Back mesh is single convertible collar coat of bonding. We express light style relaxed in split raglan sleeves specifications that shoulder rotation is mobile, A-line silhouette. As removable foods are included, correspondence to snow of the early spring is perfect, too! From kireimena casual style to business-style such as business suit or jakepan, easiness of laying upon is recommended point, too.

Size: S - LL
COLOR: Sand beige charcoal gray navy
Price: Tax-included 42,120 yen

PSFA platinum

In spite of being cotton, it is coat which was particular about lightness using domestic production material superior in water repellency. In pursuit of simplicity, it features silhouette that it was said that it is on the small side. In light overcoat with much basic KOLOR including beige and black, we have KOLOR which there is not readily in others including turquoise and yellow. In not only business scene but also the casual scene, it is recommended to accent of wearing.

Size: S - LL
COLOR: Off-white, turquoise, yellow
Price: 17,280 yen (inc. tax)

Universal Language

Convertible collar coat made by light tailor to be able to put on lightly. Design which trench detail of cancer flap took in is fresh. In witty specifications that lining which treated paisley sees chiller rito when we put on and took off. We get natural texture by blending cotton while there are touch and crisp that material is dry. We arrange air hole under the side and prevent heat. In addition, we cope with sudden rain because we give water-repellent finishing.

Size: S - LL
COLOR: Khaki, blue, navy
Price: Tax-included 29,160 yen

Psycho Bunny

We made Psycho Bunny first light overcoat in commemoration of the Daimaru Sapporo 15th anniversary and the Psycho Bunny Daimaru Sapporo first anniversary. Using functional material "GEOVISOR (geo-visor) of Toyo Cloth Corporation," waterproof, storm performance finished to high coat while maintaining superior breathability. While silhouette to see clearly even if we wear from suit is basic, we use string of the samisen for buttonhole, and casual sense of fun that seems to be Psycho Bunny is clogged up.

Size: S - LL
COLOR: Only as for the navy
Price: Tax-included 43,200 yen


Coat characterized by light feel of texture like spring. We keep a feeling of some tension, and there is the stretch nature. For material of shape-memory type, we can enjoy various expressions by arrangement at the time of wearing. Thing that is served with one piece, and is light, thing that is mobile with raglan sleeves specifications feature, but, for polyester material, there is water repellency, too. Let alone achievement for business, wearing with casual is recommended in conformity to knit, too.

Size: M - LL
COLOR: Beige navy
Price: Tax-included 42,120 yen


Pollen is hard to attach to dress material and uses functional material "ANTI polane" which is easy to fall even if we attach and is superior in water repellency. Lining is antibacterial, and it uses kurenze of superior KURABO INDUSTRIES Corporation. As there are 80 centimeters, and length of length is length that jacket is covered well, it is high coat of ON-OFF usable versatility. We are distinguished for functionality with fastener pocket and dress material and in foods which we did well of same tendencies materials, too.

Size: S - 3L
COLOR: Khaki black
Price: Tax-included 46,440 yen