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Living News
Living News

The sixth floor of north hall event space

<*々kama kenkenyoo>

■Wednesday, October 17 → 30th Tuesday
In small chasm of mountain village which wind of Shinoyama, Tanba goes through, we make container of errand with one person handicraft every day. When we took a break a little from that breath, from thought to want you to use, suggestion began petit candy dish casual Matcha bowl from this year. Please see for hand by all means.

000 Each casual Matcha bowl tax-included 2,700 yen

000 ①Each petit candy dish (very much) tax-included 1,260 yen, each ② petit candy dish (the small) tax-included 1,080 yen

<bamikyura> demonstration sale

<bamikyura> demonstration sale

■Saturday, October 20, 21st Sunday
■The sixth floor of north hall tableware kitchenware section

We value that product of <bamikyura> which we can easily cook happily draws material original taste. Only in two days, we hold demonstration sale using popular rice pot! We introduce basic operation or recommended cooking method, recipe.
bamikyuraraisupotto (we cook 5 go) tax-included 86,184 yen
bamikyuraraisupottomini (we cook 3 go) tax-included 69,984 yen

<romance Kosugi> kotatsu coverlet fair

<romance Kosugi> the latest fair

■Wednesday, October 17 → 30th Tuesday
■The sixth floor of north hall bedclothing section

In <romance Kosugi>, we offer the latest kotatsu coverlets in color, print richness.
You can use "ekofushoppingusapotochiketto" and <romance Kosugi> product discount ticket (list price 20% OFF, special price 10% OFF). You are advantageous, and, at this available opportunity, please buy a new bedclothing!
※(excludes certain products) In detail to sales floor person in charge.
Distribution period of ekofushoppingusapotochiketto is Wednesday, October 17 → 21st Wednesday
The details about ekofurisaikurukyampen from this

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