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We will begin with ... drink friend

[entrance reception desk] 17:45-18:00
[kikikon] 18:00-20:20
Application reception desk period
Entrance fee Tax-included 2,000 yen
Place : The third floor of Daimaru Sapporo kikiyokochofudokoto
※Complete closed event
Capacity 15 men, woman 15
About holding While hold out of necessity; stopping; when do, will inform by email by 18:00 of the day before.
Sponsorship/inquiry Daimaru Sapporo (main): 011-828-1111

■About reception desk of the Saturday, February 9 day
Reception desk place The third floor of Daimaru Sapporo kikiyokocho <lion coffee> front
Communication phone number of the day 011-828-1111

We become member of society, and there is not encounter, do you not feel ...?

In such a trouble, kikiyokocho produces opportunity of encounter.
As for the name "kikikon"

It is held on theme "that we drink and will begin with friend" this time. We have you participate casually and realize frank encounter.

In addition, we offer various one and structure which we can talk about.
There is shuffle thyme with mawashi of host in self-introduction thyme with all the opposite sexes, free talk of the latter half in the first half.

Furthermore, each menu of each foods shop 6 store only in kikiyokocho is eatable.
※We squeeze menu.

Per person; but is with friend, and let's find good encounter in kikikon♪

Participation condition

  • Age: 23-39 years old
  • Being single person, target age
※On the day we will confirm that all participants are age at reception desk.
(indenture, driver's license or health insurance card of the person)
※Cannot confirm participation condition, when do not correspond, decline participation.
※On the day entrance fee, please receive money.
※There is possibility to decline entrance in the case of tardy.

"Passage of day" ※We may change.

17:45-18:00 Acceptance start
@The third floor of Daimaru Sapporo kikiyokocho <lion coffee> front
※We are slender when we have you arrive ten minutes before reception desk start time.
※Please fill out profile card.
※Please have the first drink.
18:00 kikikon start! We give an explanation about simple flow
18:05-19:00 Talk start (with all opposite sexes and one to one self-introduction one about three minutes)
19:00-19:10 Break (please order foods and drink)
19:10-19:40 Talk resumption (free talk)
※There are mawashi and shuffle thyme by host
19:40-19:50 We fill out approach card (it can be written to three people.)
20:00-20:15 Matching announcement
20:20 The end of kikikon

"Point of kikikon"

✔Easy encounter.
✔We can talk with various one.
✔We can eat stylish foods menu.
Beer seller Sapporo
Beer seller Sapporo
Maruyama gelato
Maruyama gelato
N43 ° carat
N43 ° carat
Lion coffee
Lion coffee

Important Notes

  • On the day the person confirmation with driver's license, health insurance card, resident's card is necessary. When I forget, I may decline participation.
  • The participation number of people is indication and is not thing guaranteeing the participation number of people of the day.
  • Content is plan and may change without notice.
  • Come in clean clothes.
  • When it is late remarkably, I may decline participation.
  • Please refrain from acts that other customers trouble.
  • We offer writing utensils.


  • Married person and act to feign social position, age in reception desk
  • Acts to go too far such as manner violation, forcible invitation
  • Act to touch body of other participants hating, and to force shaku
  • Act to take off clothes, and to think of to be obscenity
  • Invitation act or act (e.g.,: religion invitation, multilevel distributionship, invitation to other events, other business acts) associated with it
  • Speaking loudly more than required and act to threaten participant including violence
  • Other acts that the staff admitted that it was against public order and morals obviously


Q: Emails such as application confirmation do not arrive.
A: We are set so that we have you propose, and automatic delivery email arrives soon. It is it gets a wrong input of e-mail address that it is thought as cause when it does not arrive and does not cancel domain designation or to enter unwanted e-mail folder. Please confirm once again. When you are difficult, please try from other e-mail addresses.
Q: How shall we pay?
A: On the day please pay at reception desk. Credit card, cash, the receipt of money with gift certificate are possible.
Q: You are not in time for time for start, can you participate on the way?
A: If it is tardy within ten minutes, we do not mind, but hope that we hear from when we are not in time for start time. Because the same table must no longer wait when it is late, please have participation application.
Q: What kind of person participates in this event?
A: It is for all applying to participation condition. It is not revealed that on the day there is not participant is to raise, and what kind of person participates on homepage.
Q: When it becomes inconvenient, is change of participant possible?
A: When participant is changed, sorry for your inconvenience, but please inform of the name, age, cell phone number, e-mail address of one participating after the name, the change before change to Daimaru Sapporo.
Q: We want to apply in substitution.
A: Parents and friend apply in substitution, and there is case getting into trouble. These other people participating by all means, please apply.
Q: What is good for clothes?
A: About dress code of mention in particular when there is not, even as for the casual, even suit or dress do not mind. Come with appearance appropriate for place of encounter with the opposite sex.
Q: We want to participate in two friends.
A: Participation with two is welcome, too. Seat becomes different, but there is possibility of encounter with other same sex even if we participate with friend as man and woman has seat substitute together.
Application terms
Daimaru Sapporo hosts; "drink kikikon -, and let's begin with friend", and appreciate your hoping for participation in (say "this plan" as follows). We have you read the following well, and I would like application after understanding.

1.<participation in this event>
(1) This plan intends for one 20 years or older, and one younger than 20 years cannot participate.
(2) We finish application acceptance as soon as it becomes capacity.

2.<about cancellation>
Case that on the day was not able to participate in after the application when wish to cancel, hope that hear from by all means by the day before.

(1) To e-mail addresses that had input at the time of application when contacted from "Daimaru Sapporo" to one that had apply for this plan resemble.
(2) The following cases invalidate application to this plan.
・When there are defects in e-mail address
・When we do not have you cancel setting of unwanted e-mail
・On the day when cannot come over to venue participant by start time
・In addition, when we judge that "Daimaru Sapporo" is inappropriate

4. Please Note
When the damage occurs in between the person and other participants or third party against instructions, instruction in event, Daimaru Sapporo does not take the responsibility.

5. <personal information>
When application has and you participate in this plan, we use personal information that had you input for others when it is determined by laws and ordinances, the following purpose and do the handling.

(1) The use purpose of personal information
・To perform notification about this plan.
・For inquiry and opinion, to make an appropriate reply.
(2) Privacy Policy
"Daimaru Sapporo" manages personal information of customer based on "privacy policy" of The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store severely.
The third floor of Daimaru Sapporo kikiyokochofudokoto

top > topics > We will begin with kikikon - drink friend

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Let's collect "mew coins"!

It is "mew mew one piece of present with coin" by purchase Japanese yen or more 5,628 grounders including 1 receipt tax in KiKiYOCOCHO without exception.

It is mew coin

We use "mew coin"!

"Mew if get coin", challenge noisy cricket of the center open space.
We can turn "mew noisy cricket per one piece of coin" once.

Noisy cricket

It is fun in CAPSEL!

We lick, and paper fortune which "sees KiKi, and speaks for heart of selfishness girl lottery" of the child supervision is fun hardships in CAPSEL. In addition, as for coupon and sample which are usable in KiKiYOCOCHO if lucky entering!

Experience hardships; child

Experience supervision/hardships; child
Comic artist, columnist. It was born in Tokyo and is raised in Saitama.
Musashino Art University junior college part design department graphics design specialty graduation. Recent work "skill in communication of adult" (Kobunsha new book) if "suppose ascetic practices" (Futaba Corporation) "soul live dojo studio" (Gakken).
Cooperation: PHP Institute Office

About kikiyokocho

"Can try, and is found, and can enjoy," bystreet for selfish girl.
Mix the beauty, meal, miscellaneous goods
Thing which tickles sensitivity of woman
New sense zone that we recruited
You compare curious thing, and try,
We want to find thing fitting own feelings.
Shop which granted such selfishness was prepared.
Pleasure that there was not is jam-packed so far.
In bystreet in department store,
Please meet your "" to like.

Floor map

It is mew ko kikiyokochofuroa
  • AFC laboratory
  • N43 carat
  • AMUSE Bothe
  • In Coco
  • M eye MC
  • H M S watch store
  • kyubitasu
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  • Six pad
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  • Nail Bar
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