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[cheeks town] Event information

Period : Wednesday, May 23 → 29th Tuesday

Delicacy flocks from various parts of Japan!

Wednesday, May 23 → 29th Tuesday

■Cheeks town exhibition space

  • <Hokkaido / merukado>

    # Smoke otaru cherry tree; bargain bacon

    (700 g) Tax-included 3,240 yen

    Restaurant "merukado" of 1989 opening. "Smoke otaru cherry tree; Bacon" crushes raw wood of cherry tree around Otaru for tip for smoking, and hang one piece of salt pork libs which did; smoked; did. We continue making with the manufacturing method not to change using same smoking room for 30 years.

  • <Kagoshima /Dining ten thousand come>

    # Satsuma braised pork belly lunch

    (one) tax-included 1,080 yen

    Founding 40 years. It is development with Kakuni or Kakuni lunch mainly on pork which is from Kagoshima in slogan in "we want to tell oldness and charm of Kagoshima to people of the whole country". It is Kakuni melting away which spends time, and stewed pork from Kagoshima slowly and carefully.

  • <taste play takumiya>

    # Scallops wazabi

    (150 g) Tax-included 1,080 yen

    One article that it was wasabi spicily-flavored, and finished Hokkaido scallops. It is recommended to attendant of burning hot rice and dish. Besides, from popular constant seller to original special dish, you can purchase marine products delicacy and foods boiled in soy which you are particular about taste and choose and pulled at favorite quantity of customer.

  • <Her Majesty hermitage>

    # Mustard seasoned cod roe moderately hot

    (240 g) Tax-included 3,240 yen

    It is this "moderately hot" that we make trial and error to have you taste taste of roe itself, and arrived and becomes basics of taste of all seasoned cod roe of Her Majesty hermitage. It is for gifts and is recommended.

■Cake event space

  • <Bono Bono>

    # Strawberry keze

    (nothing) tax-included 502 yen

    We put strawberry on keze of Bono Bono popularity No. 1. Strawberry and affinity of cheesecake are outstanding, too!

  • <keikuteiru>

    # Pancake cookies assortment

    (with 12 pieces) tax-included 1,080 yen

    Three kinds of langue de chat reflecting the image of Maple pancake chocolate pancake caramel pancake. We did sand with cream osakkusakuno cookie dough that each flavor became more attractive.

  • <Berger rekorute>

    # Pudding & jelly mixture

    (with 20) tax-included 1,404 yen

    It is combination of pudding and jelly which are heavy although being small which packed small cup with mango, melon, peach, apple, five kinds of fruit juice, flesh of pear abundantly each.


  • <St. Yorozu temple>

    # Sweet bean paste with mashed chestnut group (kurianton)

    (nothing) tax-included 194 yen

    We gave two chestnut every circle with five kinds of bean jam which were lightly sweetened, and were full of flavors and, with St. Yorozu temple specialite de la maison cloth which we added rice flour to, baked sticky incense bashiku.

■The Japanese and Western liquors section (Japanese sake brewery)

  • <well brewing of Niigata / High School>

    # Field friend

    (the left) field friend purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice (720 ml) tax-included 1,944 yen

    The purely U.S. quality sake brewed from the finest rice using Tanada rice "etsu**" from Uonuma.

    (the right) iko*daigin*harashukirihakonyu ri (720 ml) tax-included 5,400 yen

    It is large brewing sake from the finest rice home brew of the warehouseman highest grade that polished up liquor rice "etsu**" of Niigata outside the prefecture treasuring up to 38%.

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  • Pickup
  • Special event, event
  • Gourmet
  • Ladies', children's clothes
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