Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store

Autumn great lottery!
Autumn great lottery!

Bring receipt of purchase to lottery venue by target card in target sales floor.
Please draw lots every target receipt 10,000 yen (possible adding up) during period once.

Daimaru gift certificate <30,000 yen>
Daimaru gift certificate <30,000 yen>

Period Wednesday, October 17 → 21st Sunday
Place : The first floor of north hall special event space
Target card Daimaru Matsuzakaya card, DAIMARU CARD, Matsuzaka-ya card (all include gold)
Cherry tree panda card, Daimaru Matsuzakaya regular customer gold card, various cash reward cards (Daimaru Matsuzakaya reward card, Daimaru D card, Matsuzaka-ya M card, ufufu girls card), meeting of friend
※Temporary card, temporary issuance card apply, too. (stockholder card bridal circle card excludes)
Target sales floor Each Daimaru Shinsaibashi sales floor
※But we are excluded even if it is shopping in hall about store which does not issue receipt of Daimaru including partner store, part of JTB, south hall store partly of restaurant, each floor cafe.
Others ●As for the receipt during period, adding up is possible.
●We are excluded about store which does not issue receipt of Daimaru including partner store.
●Purchase receipt of gift certificate, gift coupon is inapplicable.
●Please draw lots every tax-included 10,000 yen once.
●We limit target card to shopping on the use.
●When we have you receive money, we aim at the total amount receipt of money, a part for lottery for the purchase total sum by the use of target card.
●We come, and, after the discount, hohiki applies to later amount of money.