

N43 ° carat
<N43 ° carat>
Tornado potato is daily limit tax-included 300 yen.

We present sample toward daily limited YUKATA Cubetas purchase.

Maruyama gelato
<Maruyama gelato>
To two kinds of "Maruyama popsicles", we perform topping of limitation on that day!
Original mango: Pineapple
Adzuki bean Matcha: White ball

Lion coffee
<lion coffee>
Topping free additional to drink with ice cream.

※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

Summer festival in kikiyokocho

top > topics > Summer festival 1day special

Mew about coin

Let's collect "mew coins"!

It is "mew mew one piece of present with coin" by purchase Japanese yen or more 5,628 grounders including 1 receipt tax in KiKiYOCOCHO without exception.

It is mew coin

We use "mew coin"!

"Mew if get coin", challenge noisy cricket of the center open space.
We can turn "mew noisy cricket per one piece of coin" once.

Noisy cricket

It is fun in CAPSEL!

We lick, and paper fortune which "sees KiKi, and speaks for heart of selfishness girl lottery" of the child supervision is fun hardships in CAPSEL. In addition, as for coupon and sample which are usable in KiKiYOCOCHO if lucky entering!

Experience hardships; child

Experience supervision/hardships; child
Comic artist, columnist. It was born in Tokyo and is raised in Saitama.
Musashino Art University junior college part design department graphics design specialty graduation. Recent work "skill in communication of adult" (Kobunsha new book) if "suppose ascetic practices" (Futaba Corporation) "soul live dojo studio" (Gakken).
Cooperation: PHP Institute Office

About kikiyokocho

"Can try, and is found, and can enjoy," bystreet for selfish girl.
Mix the beauty, meal, miscellaneous goods
Thing which tickles sensitivity of woman
New sense zone that we recruited
You compare curious thing, and try,
We want to find thing fitting own feelings.
Shop which granted such selfishness was prepared.
Pleasure that there was not is jam-packed so far.
In bystreet in department store,
Please meet your "" to like.

Floor map

It is mew ko kikiyokochofuroa
  • AFC laboratory
  • N43 carat
  • AMUSE Bothe
  • In Coco
  • M eye MC
  • H M S watch store
  • kyubitasu
  • Co-Tomono Marchais
  • Six pad
  • sumahosupitaru
  • Dyson hair
  • davinesu
  • dazushoppu
  • Parcel
  • Dr.Ci:Labo
  • Nail Bar
  • Beer seller Sapporo
  • Bruno
  • miresuto
  • mezondofururu
  • Maruyama gelato
  • Lion coffee
  • La via la Campagne
  • La pizza
  • ReF