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[cheeks town] Event information

Period : Wednesday, June 20 → 26th Tuesday

Delicacy flocks from various parts of Japan!

Wednesday, June 20 → 26th Tuesday

■Cheeks town exhibition space

Okinawa Mozuku and comparing the tastes of Kyushu deep-fried chicken

  • <Oita intricate design chicken>

    # Deep-fried Nakatsu

    (100 g) Tax-included 432 yen

    "Quite popular take sky as, as for all the herb breeding chicken to use which want to send to the whole country", there are few smells of chicken in domestic production uncooked meat, and there are many fluid volumes, too;, anyway, is Jushi. There is body to taste as we pickle to homemade sauce more than 24 hours and fry. Please appreciate.

  • <kumahonhigogan*oku>

    # Deep-fried salt

    (100 g) Tax-included 450 yen

    Achievement of deep-fried 2014, 15.16 years Kumamoto championship V3 induction into the Hall of Fame. The 2018 first Tiki 1 grand prix Kyushu first place. We eat without getting heavy even if several eat discerning salt which we pulled, fantastic sauce which we made with the original manufacturing method with salt with ricemalt, deep-fried using black sacred sake and do not get tired. Please appreciate by all means.

  • <Gushiken, Okinawa store>

    # Brown sugar agarasa

    (nothing) tax-included 250 yen

    One a gallaSir of sole foods of Okinawa. Taste that body of brown sugar and steamed cake of sticky texture are classic. We do not use egg, dairy product, oil, refined sugar.

  • <Okinawa Ryukyu cancer>

    # Raw Mozuku

    (100 g) Tax-included 400 yen

    In Mozuku in each places of the whole country, Okinawa Mozuku full of slime softly recommends eminent drinkability thickly. We have abundant mineral and fiber and can taste original true texture that we do not add to salt.

■Cake event space

  • Taneya

    # Smooth first Honnama mizuyoukan

    (nothing) tax-included 324 yen

    Until Thursday, August 16, shop where gives favorable reception to <Taneya> for a limited time comes up this summer every year. Summer recommendation is "smooth first Honnama mizuyoukan". It is mizuyoukan which pursued flavor and taste of Hokkaido adzuki bean by seed and the original "Honnama manufacturing method".

  • <yojiya> until Monday, June 25

    # Yojiya specially made cappuccino chocolate

    (one) Tax-included 1,274 yen

    Shop of Kyoto "yojiya" for a limited time comes up. To chocolate same popular menu "yojiya specially made cappuccino" of yojiya cafe. Cappuccino-flavored sweet chocolate opens in mouth. It is only Daimaru Sapporo now to be able to buy.

  • <Ashiya pavearuchizan X Kyoto NISHIKIEN>

    # Assorted sencha, roasted tea terrines

    (with three) Tax-included 1,134 yen

    Select shop Ashiya pavearutizan of teatime is Kyoto NISHIKIEN and collaboration. We did to assort terrine characterized by heavy, smooth texture using sencha and roasted tea of "NISHIKIEN" not to use pesticides, chemical fertilizer for at all.


  • <ginzaputikasuta>

    # putikasutaorumikkusu

    (with 40 one box) tax-included 1,500 yen

    Using material selected carefully, we finished cloth which we kneaded in form of bite-sized doughnut, taiyaki, panda without using water. It is slightly gentle sweetness. Please enjoy variation of abundant taste.

■The Japanese and Western liquors section (Japanese sake brewery)

  • <Toyama / kichi*tomoshuzo>


    (the left) Manager of purely U.S. great brewing sake from the finest rice Yoshida-ya eight (720 ml) tax-included 3,024 yen (1,800 ml) tax-included 5,400 yen

    Using liquor rice, Yamada Nishiki from Toyama and underflow water from Tateyama mountain range, we finished by long-term low temperature fermentation slowly. It features refreshing flavor and soft sweetness. Use of apple flower yeast of Uozu-shi, Toyama.

    (the right) yoshinotomo pure rice tax-included 1,188 yen (300 ml) to occur (720 ml) tax-included 518 yen

    It is purely pure sake which you cool and can drink clearly of rice.

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  • Pickup
  • Special event, event
  • Gourmet
  • Ladies', children's clothes
  • Men's
  • Living miscellaneous goods
  • Art, jewels and ornaments, clock
  • Online shopping et al.

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