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Living News
Living News

The sixth floor of north hall event space

<Isaka glass>

<Isaka glass>

■Wednesday, December 12 → 18th Tuesday
Seisakujo which produces ornament and tonbo dama of animal with traditional industry "glasswork" (lamp work) of Izumi-shi, Osaka. We dissolve cloth for glass stick with oil lamp (Burner), and lamp work is technique to perform all by hand. We have handmade miniature Christmas work.

Christmas set (tree, reindeer, Santa) tax-included 4,212 yen

<moc studio>

<moc studio>

■Wednesday, December 19 → 25th Tuesday
Ceramic ware "Minato ware" of Sakai. We have alcohol warm. Please enjoy encounter with wonderful container.

① 4,320 yen that includes Awaji ash glaze one side of the story tax
② Each cup tax-included 2,160 yen
③ 4,320 yen that includes sake bottle tax

<Kyoto Nishikawa> sale special at the bedclothing end of the year

■Wednesday, December 12 → 25th Tuesday ■The sixth floor of north hall bedclothing section
From long-established store <Kyoto Nishikawa> of bedclothing, good bargain quality comes up in a row! Good-quality bedclothing supports sound sleep and spirit of the New Year.
With bedclothing which is new in the new new year by all means. ※All are color, a print example of photograph. ※Forgive knob of sellout.

Feather comforter Special service product from Wednesday, December 19
A lot of feather comforters [each limited number 10]
(Left) (with white duck 90% down from Spain, 1.2 kg) tax-included 29,160 yen
[the right] (with white goose 90% down from Poland, 1.2 kg) tax-included 41,040 yen

Wool camel alpaca blanket Special service product from Wednesday, December 19
From the left [each limited number 10]
Wool blanket (fuzz part) tax-included 7,020 yen
Camel blanket (fuzz part) tax-included 10,800 yen
Alpaca blanket (fuzz part) tax-included 16,200 yen

<WMF> <shiritto> fair

<WMF> <shiritto> fair

■Wednesday, December 12 → 25th Tuesday
■The sixth floor of north hall tableware kitchenware section

From founding of 1853, we total kitchenware and tableware and suggest <WMF>. It is used habitually now in world approximately 90 countries by high quality and refined design. Kitchenware brand which is located in area where <shiritto> was blessed with natural environments in southern Germany, lead phosphorus Gen. We are superior in the durability, utility, design, and product produced by the latest technique and safe material is appreciated in not only Germany but also the world.
①Low casserole (20cm) tax-included 18,144 yen
②High casserole (16cm) tax-included 16,848 yen
③Saucepan (16cm) tax-included 15,552 yen ★Cooking demonstration meeting is held
■Friday, December 21 → 23rd Sunday every day 11:00 a.m. → 5:00 p.m.
We introduce recipe of pressure cooker and frying pan, care method.

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