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Thursday, January 17, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

TV of all TV [live broadcast] UHB Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting

By live broadcast of TV of all UHB, "bakery fair of the depth of winters" was introduced Daimaru Sapporo the first floor under the ground cheeks town exhibition space.

Bakery fair of the depth of winters
Period : Wednesday, January 16 → 22nd Tuesday
Meeting Place The first floor of the Daimaru Sapporo place ho petaun exhibition space, bakery corner

  • <masuya Bakery> 450 yen that includes stew bun / tax thickly
  • <village stone pot for salt manufacturing bread Marchais HARU of spring> 486 yen that includes bread / tax softly using soybean milk of village of spring
  • <depths turf store> 351 yen that includes prawns kimakarepan / tax
  • 227 yen that includes gratin / tax of rice <is over back bakery>
  • <panotoradishonaru> 432 yen that includes tarutinu / tax of basil sauce and corner limit bacon
  • <Donq> 928 yen that includes marron glace Noah / tax

[panel notice]

  • <pose bread> open a store on Tuesday on Monday, January 21, 22nd
  • <climate extremely difficult situation> open a store on Sunday on Saturday, January 19, 20th
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