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On after April 1, 2014, we pay the difference based on new tax rate (8%) about delivery of product displayed at tax-included price based on old tax rate (5%) in WEB site, offer of service with revision of the consumption tax law some other time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

January 10, 2018

[☆ / during \ mega sale holding]

What kind of one year was it last year? ^^ I got nervous and withdrew and got nervous more and was one year such as √ (route) (story of the weight)... 
We are writing blog now while picking up chocolate while saying this. sho  

This year concerning the Year of the Dog......In fact, it is I woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year.
By the way, time when store becomes very lively as for the opening of one year.........

 What can I do for you? \ It is large special price! / 
Such a thing? Such a thing? We introduce product targeted for sale! 

 ▽KIMBERTEX (Kyn bar tex)  10,800 yen that includes special price tax 

12,420 yen that includes SOREL (Sorrel) special price tax

16,632 yen that includes INTER-CHAUSSURES (INTER CHAUSSURES) special price tax 

5,940 yen that includes Bridget Birkin (Bridget Birkin) special price tax

 We cannot introduce only blog...!
 There are a lot of more advantageous products! However, thank you, the number of the stock remains, too, and there are a few products, too. 
As we want you to feel advantageous sao by all means at store, we look forward to all the staff visit! \ (^^)/♪
※We are holding mega sale until Tuesday, January 16.

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