Shop for a limited time
Shop for a limited time
North the first floor of the hall special event space


■Wednesday, June 12 → 18th Tuesday

Inner wear brand born in Switzerland. Line without development is usually for a limited time, too! Target product to customer of purchase as for the service of "hold name"!

44,280 yen that includes dress tax


■Wednesday, June 12 → 18th Tuesday

Jewelry of flower Aristrist Nicolai Bergman.
We develop design which is modern in motif with flower and plant, and is unique.
As for the privilege that is nice in one that you purchased tax-included 43,200 yen or more during period! ※Available only while supplies last


■Wednesday, June 19 → 27th Thursday

We made clothes using past version from cloth for Hickory which you used as cause of thought called "MOTTAINAI", "FROSHIKI" newly.
We redye past clothes indigo blue and offer special item which handwork of person entered. Furthermore, come by all means at this opportunity as you can usually see product which store does not have.

<TORY BURCH> special sale ■Friday, June 28 → Tuesday, July 2

North Hall B1, Antenna Plus U

<Dyson> POP UP shop

"Dyson Airwrap™ Tyler" that is completed to curl blow dry with one by Coanda effect while protecting hair from excessive heat damage in original technique is appearance.

64,800 yen that includes Dyson Airwrap™Complete tax

The north hall the first floor under the ground special event space

Oliver Gal

■Wednesday, June 5 → 18th Tuesday
It is cute by fashion. Pop art work that is quite popular with women of the world comes up!

From tax-included 30,240 yen