Chocolate world of fun, throbbing Yume-ippai.

2018 Valentine [chocolate promenade] of Daimaru Sapporo

Valentine chocolate special event space [chocolate promenade]

Valentine chocolate special event space [chocolate promenade] /1 24 days a month Wednesday → Wednesday, February 14

Valentine special event space /1 17 days a month Wednesday → Wednesday, February 14

Each cheeks town brand /1 17 days a month Wednesday → Wednesday, February 14

Valentine special event space /2 one day a month Thursday → Wednesday, February 14

Daimaru Sapporo 2018 Valentine SNS Ambassador contribution

It is Instagram and Twitter contribution by SNS ambassadors of Valentine Sapporo store.
Please check hashtag "# enjoyment Valentine Daimaru Sapporo"!

Soft serve


Blood orange cream

Heavy chocolate and bittersweetness of rich aroma of cacao are mariaju of refreshing blood orange cream of accent. With Haat cookies.

(nothing) Tax-included 594 yen

Ian Burnett

<Ian Barnet>
Red cocoa

Butterfly of Ian original which is flower of pen TASS where flower language is said "to have wish realized" and brand logo attach rare red cocoa Powder to pretty software for CHOCOHOLIC resting feather.

(nothing) Tax-included 691 yen


<cacao sun spotted cavy>
a.jarattsukakao (nothing)
b.Swing cocktail (nothing)

Taste white of adult who added software and liqueur which were full of flavors of cacao.

(for each one) Each tax-included 540 yen

※We use liquor for swing cocktail.

Chocolatier Masále

<Chocolatier Masale> a lot of soft serve

Soft serve of Chocolatier using Hokkaido milk. Heavy "chocolate" and rich and tasty "white chocolate." We can enjoy two chocolate.

(for each one) Each tax-included 380 yen

Chocolatier Masále

<Chocolatier Masale>
Mousse Glace

Chocolate mousse bar that texture is fun of soft melting and confectioner's coating of chocolate mousse. We sell favorite topping demonstration.

(nothing) Tax-included 388 yen

A la carte


Mousse chocolate
Cranberry strawberry

Drink which did pinkness of taste feeling of Valentine full loading who blended strawberry which was popular among mellow white chocolate bases, sweet-sour raspberry kindly.

(210 ml) Tax-included 660 yen


We sell from Wednesday, January 31

Chocolate cheese tart hot from the oven

Chocolate which is high in flavor is blended by thick cheese mousse. Tart of refined sweetness that increased saltiness and acidity of cheese.
Let alone grilled length, you can have deliciously even if you cool.

(nothing) Tax-included 216 yen

Chocolatier Masále

<Chocolatier Masale>
Premium fondant chocolate

A time of supreme bliss that chocolate is enraptured by when we warm. Chocolate cake worth just and it is heavy eating. When we cool and eat, we can enjoy wet texture such as ganache.

(nothing) Tax-included 380 yen

Eat-in space is fulfilling, too!

Green patio on the sixth floor in eat-in space!

As you can use green patio on the sixth floor as eat-in space during chocolate promenade period, please use casually.

Chocolate of fascination arrived from luxury to variety brand.


<Arnaud raeru>
Special edition

In limited box which imaged Paris with six kinds to the latest chocolate of chocolate and Haat which represented brand including highest grade plain chocolate "raeru."

(with six) Tax-included 2,916 yen

La Maison du Chocolat

<la maison du chocolate>
With nine Jardin Parisians

"Dream walk around garden of Paris" that surprise and discovery were jam-packed as for the theme of this year. It is lemon beer, mango, limited BOX which it is fragrant and expressed with four kinds of flavor filled with individuality highly including jasmine.

(one) Tax-included 3,510 yen


<Ivan Valentin>
Ivan truffle

Complete box which popular dark, white, PRALLNE, all of cappuccino can taste thoroughly enjoy deep feeling of happiness to open in mouth.

(with 12) Tax-included 6,686 yen


Chocolate gem's "sun Valentino 2018 "Louis e REI"

Basic "Louis e REI" (he and she) of Valentine of Bvlgari is appearance with flavor of lemon and filberts which we put together with low chocolate and exquisite Balance.

(with two) Tax-included 3,800 yen

DECO CHOCO(Tirol Choco)

<DECO chocolate (TIROL-CHOCO)>

We choose letter and illustration you like. We can make original chocolate message.

DECO chocolate
(with 20) tax-included 2,138 yen

atelier du munian

Ascetic devotee hermitage truffle seasonally

Texture that we did light, original truffle chocolate of fluent melting. We assorted four kinds that imaged the four seasons in Japan.

(with four) tax-included 3,240 yen


Yojiya specially made cappuccino chocolate
(limited package)

To chocolate just small drawing card menu of yojiya cafe. Put special thought in special package!

(with five) tax-included 1,566 yen

cote cour

<coat COEUR>
Tokyo brownie

We blend two kinds of KU Belcher, and wet taste that can thoroughly enjoy flavor of powerful cacao is particular.

a.Tokyo brownie (6 Motoiri) tax-included 1,188 yen
b.Earl Grey brownie (6 Motoiri) tax-included 864 yen

It is the greatest in Daimaru Sapporo in history! Approximately 120 brands!
Digital catalogue including the details of each brand from this