Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store

Halloween of Daimaru Shinsaibashi
Halloween of Daimaru Shinsaibashi

■Wednesday, October 17 → 31st Wednesday

<Hontakasagoya> We baked dough thinly and rolled up in triangle, strip of paper, round shape. It is cake of "texture that is mild like air" for soft texture. We enter package of Halloween-limited specifications.
Halloween Eco Ruse (HE5) tax-included 540 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Yoku Moku> Halloween-limited package of cookies "cigar" which we used butter for abundantly. Pleasant popping comes whenever we open cover. As cute illustration is drawn on individually wrapping, let alone gift, it is recommended to the scene to serve together.
Halloween cigar (with 14) tax-included 1,080 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Kobe 凮 moon temple> We cut down popular vanilla cream. It is package which greatly treated symbol "pumpkin" of Halloween for a limited time.
Harrows Eve mini-gaufre pumpkin (with six pieces) tax-included 453 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<L'Espoir> We can taste familiar "L'Espoir" and filberts-flavored seasonally limited L'Espoir together.
Harrows pumpkin (with eight pieces) tax-included 561 yen
■The Western confectionery section

Juchheim Set of biscuit having a cute expression of classic Baumkuchen and Jack o lantern.
asoteddosuitsu (eight Baumkuchen, biscuit ten) tax-included 1,620 yen
■The Western confectionery section

Henri Charpentier In black cat package for a limited time, we assorted popular basic goods.
Petit gateau a salty (petit gateau a salty eight) tax-included 702 yen of black cat
■The Western confectionery section

Henri Charpentier We image black cat walking in moonlit night. Fresh cream of chocolate and chocolate which we sharpened are sponge and screw Cui cloth more and can enjoy various textures.
Triple chocolate (nothing) of black cat tax-included 2,916 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Wittamer> It is pretty chocolate gift which modelled Halloween motif. Please for present and oneself.
Halloween selection (three) tax-included 1,209 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Wittamer> Cake of Jack o lantern type which squeezed cream of Ebisu pumpkin Hokkaido for petit Shoo of caramel cream. Photograph must be shining♪
potiron (nothing) tax-included 669 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Godiva> We assorted truffle milk of seasonally limited lapping and truffle creme brulee of seasonally limited flavor, caramel milk, truffle dark of basic flavor, truffle white to pumpkin-shaped case.
Lapping chocolate truffle assortment pumpkin box (with 22) tax-included 3,564 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Mary Chocolate> Chocolate of pumpkin type and coin type which cat was drawn enters pouch of black cat like mammaruomemega love.
Joyfull cat (with six) tax-included 918 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Morozoff> We added milk, egg, fresh cream to paste of Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin and baked slowly and carefully. It features flavor of cinnamon and heavy taste of pumpkin.
Pumpkin pudding (nothing) tax-included 1,080 yen
■The Western confectionery section

<Keishindo> It is article only by Halloween that die cutting of ghost and pumpkin ghost, prawns senbei of pumpkin taste were contained in.
Halloween (with five bags) tax-included 1,080 yen
■The Japanese confectionery section

<Saison Factory> Confiture that blended body of milk, cream, cinnamon spice with sweetness of pumpkin. We can just taste with desert sense.
Confiture (135 g) of pumpkin tax-included 1,026 yen
■The delicatessen section