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February 17, 2018

[as for \ thaw season rain boots * ko ♪ /]

Snow Festival and winter event including Valentine have begun to be over.


We went to snowboarding the other day. We have slipped only on artificial snow so far,

We were impressed by slipperiness of powder snow.

It became sense that could slip well by 5 surcharges. sho


See the end in such a long snowy season......We do not come (laugh)

We introduce rain boots making an outstanding performance at time of thaw this month.



 We offered not only basic boots but also loafers or pumps this time♪


Long boots coordinates / of \ constant seller

We are very pretty when we match socks for Hunter with basic long boots♪

A lot of kinds of socks offer, too (^ ^)


Coordinate / of \ side-gore boots

 As it is short length, we let go through for one year including rainy day and are available.

We can see ankle clearly in total, and even skirt is matched with pants♪


Coordinate / of \ loafers

There is not a feeling of rain boots, and messenger seems to be able to usually do it with collar which is mat, too♪

We prepare a lot of pastel color like spring. We seem to come to look forward to wearing!


And we put long boots + long socks of Hunter together and are presenting long shot socks to customer of purchase one more now♪

(the end as soon as we disappear.)


We prepare a lot of come-ons of Hunter!

We look forward to all the staff, visit! \ (^^)/♪

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