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  • Pickup
  • Special event, event
  • Gourmet
  • Ladies', children's clothes
  • Men's
  • Living miscellaneous goods
  • Art, jewels and ornaments, clock
  • Online shopping et al.

Recruitment of "memory with Daimaru Sapporo" senryu University!

Period : Wednesday, March 7 → 27th Tuesday

Please let know various memories by senryu.


Please let know various memories by senryu.
"Memory with Daimaru Sapporo" senryu
Great offer!
●Wednesday, March 7 → 27th Tuesday

Thanks to you, Daimaru Sapporo reached "the 15th anniversary" in this year.
Thank you for favoring to all of you.
What kind of memory is there in these 15 years?

Moment when "we were glad" for bag, starting salary that I wanted much more
Moment when we bought trendy clothes then and thought, "we miss"
Eat with family at restaurant, "delicious" moment
Moment when "we were surprised" to get present from child for the first time in Mother's Day in Father's Day
Moment when we handed present to friend, acquaintance, and it was said, "thank you for your"

Please let know various moments and memories of your "15 years" by senryu.


We were glad and felt nostalgic for prize, and prize was delicious, and prize was surprised and appreciated prize and offers each prize of prize. We present Daimaru, Matsuzakaya-free choice gift "falcon" (falcon) 9,288 yen (considerably) to 15 people in total.

Senryu which had you apply

Application period
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 → 27th Tuesday
Application method
You push button "posting senryu on the above, terms after agreement" and input matter necessary for application form, and please apply.
Please Note
(1) is limited toward the residence in Japan.
(2) entry is limited to unpublished thing by own work of applicant. But thing published in your SNS, blog after the publication of our homepage shall not have any problem.
(3) may introduce work which had apply and nickname in our homepage, digital signage, public information, other mediums (perform announcement by nickname, and do not publish personal name at all).
(4) cannot answer inquiry about selection standard at all. In addition, please note that you sleep only by answer about the reason individually when senryu which had you apply is not published in our homepage.
(5) please transfer all copyright of work which had apply to The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store. Please note that you may use in our homepage, other mediums without prior consent. In addition, applicant shall not use author's personal rights about work which had you apply.
(6) change without notice, and "memory with Daimaru Sapporo" senryu may be finished.
(7) may not use personal information that customer gave to for purpose except this event.
(8) can apply even for any work per person, but prize should be one point per person.
We present Daimaru, Matsuzakaya-free choice gift "Falcon (falcon) 9,288 yen" (considerably) to person chosen as excellent work.
Successful announcement
After the application deadline, we decide elected candidate after examination and change to successful announcement with the transmission of direct mail and telephone.

Daimaru Sapporo "15th anniversary memory" senryu participant terms

Daimaru Sapporo "15th anniversary memory" senryu (it is said with "this plan" as follows) is plan that "Daimaru Sapporo" hosts. Customer that participation in this plan is hoped for has you confirm terms to list as follows by all means, and I would like application after agreement.

1.<participation in this plan>

  • (1) Application to this plan shall be carried out based on any intention and responsibility of the person.


  • (1) To e-mail address that had input notification from "Daimaru Sapporo" to one that had apply for this plan at the time of application resemble.
  • (2) The following cases invalidate application.
    • ・When there are defects in e-mail address
    • ・When we do not have you cancel setting of unwanted e-mail
    • ・When there is not correspondence before set time limit
    • ・In addition, when we judge that "Daimaru Sapporo" is inappropriate

3.<compensation responsibility>

When dispute occurs between third party with participant in conjunction with contribution contents, the use of these other plans, participant shall solve the dispute concerned for own responsibility and expense and shall prevent you from causing damage to "Daimaru Sapporo" at all. "Daimaru Sapporo" shall be able to demand compensation for damages from the participant concerned by any chance when we damage "Daimaru Sapporo".


  • (1) About the damage of applicant who occurred in conjunction with the use of this plan or third party, "Daimaru Sapporo" shall not take all responsibility.
  • (2) About the use of this plan application page or the damage to occur by suspension or inability, "Daimaru Sapporo" shall not take responsibility at all. (we include case with server down.)

5.<personal information>

When application has and you participate in this plan, we use personal information that had you input for the following purpose and do the handling. But it is not this limit when disclosure is demanded based on laws and ordinances.

(1) Use purpose of personal information
  • ・To perform notification about this plan.
  • ・To offer service that Daimaru Sapporo and The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store provide, product information, event, monitor, information about various promotion.
  • ・For inquiry and opinion, to make an appropriate reply.
(2) Privacy Policy
"Daimaru Sapporo" manages personal information of customer based on "privacy policy" of The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store severely.

6.<the observance of terms and revision>

  • (1) Applicant of this plan and person authorized by Ambassador observe these terms and shall follow instructions of "Daimaru Sapporo" on running this plan and shall not state objection about the administration method at all.
  • (2) When we judge that "Daimaru Sapporo" is necessary, we can change these terms optionally and shall be able to take appropriate correspondence necessary to manage.

7.<governing law and jurisdiction>

About these terms, we assume Japanese law governing law and, about dispute about these terms, assume Tokyo District Court the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.

We agree to the above, terms and We post senryu

List of topics

  • Pickup
  • Special event, event
  • Gourmet
  • Ladies', children's clothes
  • Men's
  • Living miscellaneous goods
  • Art, jewels and ornaments, clock
  • Online shopping et al.

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