Daimaru Sapporo GiftSalon

Leave manner of celebration, consultation of auspicious decoration for gifts to "Daimaru Sapporo GiftSalon"!

We of each customer
It is "personal adviser".

You give for "gift", and entrust article with heart of master and feeling
We have an important meaning that we tell them.
Based on traditional tradition suggestion along request of customer,
We do suggestion with surprise!

We give "gift" for knot of the life.

To "gift"
There are auspicious event, tomoraiji, various scenes and traditions including seasonal greetings.

With "what kind of auspicious decoration for gifts"
"What kind of article"

Purpose of customer, budget, their preference
We help with selection of gift while calling.

As for do not come, for example, asking…

Celebration and family celebration of childbirth

Birth of new life is nice for anyone.
Indication of time to give celebration is less than one month from the seventh day after birth.
Family celebration serves as announcement and returns the name of baby before omiyamairi.
Hokkaido's original "strip of paper" is wide in the whole country and offers used "auspicious decoration for gifts" both.

Reciprocal funeral present

Tradition greatly varies according to area and homes in gift.
We give nationwide 49 days later and are to do "giving a reciprocal present for a funeral offering",
There are many cases that are earlier than other areas in Hokkaido.

If we give gift by celebration of longevity

We want to tell feeling to "be healthy forever" to senior of the life with respect. Without request from the person, Canes, reading glasses, hearing aid should avoid.

[name, calendar year, theme KOLOR, origin]

Name Calendar year Theme KOLOR Origin

The sixtieth birthday (kanreki)

61 years old


It is said to be the sixtieth birthday from [the age of sixty], also known as frog in the sexagenary cycle of born age

Green Kotobuki (rokuju)

66 years old


We did place to become "green green Kotobuki" briefly

Seventy years of age (seventy years of age) (is dark)

70 years old

Purple, indigo plant

ei ttakotoni is associated saying poet Du Fu of Chinese Tang "is rare from ancient times life 70"

The Age of Joy (kiju)

77 years old

Purple, yellow

It becomes "㐂" when we write character of "joy" by grass style and looks like 77

Umbrella Kotobuki (sanju)

80 years old

Reddish brown, orange

It becomes "仐" when we abbreviate character of "umbrella" and is readable with 80

Half Kotobuki (hanju)

81 years old

Reddish brown

Character of "odd number" is readable with "eight" "ten" "one"

The eighty-eighth birthday (beiju)

88 years old

Reddish brown, beige

It becomes "eight" "ten" "eight" when we break down character called "Rice"

Kotobuki (sotsuju) that is a graduate

90 years old

White, purple

It becomes "*" when we abbreviate character of "we are a graduate" and is readable with 90

White Kotobuki (we vomit)

99 years old


It becomes "white" when we take "one" out of "100" characters

Period Kotobuki (noriju)

100 years old


It is = 100 years in the first century

Tea Kotobuki (chaju)

108 years old


Character of "tea" puts "ten" two on 88

Upper Kotobuki (joju)

110 years or older


We say that life is long

koju (we ask)

111 years old


When break down character of "ko"; with "white" [= 100 (100) -1 (one)]
"It becomes "King" = ten +1 +1] and becomes 99+12 = 111

[auspicious decoration for gifts]

When we give celebration

Auspicious decoration for gifts when we give celebration[red-and-white bowknot]

In the case of gift in return

Auspicious decoration for gifts in case of gift in return[red-and-white bowknot]