Daimaru Sapporo chocolate promenade

Dominick Ansel bakery

New generation bakery born in New York
<Dominick Ansel bakery> appears in Sapporo for the first time for a limited time!

  • ●Wednesday, January 16 → 29th Tuesday
  • ●The first floor of Daimaru Sapporo special event space
<Dominick Ansel bakery> #
<Dominick Ansel bakery>#
Mr. Dominick Ansel who was chef owner of Dominick Ansel bakery of New York, Tokyo, London and Dominick Ansel kitchen "won The World's Best Pastry Chef Award 2017 (the world best patissier Prize 2017) than "world vest Best Restaurant 50" in 2017. The most famous episode having devised hybrid sweets which let croissant and doughnut which produced desert greatest-ever word of mouth fuse, black nuts ®. Please enjoy modern sweets with fresh that arranged France and dessert of New York which Dominick Ansel who is global patissier sends.

Pour vanilla-flavored chilled fresh milk into chocolate chip cookie of calm shot glass type by software. Sense first in exquisite mariaju. Please enjoy attributive flavor.

Cookies shot ™ regular

(one/eat-in) tax-included 561 yen, (one/takeout) tax-included 777 yen

[product of image]
[flavor for a limited time] Cookies shot ™
sunikkaduduru with strawberry milk

(one/eat-in) tax-included 594 yen, (one/takeout) tax-included 810 yen

It is hot chocolate of limited sale only in <Dominick Ansel bakery> omotesando in Japan. Flower of marshmallow blooms on the bitter hot chocolate using chocolate from France and is drink heartwarming unintentionally.

[image migi]
Hot chocolate that flower blooms

(one/eat-in) tax-included 626 yen

[image hidari]
Matcha latte that flower blooms

(one/eat-in) tax-included 626 yen

Hot chocolate bottle to pour hot milk, and to complete. You can easily enjoy hot chocolate at home. "Strawberry hot chocolate bottle" is Japanese first appearance Flavour.

[the image top]
Hot chocolate bottle

(one/takeout) tax-included 918 yen

[we did image]
Strawberry hot chocolate bottle

(one/takeout) tax-included 1,080 yen